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Author Topic: Identity [Paula/Alice]  (Read 21 times)

Identity [Paula/Alice]
« on: June 29, 2020, 03:04:31 PM »
summer 839

It was a hot day. Drab bricks covering the dirt were glistening in the scarce places where the sun penetrated between opaque objects. The sky was clear and serene, clouds shying away from the gigantic heat ball that reigned over the land with it's stretched arms brushing against stone like liquid fire. Any live being sought shelter from torridity under a generous tree or perhaps a block, which lend their tranquilizing shadows as cover. The water canal flowing lazily next to tall, fancy buildings with their polished roofs expanded upwards was beaming and twinkling, comparable to nobles' gemstone jewelries; and if looked directly at, could give sunburns to one's eyes. Bunches of boats dared to break the water's peaceful stillness and left aquatic ringlets behind them instead.
Everything was just as busy as usual.

Paula was assigned, along with a few other Military Police Brigade officers, to patrol the marketplace near the main canal flowing into Stohess.
To say she was tired was an understatement; her feet were covered in blisters and sore spots because she had been walking in dark boots that drew heat waves like a magnet, she felt her freshly washed uniform stick to her muggy skin like beeswax and the only relief in this blasted heat was the occasional breeze of brisk air. It was obvious that the other citizens swarming the marketplace were just as hot; she saw how sweat rolled down their bored faces and how their clammy hands grabbed braided baskets full of bread, cheese and fruits. They were presumably bringing the items to their families, or in some cases, the families they served.
There were only a few individuals who seemed to be dressed poorly: most of the women held their heads high to support a bonnet hugging their pale, powdered faces, providing considerable protection against the blistering rays of sun, while the men were mostly seen in fancy suits or loose, white shirts buttoned up to their necks. That marketplace was so crowded at that time of the day, not even the green unicorn on the badge flashing proudly against Paula's shabby jacket could not protect the girl from people bumping into her arms.
A hint of annoyance was visible on her face, clearly displeased by the treatment, and, before she realized, her legs took her to an outer corner of the marketplace.
Noticing a clutter of wooden boxes laying in a shady corner, Paula took advantage of their height and hopped onto one of them, putting some distance between the engrossed citizens and herself. A sigh of content left her lips as she took a seat on the wooden platform beneath, all of the weight her poor feet bore until now shifting onto her seat bones. She took the firearm wrapped around her back into one arm and placed it next to her legs.
Of course she needed to have strategic placement and she should technically keep patrolling the marketplace, but there didn't seem to be any criminals in sight; besides, she's been at it since the morning. A well deserved break shouldn't harm anyone, right?

Now that she managed to find this Sina blessed spot, she could easily look over the array of people and make out where the other assigned officers were standing. She had to admit, she did not know most of them; she had no desire to anyway. People in this affiliation could potentially be dangerous, and the only thing missing from the picture right now would be more enemies to herself and her family. She knew from the moment she joined the military she had to be cautious of such people : a misplaced friendship might bring the end of her mother's already frail career. The monarchy had eyes and ears everywhere. Paula constated that politics are vile, but the only way to counter such a corrupt amalgam is straight from the inside. Therefore, here she was at the mere age of 17, giving up a posh, entertaining life for flaunting firearms and sucking up to her fraudulent superiors.

Like autumn leaves we fall, one after the other,
covering the soil with lifeless dreams and untold tales.


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