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Author Topic: Abnormally impressive. [Lynne]  (Read 76 times)

Abnormally impressive. [Lynne]
« on: March 31, 2020, 08:55:07 PM »
[ autumn 845 ]

Gunther tugged his reins, pulling away from the nearby as he spotted a flare rise high toward the sky. Black, the colour of storms. An abnormal had been spotted, and the formation would suffer for it. Already he could see silhouettes in the distance, ants upon the grass, weaving wildly out of the path of the lumbering giant.

He rode on.

Others would come where they could too, he expected. Avoiding abnormals could go on only so long, and the abnormal's current trajectory would send it deep inside the formation. The past year had honed many of the Scouts' skills. Many had died. Many still would. But even one saved life was worth the attempt to help.

Wind whisked behind him as he directed his steed, unhooking a boot to lift up, crouching, as he readied his gear and set his blades in hand. He took a breath, then regretted it as the rushing air battered his face. No more dwelling; it was time to take action.

He leapt from the horse's back, kicking in gas before sending a hook spiralling forwards to embed in the abnormal's hip. Twisting his body against the wind, he readied his blades as he spotted someone else approaching.

Re: Abnormally impressive. [Lynne]
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2020, 07:07:14 AM »
  The scouting formation devised by the Commander, helped to reduce casualties. Unfortunately, there were always Titans about to be able to inflict those loses on the regiment. But the Scouts could no more back down from humanity's mortal foe than they could shirk their duty. They had to find a way to reclaim Wall Maria, then... Then perhaps someday even a way to defeat the Titans forever. Some might call such goals as foolish or impossible, but to Lynne they gave hope. It was after all something to strive for, something to fight for, something to hope to achieve.

She rode her trusty steed, her brown eyes widening at the sight of the inky black smoke signal. An abnormal. That would disrupt the formation dearly. They were unpredictable, unknowable... If one had been spotted things were about to get... Challenging to say the least.
She turned her mount in the direction of the signal, prepping herself for combat as she did so. Lynne drew her blades and kicked off from the horse, the gas punching in a moment later as she launched a hook. It bit deep into the old stone of an abandoned house, pulling her nearer the abnormal. She caught sight of someone else attempting to take the fight to the horror.

Another burst of gas, she retracted the hook firing another at the Titan, it sank into it's fleshy forearm. They needed to end this quick before it had any chance to do any harm.


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