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Author Topic: [OPEN] Answer to the Sky (Open)  (Read 310 times)

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #15 on: May 25, 2020, 01:03:46 AM »
"Mmm you're right." Bertholdt had a point about bringing anyone into their mission; even as the wheels in his head turned to figure out what to do- and how to do it. "He could help but he also clings to Eren... We could use that to our advantage eventually." Reiner gave a small sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"If the founding is here; What if they were in a cadet and doesn't know how to use the power? It's a crackpot theory but not unheard of.  We still have to find the Attack Titan and that's always been the wild one among the nine." He could feel Annies judgement; her calculating stare "If we lose the Foundress; we're fucked. We will be fed to Porco and the others back home. We can not fail. I am not going to pass the Armored to anyone else. This curse we have- It ends with us."

Even Reiner shook his head and turned his back to the others; overlooking the lake before him. "If we break down more walls and they die- so be it. The Foundress will show themselves eventually. I have a feeling that shit will hit the fan real fast here. You both saw how they sacrificed 20% of their population for nothing. If we knock down Wall Rose; they'll need to do it again. Think of it like this- The smaller the population; the easier it is to locate the founder and the Attack."

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #16 on: May 25, 2020, 01:31:52 AM »
Reiner made all the plans nowadays, all Bertholdt and Annie could do anymore was offer suggestions, and hope he'd take heed of them. Still, he was the clear leader of the three of them. "Right.. I forgot about the Attack Titan..." Bert mumbled. They hadn't been taught hardly anything about it in their time as Warrior cadets, and they weren't even sure it was on this island, but if it was, retrieving it on behalf of Marley was an obvious priority.

"Reiner... think about it. The Founder belongs to the Royal Family... we'd have heard if one of their descendants was among our ranks." Bertholdt reminded him, a look of serious concern shimmering in his gaze now. "I know it's been a hard few months.. but keep your head on straight, fix the split in your mind."

That was the most brash thing Bertholdt had ever said to Reiner, no, to anyone up to this point. It was also the closest thing to an insult he'd ever produced, and he was surely not proud of it. "I didn't mean... well, y'know..." He stuttered out an apology afterwards, holding his arms at his sides as a sweat bead trickled down the side of his head. "What I mean is, we need to focus on the facts we have. Our intel was that the founder is hiding inside Wall Sina, so that's where we need to go. If we went running off on a wild goose chase for a cadet that held the Coordinate..? They'd strip my Colossus, your Armor, and Annie's Crystal, just for being crazy!" He vented his obvious hesitation and frustration towards Reiner's Crackpot Theory.

"But you're right about one thing... the smaller the population, the less ground to cover, the easier it'll be to find them. But.. when? Once we go to the MPs, we'll be in the interior, far away from Wall Rose. We'd need to do something before then..."

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #17 on: May 25, 2020, 06:06:04 PM »
This was deeply, profoundly worrying. Reiner was like a dog chasing carts - enthusiastic but directionless. Annie's gaze flicked to Bertholdt, hoping to catch his eye for a brief instant, before returning to weigh heavily on Reiner. The broad blond was peering over the lake and for one terrible, unhelpful moment, Annie felt an impulse to push him. It was nothing personal, her mind simply hardwired to see opportunities to overpower others. Something as simple as a person pausing to tie their shoelaces often presented her with the mental image of raising a leg in a high kick and bringing her heel down on the back of their head. Her expression might be impassive, her stance lazy, but behind disinterested blue eyes her mind was hyperalert. It was an exhausting way to exist, and she was glad when the unwelcome urge passed.

There was a glimmer of the Reiner she knew, when he talked about the benefits a reduced population would give them. Like fish in a barrel, their hunting grounds would be smaller and more dense. Overall, though, it seemed their leader was struggling immensely and her concerns were mirrored more obviously in Bertholdt. Worry showed in every inch of his face and was reflected in his kindly green eyes.

I know it's been a hard few months... but keep your head on straight, fix the split in your mind.

This was as bold as Bertholdt had ever been, and Annie was both surprised and impressed - even if it didn't show in her face, even if he was quick to apologise. Compared to her, he was being as gentle as a lamb, but it was still a relief when he made it clear he wasn't prepared to die for a crackpot theory. Neither was she.

"We need to carry out an assault on Wall Rose before we take up our new posts," Annie murmured, following Reiner's gaze to the lake, eager to push the conversation forwards and see if he would leave his insanity behind. "Once our final exams are finished? Or maybe after graduation, but before we ship-out to the Military Police. With no classes or training sessions, I doubt the superiors will be keeping a close track of where each and every cadet is…"

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Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #18 on: May 25, 2020, 06:56:45 PM »
He didn't expect bertholdt to be so blunt but it did take the man back- did the other think that this was on purpose? "If I could just do that I would." He countered, his lips pulling into a deeper frown. "You have no idea what goes on within my head, latter the split." He carefully turned back towards the other and started to approach with a hardened gaze. He reached up and placed a firm finger on Bertholdt's chest; his eyes dangerous and well- not sane. "So, don't you go around saying that you want me to fix the split that I obviously have no control over." He growled with a frown.

"An assault on wall rose would be needed; it would be a warning towards the others." He hummed, taking a step back and rolling his lips. "We could knock down a gate in one of the districts. It would cause them to go into a panic..." His eyes shimmered with speculation as he started to pace; even just a little bit. "I-I'm not going to the MP's." He added; noting how the two seemed to be dead set on that regiment. Reiner wasn't sure about his- Maybe he should join the scouts; that would be advantageous.

"If we could knock down the Outer and Inner gate- that would throw everyone through a loop. If we truly wanted to do just that- we could knockdown the Northern and southern gates; causing even more damage and fear." He tried to keep the dark smile off of his lips but- a hint of a smirk was on his lips. These Eldians- they would fear their titans even more. This was payback.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #19 on: May 25, 2020, 07:39:21 PM »
"Reiner..." Bertholdt murmured, his eyes widening slightly. Whatever the blonde boy was saying, it was falling upon deaf ears. The moment he proclaimed his intention to join the Scouts, Bertholdt had simply stopped listening, his mind going into overdrive in an attempt to understand what exactly Reiner could have meant.

"How can.. how can you not be joining the MPs? That was the plan from the get-go! You brought us to the cadets with that goal in mind..." Bertholdt shook his head and was forced to sit down, bringing one hand to his forehead as he often did when feeling distress. "You... you don't expect me and Annie to go in there and take back the founder without you..?" Bert looked up and over, meeting Annie's disinterested gaze. The thought of Reiner joining anything other than the Military Police seemed utterly ludicrous.

"Right after graduation... that's when we should do it. I... can destroy the Outer Gates of Trost." He looked between both Annie and Reiner. It was amazing, how Bertholdt had once been much more comfortable around Reiner, and so nervous with Annie. The roles were reversed nowadays. He found solace in the short blonde, and was constantly straining over the well-being and mental state of his closest friend.

"After that.. it'll be up to you." Bertholdt stared straight ahead, towards the lake, but it was obvious that he was speaking to Reiner, as he was far more suited to busting the interior gate than Annie.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #20 on: May 26, 2020, 01:00:45 AM »
There was a roaring in her ears, just like when Marcel died.  It shouldn’t have surprised her when Reiner rankled at Bertholdt’s uncharacteristically bold words, just as it should have surprised her how much she disliked the way he jabbed an accusatory finger against the green-eyed boy’s chest.  Annie’s expression darkened into one that was thunderous, and she only just managed to swallow down a threat to break every bone in his strong hands.  Wordlessly, she dipped her head forwards, blonde hair spilling over her face.  Her arms unfolded, pale fingers squeezing into fists down at her sides.  Just in case.

“You’re not going into the Military Police,” Annie stated flatly, brokenly, her dispassionate voice at odds with her furious stance.  “You think we should indoctrinate fellow students with Marley’s bullshit ideologies and out ourselves at the same time.  You believe the Founder is possibly hosted by some nobody cadet.  And you’re not going into the Military Police.”

Reiner was supposed to be their best hope of getting home, the one that could pull their small, fractured team together and guide them to victory.  It was almost laughable, that this was what it had come to.  All this time wasted in the Training Corps.  They should have spent these months making her into a passable human being, in the hopes of marrying into the nobility - as much as Annie squirmed at the idea of it - but it was too late now.

“Right after graduation, like Bertholdt says, we do exactly what we did with Wall Maria.  I’ll summon the Titans, and then you two bring down both gates.  We will raze Wall Rose and tighten the noose on the Founder.”  She lifted her head, blonde hair sliding back into place, her blue eyes glassy and trained unflinchingly on Reiner.  “You said you would be Marcel,” Annie’s voice was accusatory.  She remembered Reiner rasping those words, his blood sticky and congealing in her hair, all while squeezing her throat in the crook of his thick arm until her vision began to grey.  Not for the first time, she wondered if their original leader had practically flung himself into that Titan’s maw, if only to be rid of his comrades, to be freed from his curse and an objective that seemed all but impossible.
“Join whichever fucking regiment you like,” Annie hissed softly through her teeth.  “Once Wall Rose is down, I can do the rest alone if I have to.”  While she was quietly confident that Bertholdt would not abandon her - that his promises counted for something - she still prepared herself mentally for the worst of scenarios.  They were stronger together, but only as long as Reiner kept himself from unravelling.

“The Garrison have been working on their defences since Wall Maria fell,” Annie grumbled, her ire dimming a fraction as she began to crack her knuckles in frustration.  More than anything, she sounded tired.  “I think we covered it in Wall Construction and Repair class.  It’s something for you both to bear in mind.”  Her companions probably remembered those lessons just as well - if not better - than she did.

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Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #21 on: May 26, 2020, 11:08:22 PM »
"Annie! Think about it. If I join both of you; people will think that we're joined at the hip. But what if they out one of us; that would lead them to the others. If I join the scouts or Garrison; it will give you two time in order to get ready." He countered with a low growl.

" I am still him. It's my damn fault that he was murdered and I plan on honoring him." His eyes simply narrowed; shoulders drawn tight with his frustration with not only himself but the others. "What do you want me to do Annie? I can knock down the inner gate and lead the titans inside wall rose. If I remember correctly they only seemed to have fortified the south. What if we hit the North or western gates? That would cause even more panic at first. They have no way of repairing the gates so they're fucked."

"I can handle the interior Gates. They're structurally weaker but not by much... It's not like we can just knock a hole in the side of a wall. The Gates are the weak points." He gave a low hum and watched how Annie's temper rose; how Bertholdt was growing bold and to be honest. Bertholdt needed that; he needed this hard love in order to grow.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #22 on: May 27, 2020, 04:11:07 AM »
Annie seemed far angrier than Bertholdt was about Reiner's sudden revelation that he was no longer destined for the Military Police. Almost as angry she'd been when her and Reiner fought in the aftermath of Marcel's consumption. A small part of the raven-haired teen wanted to step between the pair, just to ensure they didn't come to blows again, but instead, he just hoped it wouldn't come to that.

"The west gate might be the best option then..." Bertholdt admitted, finally standing back up from the trunk of the tree. "The North is too far a distance, I don't think Annie could lure the titans that far up." He explained, side-eyeing the shortest of the three. "Krolva, I think that's what they call the district."

It was surprising, and somewhat alarming how calmly they were discussing their diabolical plan to murder thousands more on the island. But, Bertholdt was resigned to see the mission through now, no matter the cost. He had to uphold the promise he made Annie, whatever it took.

"When we attack.. I think we need a contingency, in case something goes wrong. If one of us is somehow spotted, or if the founder makes an appearance. We'll need something besides just our wits." Berthold revealed yet another flaw that may reveal itself within their operation. They hadn't once considered that the Founder might go on the offensive against them. Even with their combined efforts, the founding titan was no joke, and was quite possibly an insurmountable threat.

"If.. by some odd chance, the Founder does reveal itself to us, we probably won't have a choice but to transform and take it on." He rattled off the only obvious choice they would have in such a scenario.

Then, Bertholdt began to chuckle, slowly, and softly, but it was apparent to his comrades nonetheless. This chuckle soon turned into a full-fledged laugh, until Bertholdt was wheezing, leaning on the tree for support. He wiped a tear from his eye and revealed what had caused such a stir in his funny-bone. "If we retake the founder, and get it back to Marley, they'll probably feed it to Porco!" He burst out laughing again, and had to sit back down, afraid that he might topple over. Nothing about that seemed inherently funny, but for some odd reason, it had Bertholdt literally rolling on the ground in a fit of giggles, uncharacteristic to both himself, and the would-be God of Destruction.

Re: Answer to the Sky (Open)
« Reply #23 on: May 27, 2020, 11:17:00 AM »
Their fate, if captured, was unthinkable.  Even under duress, Annie was confident she would rather cut out her own tongue - a thousand times over, if that was what it took - than give away any information about Reiner and Bertholdt, or about their intentions.  But would the boys have the same resolve?  At the very least, Reiner’s mind seemed to have engaged again, and his reasoning behind which gate to target next was sound.  Unbidden, the image of the moonlit valley which she and Bertholdt had overlooked was conjured in Annie’s mind, with its steep banks and ancient trees, the lake waters dark and deep.  It was a landscape that would be churned up beneath the footfall of the titans.

What a pity.

“Fine,” Annie agreed quietly, flexing her hands and gazing blankly into her palms.  What would a fortune-teller see there, in those lines and creases?  “Krolva it is.  I’ll bring as many titans as I can.”  Bertholdt was right, of course.  For all the will in the world, for all her stubbornness and physical endurance, she could not travel the length of Wall Rose in one shift.  The north was so far, she would burn out long before she got there.  It would be different if they ever lay siege to Wall Sina, or to Mitras.  Of course there were yet more concerns, more possible scenarios they needed to prepare for.  Annie stuffed her hands into her pockets, just to be rid of the sight of them.  If the intel provided by the Tybur family was accurate - and she had her doubts about it - the Founder was a pacifist, one who had sworn to renounce war.

“They might not roar but, like anything that’s cornered, they’ll bare their teeth and - ”  Annie paused, distracted by the sound of Bertholdt’s amusement.  It grew from a low chuckle into a great, musical peel of laughter.  Tears sprang into his eyes, and he buckled under the weight of his glee.  Annie blinked in surprise, mildly alarmed, thinking that she must have missed something, that perhaps he was laughing at her.  Humour was something she often failed to understand.  Jokes did not always register with her and, although she chuckled rarely, it was usually at things nobody else found funny.  Blue eyes darted to Reiner, to see if he was laughing too.  Bertholdt’s amusement broke the tension, lifting the heavy blanket that had weighed on them up until this point.

“Wha-?”  Annie queried, dumbfounded by his explanation.  Porco would inherit the Founder?  But that was absurd - and that was likely Bertholdt’s point, was likely what had tickled him so thoroughly.  “Heh.”  It was less a laugh and more an utterance of the word itself but, from the sombre blonde, it was still a rare occurrence.

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