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Author Topic: [OPEN] Answer to the Sky (Open)  (Read 239 times)

Answer to the Sky (Open)
« on: May 21, 2020, 07:31:45 PM »
To say that he was alright; was wrong. That fragile mind of his was shattered; broken because of his guilt towards his friends... and the one person that he unknowingly murdered. Reiner had found himself being out of it mentally; even his training suffered today. The brute of the man was leaning against a tree; the lake before him shimmered with the evening sun.

Golden eyes were shadowed; heavy with dark emotions and thoughts. Blonde brows were pulled down; causing him to look angry at those around him when in reality he was angry at himself. If only dead men could speak; would Reiner face the dead man that haunted him in his dreams and mind? Would he run from him? Beg for mercy? or Would he accept his fate.

The frown on Reiner's lips never left as he gave a lofty sigh. He was seeing things but- it was just his mind. If he voiced this to his comrades and higher ups- he had a feeling that he'd be booted out of the army. He wouldn't let that happen- not when he's worked so hard to get here. What would everything mean if he didn't get to complete his mission- their mission.

He should return to the others- pretend that everything was alright when in reality; his mind was shattered and barely able to cope with his duties. What would the demon beside him say? 'keep on moving; be as strong as a wall'? No. "He would kill me if he was here." He muttered to himself, reaching up to card his fingers through his blonde hair. "Some leader I am. I wonder if he'd kick my ass before taking command- gods know we need it."

Reiner continued to keep putting himself down as he moved from his tree to the edge of the cliff; sitting himself down and putting his legs over the edge of the rock face. Running his hands over his Face; Reiner shook his head; trying his best to rid of the demons that haunted his every moment. A flash of brown hair, an upturned nose, and amber eyes caught his attention; only to move his head and see- nothing.

"I'm going fucking insane." That was the only logical explanation that he could think of. "I have to be. There's no way he's alive- not after being eaten... right?" The doubt in Reiner's voice was clear as day- no. The Idea that a friend could come back from the dead was preposterous.... it had to be. « Last Edit: May 21, 2020, 07:32:42 PM by Reiner Braun »

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2020, 08:57:37 PM »
As the sun drew nearer to the horizon, disappointment grew within the young cadet, Bertholdt Hoover. Another day had passed, and he was no closer to completing his mission. At this point it wasn't a new feeling, but all the same, it brought a great amount of distress within his mind. This feeling wasn't helped in any way when he sat up from his bunk he'd been resting in, only to whack his head against the wooden beam of the ceiling. He swiftly but silently brought a hand up to hold his forehead, baring his clenched teeth as he struggled not to yell out in frustration. The physical pain wasn't half as bad as the stagnant sensation of failure that he continued to experience each day the trudged through with no evident progress.

Whenever he felt this way, he at least knew he could find a person to talk to about it, whether Annie, or Reiner. But, almost exclusively Reiner. Bert wasn't sure where his friend was, but it wasn't going to be difficult to find him.

Bertholdt didn't wander the grounds that contained the Cadet Corps for very long before discovering his friend. There he sat, on the edge of a cliff, and it sounded as though he were speaking to someone. Though, Bert was too far away at that point to make out intelligibly what Reiner had been saying.

"Hey!" The raven-haired boy called out, a soft smile painted onto his face as he walked up the slight incline to the top of the cliff, leaning against the tree once he'd arrived. "It's getting a bit late, dinner shouldn't be too far off now..." Bert made simple conversation as he blankly stared down at the edge of the cliff-face. Checking over his shoulder, he ensured they were alone. The worst thing that could happen to them right now would be someone finding out their true purpose for being cadets.

"You feeling alright?" He had to be sure. Reiner was clearly not the same guy they'd shipped out of Marley with, but to what extent did his change in personality go? Perhaps treading lightly around the bearer of the Armor would be the smartest option for the foreseeable future.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2020, 09:52:11 PM »
Annie was well used to remaining on the periphery, even with Bertholdt and Reiner.  In the mess hall, she sometimes shared their table, but would sit in the seat furthest away from them.  On days where she wanted to ensure the pair didn’t speak to her, she would draw up her hood, slouching in her seat, her golden head bowed, as though she wished to disappear from the room altogether.  During class, she would gaze idly out the windows and choke on her boredom, offering textbook answers when prompted, but in a tone of absolute indifference.  Training sessions would see her linger on the edges, skulking between various groups, hiding in plain sight.  In the evenings, when the girls’ dormitories buzzed with idle chatter and laughter, she would lie in her bunk, book in hand, or stubbornly facing the wall, hoping she passed for being asleep.  It was for the best.  Getting too attached to anyone could be disastrous.

She was pretty sure friends weren’t supposed to stalk friends, but following in Bertholdt’s wake seemed the easier option this evening.  It wasn’t that she minded speaking with him, even if their conversations could be stilted and awkward - the lulls were as much down to her as they were to him - but there were only so many times she could ask after Reiner.  The tall, gentle boy was doing everything he could to keep his eye on their unstable companion, he didn’t need the additional pressure of her nipping at his ankles.  The road ahead of them remained unbearably long, especially as they were wasting time in the Training Corps.  Wall Sina and the Coordinate waited, and Annie was getting impatient.

Knowing it was rare to see Bertholdt without Reiner, she decided to tail him, following him through the training grounds, keeping her distance and lurking in shadows whenever she needed to.  Silly as it was, there was something exhilarating in testing her reflexes, in watching Bertholdt when he believed himself to be alone, all wide green eyes and a face pinched with concern.  Eventually, he led her to Reiner, the blond boy perched on a cliff edge not far from the barracks.  What first presented itself as an opportunity for them to speak, and to plan, soon revealed itself to be something much more unsettling.  The closer she got, the more alarmed Annie became.  He was muttering to himself, his eyes glazed and faraway.  Although she did not announce her presence, she emerged from the shadows of the trees, keeping her distance, her features remaining dangerously blank.  If Reiner was fucked, they were fucked, as much as she liked to believe she was capable of completing the objective entirely on her own if needed.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2020, 10:15:28 PM »

He was throughly fucked. Of all the people who found him- it had to be Bertholdt. Reign gave the smallest hint of recognition; a low hum deep within his throat. The warrior reached up, rubbing his face before tilting his head to the sky. His face oddly turning blank and expressionless.

Dinner- they should head down but... something was holding him back. His gaze finally fell onto Bertholdt; golden hues glazed over. The Reiner that Bertholdt knew wasn’t here at the moment. Reiner was floating in between his Warrior and Soldier mentalities. He heard the other’s question and blinked slowly before vocalizing again; instead of a grunt he finally spoke.

“I’m fine.” His tone was flat- emotionless. It was almost like he was simply a walking corpse; unfeeling; dead. “Just- thinking. That’s all.” Reiner carefully got to his feet, his shoulders squaring and back straightening as he turned to Bertholdt.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Annie; the small woman was watching him- indifferent as always it seemed. He wouldn’t acknowledge her just yet but- he wasn’t blind. Reiners eyes were starting to clear up; his warrior personality seeming to have won the battle in his mind.

There was subtle shifts in his stance; a foot was placed slightly back; his shoulders never came forward, his jaw was tense but not grinding. With each moment it seemed like he was returning to his mind- even if it wasn’t sound on a normal day.

”Why? Has something happened?” his once Lucid tone became harsher, more stern towards the other.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2020, 12:02:53 AM »
"No, nothing's happened...." Bertholdt replied simply, his head tilted slightly as he looked down upon his closest friend. His words didn't exactly match what Bert was perceiving, but there was no need to push back on that front. There was, however, something that did need to be mentioned. "That's.. kind of the problem though. We've been here too long. I already talked to Annie about it.." He referenced the moonlit conversing he'd engaged their third friend with not too long ago.

Silence fell upon the pair of them, well, the trio, but Bertholdt didn't yet know he'd been followed by Annie. The tallest among them rubbed the back of his neck and bit his lip, unaware how to confront the leader of their operation. "We.... need to act. I know it's been hard since, y'know.." He trailed off quietly, avoiding any sort of eye contact with the blonde before him.

Bert cleared his throat and nervously cracked his knuckles, one at a time. "...Marcel." The name left his lips like the final breath of a dying man. He had no wish to utter it, but for some reason his vocal chords had compelled him to do so. That damned name, all it brought with it were sad memories, as well as horrifying ones. And it caused Bert to think of Porco, the poor kid.

"He wouldn't have wanted us to wait so long like this."

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #5 on: May 22, 2020, 10:02:39 AM »
It wasn’t like Reiner to be so expressionless, so flat and so… empty.  As someone who actively projected an outward image of apathy, who often succeeded in razing any feelings or emotions that might take root, Annie recognised that this was different.  Reiner was a genuine void in this moment, a wasteland.  There was nothing behind those golden eyes.  But slowly, mercifully, some vestiges of the Marleyan Warrior they knew came to the fore.  It was a relief when Reiner climbed back onto his feet; the tension that had coiled tightly through Annie’s small body eased a little.  He seemed to come back to himself, like a man waking up from a dream.

Why?  Has something happened?

An encouraging question, one that demonstrated an interest in their safety - and in their mission, perhaps.  Even if she didn’t like his tone, especially as it was directed at Bertholdt.  The tallest Warrior was the gentlest of their number and, like a sapling, he was able to shift and bend, patiently weathering the outbursts of his two more aggressive companions.  If Reiner’s stern edge affected him, it did not show.

Bertholdt pushed on cautiously, raising the concerns they shared.  Annie was glad.  He was suited to this sort of conversation, with his steady, cautious nature, and he had a better rapport with Reiner.  As volatile as their leader was, they could not continue in a state of freefall, doing nothing but biding their time amongst the other cadets, with no long-term plan in mind.  The light of the evening sun danced prettily on the lake waters, the air punctuated by the sound of Bertholdt cracking his knuckles nervously.  It only occurred to Annie then that this was a habit they shared.


The ghost of that boy haunted them all, but none more so than Reiner.  Annie almost spoke then, hesitating only because she was sure that, whatever she said, would come out as blunt or abrasive.  It was better to remain silent, and see what effect Bertholdt’s words had on their shattered leader.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #6 on: May 22, 2020, 10:34:51 AM »
That damned name- the one that Reiner held close to his own soul. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t wonder if he could have done something different- prevented their leaders death. With the Jaw being lost- it was going to be one hell of a fight to finish their mission and get the coordinate.

“No. He wouldn’t want this. You don’t think I tear myself up over what happened? How I blame myself day in and day out for what happened? How everywhere I go I’m reminded of him?! He should be with US! Not-“ Reiners voice cracked; seemingly overwhelmed with his guilt.

“Marcel should be here with us and not be in some titans stomach. I can’t- he won’t stop haunting me Bertholdt. I caused his death. But-What can we do Bertholdt? If we disappear now; we will raise the alarm of suspicion. Do we really need to risk that? If we are found out- all of us could die. Not just here but back home.” He countered, his gaze getting narrow in irritation. Reiner knee that his tone sounded off- sounded weak.

“If we knock down wall Rose now, with the three of us MISSING; you don’t think that it wouldn’t cause red flags? I know we’ve been here too fucking long- but what can we fucking do? We need to figure out who the coordinate is, who holds the founding. If we don’t return home with one of those? His death would mean nothing. All of the sacrifices we’ve made- would be for nothing!” He couldn’t help the deep growl that slipped out of his throat; he was working himself up and into a frenzy. The control on his anger was slipping just a little bit.

“What do you want me to do? I am trying not to go insane while clinging to the control I have over Armored. To be honest- I’d trade my life for Marcel’s any day... he was and will always be our leader. I’m just trying to keep us alive until we get home. So if you have any bright ideas Bertholdt, I’m all ears.” He managed to hold back a sneer but that simmering rage inside of Reiner grew.

He knew he was unfit to lead- not when he was already broken as this. He had an obligation though. To get everyone home safe and most importantly- alive.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #7 on: May 22, 2020, 03:11:51 PM »
As the blonde leader of the warriors went on a tirade, repeatededly asking questions to the taller boy, his tone increased in severity. This caused Bertholdt to back up until he was hard pressed into the bark of the tree he had just comfortably leaned against. Everything Reiner was pointing out was valid, and let Bert know that his friend hadn't just become a mentally unstable husk, but was still capable of processing and thinking out various scenarios of their mission.

When the ranting finally came to a close, Bertholdt was staring straight down to his feet, embarrassed at himself thoroughly. "I'm sorry..." He mumbled, his voice so low, in fact, that it was likely unheard by Reiner, who only stood but a few feet away.

"I.. I just wanted..." His voice failed him again, and he was forced to sniff in before he could speak once more. In all honesty though, Bertholdt wasn't sure exactly what he wanted. Deep down, a part of him had wanted to confront Reiner on this cliff for selfish reasons, because he so desperately wanted to go home that he would rush the operation and jeopardize the mission. "I''m sorry." His voice was much more audible now, after he'd cleared his throat.

"I only wanted to make sure you were still a Warrior. Me and Annie don't have a chance of completing this task on our own, we still need you in the right state of mind." That explanation sounded more logical, but still left a sour taste in Bert's mouth. He didn't like when he was so compelled to lie, but then again, their whole entire existence on this island was a lie, all the promises they were making to each other could turn out to be lies, and everything these island devils knew, was a lie.

"This whole damn place is one big lie, I'm sorry you're getting lost in it." Bertholdt prided himself on a mostly clean vocabulary, but he was starting to lose his grip on reality as well. Luckily he had two stronger willed friends to keep him grounded. "Just... keep your head up buddy, look forward to all the things we'll get to do when we get home." For now, keeping his friend's mind busy would probably be a lot more helpful than letting him stew in his fractured psyche. "We'll make sure Marcel is remembered as a hero."

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #8 on: May 22, 2020, 08:30:30 PM »
The dam broke, and some of Reiner’s anguish bubbled to the surface.  What was apparent above all else was his guilt over Marcel’s death - it rolled off him in waves - and the crippling pressure he appeared to be buckling under.  Given how she and Bertholdt looked to him for guidance, given how the death of Marcel hung over him, it was understandable he was beginning to crack.  Gazing at Reiner now, Annie saw only a boy broken by the system, crushed under the weight of his titan-shifting power and a mission that seemed almost impossible.  And she, a fellow child soldier - an emotionally stunted one at that - was not equipped to help him.

There was a painful truth to everything he said.  Every life that was extinguished as a result of their actions only added to the pressure to succeed, to fail after inflicting so much suffering and destruction was unthinkable.  Now that they were in the Training Corps, now that each of them had a file on record and some semblance of order had been restored following the loss of Wall Maria, they could not easily disappear.  Their window for heading straight to Wall Sina had closed, and the earliest they could expect to join the Military Police was still a year away.

Annie was hurting, but she was angry too.  The latter was a more familiar and comfortable emotion, so she clung to it.  Simmering with a low-burning fury, she watched as Bertholdt apologised and bowed his head, staring at his feet in embarrassment and shame.  Within the pockets of her hooded sweatshirt, her hands squeezed into fists, though her face remained expressionless. 

They were undeniably stronger together, but only if Reiner could be depended on.  If he became a liability, she wasn’t above cutting ties with him, though she sincerely hoped it wouldn’t come to that.  Bertholdt continued in his encouragement, eternally patient and hopeful.  He was honey, and if his sweetness didn’t bring Reiner around, Annie was more than happy to douse the golden-eyed boy with vinegar.  She stalked up the hill, finally joining the pair in earnest.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #9 on: May 23, 2020, 01:50:32 AM »
Did Bertholdt really doubt him that much? To think that he wasn't a warrior; even after all of this time? "You can't be serious." He deadpans, that sneer finally crossing his lips. "You seriously think that i'd forget about being a Warrior? How we were forced for this damn mission?" He countered; golden eyes becoming guarded. "The walls are one big lie and the people around us are content to just take it and not challenge? What use are they to us if they can't see that they are doomed?"

Reiner shook his head; his gaze flicking over towards the sounds of crunching leaves. Annie. He wondered when she'd get here. "Getting us home safe is all I care about. Sure; we need to figure out how to knock down wall rose but- we can't while we're still in training and I have a feeling the higher ups back home aren't amused that we're taking so long." He gave a heavy sigh and closed his eyes; trying his best to reign in that temper and the overall feeling of irritation.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they sent the Chief but- I shouldn't focus on that. Home won't give two shits about Marcel unless we bring back a titan or complete our mission." He finally reopened his eyes; letting his gaze fall to Annie. A mild look of amusement did cross Reiner's face before vanishing.

"How long have you been there?" « Last Edit: May 23, 2020, 03:21:56 AM by Reiner Braun »

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #10 on: May 23, 2020, 03:20:46 AM »
It felt as though once again Bert had crossed a line for Reiner with his words. Again, it was unintentional, but, again, it was something that Bertholdt felt he had needed to say. Perhaps Reiner himself hadn't even realized the personality issues he was beginning to face. Or perhaps, he just didn't want to admit he was having them. Marcel had shown nothing but strength and courage when he was with them, and to admit such a serious affliction would be to fly in the face of such personality traits.

I'll be Marcel... Reiner is dead

Those were the words he had uttered as he choked the consciousness out of Annie, only seconds after she had beaten him to a bloody pulp, and mere moments following the pure titan killing their expeditions original leader. That was such a terrifying moment, Bertholdt distinctly remembered crying and quietly begging Reiner to stop, all while he stood there and did nothing. The ever impassive quiet boy he was, that memory would prove to be such a defining moment for him, and by proxy, his companions as well.

Then, the real leader of the warriors was mentioned by his title, 'chief'. That word alone caused Bertholdt to shudder. He had always been unnerved by that man, and hoped they could accomplish their objective before he'd need to intervene. "Right, let's hope that doesn't need to happen..."

Bert then heard the crunching sound of dead grass and leaves from behind, and his face turned as white as a sheet. He turned around slowly to see Annie, and let out an obvious sigh of relief. He placed a hand over his heart and shook his head, "I thought you were.. anyone else. That would've been bad." The tallest of the trio voiced his concern, and then opinion. "But, yeah, what Reiner said..."

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #11 on: May 23, 2020, 04:42:39 PM »
How long have you been there?

Reiner seemed amused more than anything.  Annie had the impression she hadn’t taken him entirely by surprise.  Bertholdt, by comparison, paled visibly, and a hand crept up over his heart.  He understood the dangers of being overheard, and his relief was palpable. 

“Long enough to see we’re not getting anywhere fast,” she answered dispassionately, sliding her hands from her pockets to fold her arms across her chest.  Long enough to also see that the concerns she and Bertholdt shared over their leader’s state of mind were well-founded.  She chose not to say this part aloud, however.

“We can’t leave the Training Corps, and we can’t commence the next stage of our assault.  Fine.”  Annie’s voice carried a steely edge that hinted at the annoyance that lay beneath her resignation.  The mention of the warchief had rattled her, in a distant sort of way.  It wasn’t impossible Zeke would be sent to retrieve them and bring them back to Marley, so that their Titans might be passed on to a new generation of child soldiers.  They couldn’t allow that to happen.

“I sit with Marco Bott in logistics class.  He’s an idiot, aiming for the Military Police,” Annie continued with a sniff.  The freckled boy was almost always smiling, and he talked cheerfully to her even though she offered almost nothing back.  “He trails around after Kaien Engelbrecht, you know the guy - cold bastard, pretentious purple hair?  He’s noble born, no doubt, but I don’t imagine we’d have much luck approaching him directly.”  She shifted her weight, her leather boots creaking softly with the movement.  It made her uneasy, talking about these bright young people as though they were nothing but objects or tools.  But that’s all they were to them - right?

“Elenor Frey is the daughter of Mercer Frey, some bigshot politician.  She’s from Mitras and rich as all hell.  She’s… obscenely nice.  Maybe even nice enough to tolerate me.”  Annie sighed, as though offended by the younger girl’s vibrant and generous attitude, her profound and genuine care for her friends.  The reality was, she didn’t want to befriend these people, she didn’t want to get to know them. 

When those blue eyes opened, and Annie turned her blank gaze away from her fellow Warriors, out over the sparkling lake below.  Why did they have to have an ugly conversation in such a beautiful place?  “There’s something about that Carello girl too.  People talk about her behind her back, instructors and cadets both.  Seems her family pissed off some powerful people in the capital.”  The blonde closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her prominent nose briefly.  It was fleeting, but a rare indication of the storm of thoughts that raged in her head.  Then she turned her attention back to Reiner and Bertholdt.  “My point is, there’s information to be gathered while we wait for graduation.” « Last Edit: May 27, 2020, 11:17:29 AM by Annie Leonhardt »

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #12 on: May 24, 2020, 05:46:30 AM »
Annie had a point; wait and see what would happen- something in his gut was telling him that there had to be something more to their classmates.

"There is also Einarr Brandr. If it was up to me; He'd be the perfect person to indoctrinate to our cause. He's one of the top ten in our class- even before his accident. He's good with the gear and well- he can easily kick my ass in hand to hand. I'm somewhat close to him and well- we could use someone with his stature; even if he's from Shiganshina. He has a habit of rushing into the training and not waiting for his squad and that could cause an issue but- I think he's of noble birth. Comparing him to Eren... He's far too pretty to just be a lowborn."

"As for Eren; He's a lost cause for information. He's too open and wild to even be considered for it. That goes for Mikasa too; She follows Eren like a lost pup." Reiner simply shook his head, biting at the inside of his lip. "We could try and befriend those who we deem useful. I hate that we talk about them like they're some sort of tools but, they are our only way of going home. Any suggestions on who to try and get close to?"

"What I worry about, is the Instructors catching wind of anything sketchy from us or anyone allied with us. I suggest that we keep low; immerse ourselves with this world until the time is right." He was- trying to be reasonable; even when he did his best to ignore the shadow that haunted him in the corner of his eye. Was he that far gone in this world to even accept his crackpot idea? Could they even pull this off without Marcel? His mind continued to wonder as his face once again started to drop in expressions. The shell of his mind was once again taking over.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #13 on: May 24, 2020, 09:29:35 PM »
Learning from their fellow cadets any information they might possess could turn out to be a fortuitous play in the long run, but it almost seemed as though Reiner might be overstepping his bounds. "Reiner.. we shouldn't tell anyone why we're here.. that would jeopardize the entire missions, as well as all of our lives." Still, there were some cadets who had shown themselves to be more intelligent than even some of the instructors, but one in particular stood out in Bertholdt's mind.

"Armin. He's sharp as a sword, only problem is, he's from Shiganshina. He may have some useful insights we could make head or tails of, though." The boy with the blonde bowl cut could prove to be a source of much information about the walls, but that same incredible mind could wind up being dangerous to their operation.

"When we graduate, and we've gotten to the MPs, there's a problem I've been thinking about. What if the founder doesn't show themselves? I mean, we completely compromised a huge chunk of their land, and not a single sign. What's to say that breaking down any more walls will lure them out?" Bertholdt sounded a concern he hadn't voiced before. "We can't risk accidentally killing them, unlikely as it seems. If we were to lose the founder permanently...." He shuddered. Zeke would become the least of their problems, so say the least.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #14 on: May 24, 2020, 10:50:09 PM »
Annie could scarcely believe what she was hearing.  As Reiner spoke, she stared at him impassively, while the wheels of her mind clicked and turned frantically.  Telling anyone about their objective - about who and what they were - was unthinkable.  Thankfully Bertholdt spoke before she could, and she was forced to swallow back the rising vitriol.  Stewing in silence, she comforted herself with the knowledge that any breaches in their secrecy could be taken care of, same as anyone who grew suspicious or strayed too close to the truth.  Hand-to-hand was her forte and it would be easy enough to choke an opponent for a little too long, or to break their neck in a skirmish.  Cadets died with alarming frequency during training; it could be made to look like an accident.

At the mention of Mikasa, Annie tsked softly.  The rivalry she shared with the dark-haired cadet was enough for her to feel that her companions would stand a better chance of getting close to Armin.  Eren was a wildcard, as Reiner said, and while Annie personally admired his drive, it was difficult to see what use he would be to them, especially as he so vocally declared his intention to join the Survey Corps.  At least those gunning for the Military Police might offer them useful connections and insights in future, once they were based in Wall Sina.

They just needed to remember that they might have to kill these people someday.

Bertholdt’s concerns regarding the Founder were understandable, and yet another hurdle to plan for.  Unfortunately, Annie didn’t have an answer to his questions, so she bowed her head and stared unseeingly at her boots.  Beyond trying to infiltrate the nobility in the hopes of sniffing out some telling details about the royal family, she could think of no other way to locate the Founder. « Last Edit: May 24, 2020, 10:51:43 PM by Annie Leonhardt »


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