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Author Topic: Annie Leonhardt  (Read 53 times)

Annie Leonhardt
« on: May 17, 2020, 11:26:11 PM »
(Warning for Marley-related spoilers and a note to say I will be referring to Annie’s titan form, both in this application and within the roleplay itself, as the Crystal Titan rather than the Female Titan.  Focusing purely on its feminine aesthetics feels like a disservice to Annie’s character and her titan’s abilities.)

NAME: Annie Leonhardt
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 22nd March 829 (16 years old)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Liberio Internment Zone, Marley
GENDER: Female


Barely scraping in at 5’0” in height, Annie is diminutive in size.  Her short stature belies her strength, however, the cadet possessing a body honed by many years of intense, relentless training.  Puberty came early for her and, after a childhood where athleticism and physical prowess was prized above all else, she was initially discomfited by the changes it brought.  On some level, even now, Annie holds femininity as being synonymous with fragility.  This has partly informed her fondness for hooded sweatshirts, preferring to disguise the curves of her body with thick fabrics and looser-fitting clothes.

Her features are a blend of both hard and soft, a prominent Roman nose and grim mouth counterbalanced by large eyes, which are framed by long, dark lashes.  When worn down, Annie’s blonde hair falls to her shoulders, and tends to soften her features.  For this reason, and for practicality’s sake, she prefers to keep it pulled back into a messy bun, though shorter tresses still sweep across her face and fall into her eyes.  This is no accident, Annie’s hair acting as yet another barrier between her and everyone else.  More often than not, she keeps her head bowed and shoulders rounded, in the manner of one hoping to go unnoticed, or at least appear disinterested.  Her expression is almost always inscrutable or scowling.

Ever since securing her place as a Warrior, Annie has worn a plain silver ring on the index finger of her right hand.  It contains a secret blade, which can be used to inflict self-injury and allow her to shift into her titan form.  Naturally, she never removes this piece of jewellery, except to clean or inspect it.


Detached, remote and calm even when under immense pressure, one would be forgiven for thinking Annie was born emotionless.  The reality is that she was forced from a young age to smother or hide her feelings, which has instilled her with a certain numbness and apathy.  Pragmatic and fiercely intelligent, Annie is tactically minded but has no interest in assuming a leadership role.  After the trials of her youth, she now takes the easy option wherever possible and, unless incensed - or unless action is in her own best interests - she can be unashamedly lazy.  She desires to join the Military Police, for the comfort and luxury it may afford her, even if only for a short time. 

Ambivalence, along with glimpses of her disparaging and offbeat sense of humour, as well as her bluntness and contempt, all help serve the deliberate purpose of keeping other people at arm’s length.  It is of little surprise that Annie struggles with vulnerability, and she resents the sliver of compassion she feels for others, especially those impassioned souls dedicated wholly to a cause.  While loyal to the Warriors and to Marley, she is undeniably curious about the Eldians and their willingness to sacrifice themselves.


•  Athletic (she excels at hand-to-hand combat)
•  Pragmatic
•  Resilient
•  Retentive
•  Ruthless


•  Poor social skills
•  Poor team player
•  Short-tempered
•  Struggles to form meaningful relationships (or just relationships, generally)
•  Trust issues


•  To make good on her promise to return home, to her father
•  To succeed in her mission, whatever the cost


•  Developing any feelings or fondness that might impede her objective
•  Failing in her mission, or her true identity being discovered


Pain is something Annie believes she understands.  It is the language of her adoptive father, their relationship one grounded on violence, absent of any recognisable semblance of love.  Abandoned as a baby due to her Eldian heritage, she was claimed by Mr. Leonhardt, and from the earliest days of her youth pushed to her physical limit, forced into a brutal training regime that her father orchestrated in the hopes of making his daughter worthy of warriorhood.  She was his ticket to a comfortable life as an ‘honorary Marleyan’, a chance to wash away some of the taint of his own Eldian blood.  Obedience brought the ache of an overworked body and bleeding knuckles; defiance brought the throb of bruises and the sting of physical coercion. 

For all his pushiness, Mr. Leonhardt paid a price.  Annie turned on him during a particularly gruelling training session, breaking his leg and beating him so severely he would never fully recover.  Something died within her during that bleak absence of childhood, where there was no comfort, no room for weakness.  In the end, Mr. Leonhardt succeeded, shaping Annie into a human weapon capable of immense savagery, of taking down individuals much larger and stronger than herself, and it was to her that the Crystal Titan would be gifted - a most weighty addition to her arsenal.  Now a Warrior, Annie was tasked with infiltrating the walled nation of Paradis, in order to seek out and retrieve the Founding Titan.  This mission was shared with her comrades: Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover and Marcel Galliard.

When the time came for Annie to leave for the island of Paradis, her father fell to his knees before her, uttering an apology, begging for her to return home to him, and insisting that he would always be on her side, even if the rest of the world loathed her.  It was a display of emotion that Annie was incapable of processing, one that deeply discomfited her even as she made her promises, her arms lax at her sides while Mr. Leonhardt encircled her in a fierce embrace.  This oath - made to one who mistreated her for years - is what motivates her to succeed.  Before Marcel was eaten by a wandering titan, before they breached Wall Maria and invited destruction into Shiganshina, Annie had wanted to go home.  Completing the mission is a step towards the true objective of returning to her father.

AGE: 31


Re: Annie Leonhardt
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2020, 02:37:54 PM »

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