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Author Topic: Paula Sullivan  (Read 119 times)

Paula Sullivan
« on: June 12, 2020, 07:15:19 PM »

NAME:  Paula Sullivan
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Pau [only addressed as such by her family]
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  16th of November, 822, 23 years old
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Wall Sina, Yarckel District
GENDER:  Female
MEMBER GROUP:  Survey Corps
FACE CLAIM:  Herself

APPEARANCE:  Paula is a well built individual, with slight body fat, small chest and muscular legs. She keeps her sleek dark brown hair, with the occasional natural highlights popping here and there, tied up in a secure low bun. Her facial features are fairly wistful when relaxed, although a simple smile does illuminate her face almost instantly. Her deep set eyes are dark brown, and despite the warm color they bear they usually emanate a frigid semblance. She is of Eastern European heritage, with slightly tanned skin and plump, peachy lips.
Height : 5'5'' [165 cm]
Weight : 120 lb [54 kg]

PERSONALITY:  Paula was raised in an affectionate environment thanks to her mother, which encouraged her to be sensitive and empathetic. That remained the foundation of her personality, even in adulthood, despite her attempts to thoroughly smother it. Her principles have been always set in stone : family above all. Her loyalty is unparalleled when it comes to blood relationships, or any other close relationship for that matter. This proved to later on shape a possessiveness into her character, which although she acknowledged as being unpleasant, she struggles to control.

Before her brother’s death, accompanied by her experiences with the Scouts, she was a bubbly person that allowed her sensitivity to show. She changed a great amount on her first expedition, when forced to observe how most of her comrades died plainly in vain, according to her. The reality of the titans’ cruelty shattered her previous perception of life, and dragged her out of her pampered illusions about comfort within The Walls. The trauma she dealt with altered her whole demeanor, especially concerning people. She knew the rules were simple: when it comes to titans, you can either be a hero or you can be alive. She meticulously nailed this belief in her head, and her actions started to reflect it bit by bit. She started being considerably more cautious, more detached from humans. The human life worth tattered inside her mind, colliding with her previous high moral stakes in what seemed to be a never ending mental war.

Paula is a philosophical woman. She often weights and ponders the most eminent questions there are : "why do we do what we do?"; "why are we born into this world?"; "why do we have the need to keep going?". She figures that the only way to truly answer these questions is from her own experiences and views regarding life as a whole. Because of that, her curiosity gained deep roots and sprouted, being the main reason she keeps on going as of now. She finds humans as an entity highly peculiar, and interesting to no ends. "Pitiful" might be a word Paula would use to describe humanity's existence if asked, but she also knows deep down that humans are capable of doing infinite things through their sheer willpower.
Even though her melancholy is easily palpable by anyone who gets a chance to really talk to her, she has quite the sense of humor she holds dearly. It is perhaps a way to find closure in awkward and depressing situations. This does not, however, seize her ability to be perpetually serious in any way.

Paula does posses a certain amount of pride which can make her act disrespectful at times. She does not seek problems or plan to be impolite in particular; however, if insulted or pressed on an important matter she disagrees with, she will make her discontent known regardless of who she addresses. This is another one of the traits she picked up while serving in the Survey Corps, as she was known to be morbidly quiet, timid and compliant when concerning her superiors.

  • Paula is unquestionably academically smart and can pick up skills fairly easily. That is due to the fact that she has been reading and studying from a young age, thanks to her being born into a wealthy family. She also excels at hand-to-hand combat and any sort of offensive attack, be it on ground or while using the ODM.
  • She can kill any distracted titan with ease, which is one of the main reasons she tends to work better with other people.

  • Control freak -
    Paula likes having a pin pointed plan and sticking to it. She imagines how things should turn out inside her head and gets easily stressed and pressured when they don’t. It takes her a while to gather herself and her thoughts when the situation changes abruptly. This certainly does not give her an advantage in certain tactical circumstances and may cause her to be unable to focus.
  • Paula's stamina is dreadful, but particularly worse when fighting in heat. She gets tired out fast and usually requires a few minutes of pause in between her kills, or she tends to get choppy and miss most of the time. If she pushes herself to the maximum she has been known to faint, which is extremely dangerous in an open field.
  • Paula has picked up drinking for some time. Even if you can't go as far as to call her an alcoholic, she has been found stumbling drunkenly around the quarters, especially after experiencing great losses beforehand.

  • One of her greatest aspirations would be to gain more knowledge about life outside the Walls and find out more about humanity's history before the Walls were founded. She always believed that there might be something out in the world different from Titans, excluded from their gruesomeness, simply waiting to be sought and found.

  • Dying and being forgotten would probably be the worst fear Paula has. She feels the obligation to leave her mark into the world, to leave something to be remembered by. Otherwise, she comprehends that her whole life, paved with much hardship and suffering, would have been for nothing. Her experiences, her ideologies, everything that shaped her as a person would fade into nothingness.
  • Dying painfully would be another contender for her main fears. After she witnessed so many people dying, she thought that it would have gotten easier to think about her death possibly happening during her military career. However, that did not happen in the slightest, and she is still left with the back-tingling sensation whenever imagining if she would die just as painfully as the other soldiers.
  • Arachnids. She literally cannot control her bodily reactions when it comes to these types of bugs, which mostly ends with her screaming bloody murder.

HISTORY: Paula was born into wealth while her parents were still living together. Her father was a noble, while her mother was a common woman who originated from Wall Maria. She does not recall much about life in her early ages, except rather tacky memory flashes of her parents’ bothersome bickering and her father teaching her how to ride horses. As a matter of fact, it was him that shaped her general affection towards animals. It was mostly the only good memory she holds of him to this day as well.
Her parents split up soon after her 9th birthday and Paula’s father disappeared inexplicably. It did not affect Paula as much as it affected her older brother, Albert, whose expression would only grow sour when his sister asked any particular details about their father.

After her husband left her with her children and his earnings, Elena started expanding her work in the journalistic domain in order to sustain. She was a popular reporter which, rather than stirring the same monarchy's propaganda, decided to start digging for the truth. Elena certainly became some sort of a target at that point thanks to her political findings.

Paula decided to join the military, albeit her mother was mostly against it. In order to earn herself a comfortable life and gain quick access to important figures which could help her mother in her career, Paula thought it was truly fundamental to get into the Military Police. Thus she entered the 93rd Cadet Corps at the age of 12. She graduated in top 10, as planned, and got into her desired affiliation.

Paula's older brother, Albert Sullivan, was at that time becoming an accomplished soldier in the Survey Corps. She remembers her brother as being one of the most optimistic persons she has ever met, infuriatingly so. He always saw the good in people, and chose not to pay attention to their flaws and barbarity. His idealistic attitude could irk some people, Paula included. However, his mannerism helped lots of soldiers in their darkest times, and proved to be more valuable than anyone could have imagined.

When Paula was at the age of 22, her brother died in an expedition outside the Walls. His body was not recovered; instead, the news of his death were delivered to their house. He was applauded for his bravery, passion and diligence in combat. His squad members and comrades were deeply fond of him. His only message to his family was delivered in the form of a letter, which he seemed to have written prior to that expedition. The letter contained an apology to his mother for causing her pain with his passing away, followed by him imploring Paula to join the Scouts and abandon the Interior Police as soon as possible. Initially, Paula did not understand, nor appreciate his pleading as she couldn’t fathom abandoning her comfortable position. Nonetheless, after a long introspection about his unknown reasoning , Paula decided to abide her brother’s last wish and agreed to leave the Interior Police, in order to join the Scouts.

YOUR ALIAS:fleetingthoughts
AGE: 17

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