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Author Topic: If the Shoe...Flies (Pixis/Open)  (Read 18 times)

If the Shoe...Flies (Pixis/Open)
« on: March 22, 2020, 10:32:12 PM »
Around the Garrison HQ/Late Spring/Early Afternoon

If he knew it would be a pretty low key day, Pixis would sometimes bring his one of his grandchildren in with him. He had missed so much of his own children's lives when they were growing up that he was really trying to soak up as much time with his grandkids as possible.

Today he had just brought his four-year-old granddaughter. Brigita was the spitting image of her mother - with curly dark hair and bright blue eyes. She was a spirited little thing and was able to run the spritely (for his age) Pixis ragged in a few hours. Sometimes he wished she would share that energy with him. He was really feeling his age as of late. Sixty-three years was a long time.

He had let Brigita play around his office while he worked through form after form and letter after letter. Anka had taken for a little while he met with a few Team Leaders and then they had had the lunch his wife had packed.

On a whim, Pixis had decided to take her out to the little green grassy area by HQ. It was a few benches, some bushes, and a swing that had been there Pixis had been assigned to Trost...oh...30 years ago. Lots of Garrison members had kids and lived near HQ so it made sense that it was there.  It seemed sturdy so he was happy to let Brigita play on it.

"Higher!" the little girl commanded as Pixis pushed her gently. She was a daring girl. One time she had been watching Anka and Gustav use their 3DM gear and had almost clawed her way out of Dot's arms to get to them when they hit the ground again. She wanted to try. She was the one...Dot was worried about...that she would join the military. He had been thankful that none of his children had enlisted and he hoped all his grandchildren would follow that.

As she swung, one of her little leather shoes came loose and flew off her foot. Pixis did not notice until he stopped her and saw she only had one on.

"Where'd your shoe go sweetie? We'd better find it or your grammy will lock...me...in the cupboard!" That made the little girl squeal with laughter and yell that he was "tooooooo bigggggg!"

"We do need to find it," Pixis said as he took the girl's hand and began to look around the grass and bushes for a brown leather slip-on shoe.

"Oh gods that dwell beyond the stars, if you can hear my cry - and if you have compassion - let me send no more to die!"


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