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Author Topic: Take Your Best Shot  (Read 17 times)

Take Your Best Shot
« on: June 26, 2020, 09:43:40 AM »
The sun beat down, catching on the emblem of crossed swords that adorned the back and heart of every cadet.  How many badges would she be forced to wear?  How many causes would she be forced to pledge herself to through lying lips?  A star, swords and - in a couple of short years - a green unicorn. 

Annie sighed, watching vacantly and with obvious disinterest as their instructor demonstrated some of the manoeuvres they might implement in today’s sparring session.  Useless.  Pointless.  She stood in a crowd of wide-eyed and weak children.  As if hand-to-hand classes, for a handful of hours every week, was enough to make them into martial masters.  This was a waste of her time, and a waste of theirs.

Behind dull eyes, Annie recalled bruises on pale skin, ragged breathing, aching muscles, her father’s stern voice barking orders.  Her proficiency in combat was something she had paid for mightily; it had come at the cost of her childhood, perhaps even of herself as a person.  There was no choice but to exist in servitude, to exercise obedience, to become what her father wanted.  How full his head was of frivolous ideals.  At the very least, Mr. Leonhardt had successfully honed her body into a weapon, and shaped his daughter into a predator.

The instructor had stopped their embarrassing display - as if they could learn anything by watching - and now read out a list of names, pairing cadets together.  Annie only listened just closely enough to catch the name of her partner:

Razahir Kōri.

That name meant nothing to her, as early in their training as they were.  In truth, unless her partner had been Bertholdt Hoover, Reiner Braun, Mina Carolina or Hilda Meissner, they were unlikely to stir any recognition within her.  All too soon she would have to take more active interest in her cohort, and start shifting through the names and faces, to figure out who - if anyone - might prove of use.

With a shuffle of boots, plumes of dust stirred as the cadets found their teammates, in many places pointed in the right direction by the instructor.  Annie didn’t shift, instead standing stubbornly rooted in place, hands shoved into her hoodie pockets, a rumour of a scowl showing in her otherwise impassive face.  ‌“I’m really not in the mood…” she grumbled to no-one in particular. « Last Edit: June 26, 2020, 09:44:45 AM by Annie Leonhardt »

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