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Author Topic: Those That Remain (Rico/Open) Post-Utopia  (Read 62 times)

Those That Remain (Rico/Open) Post-Utopia
« on: October 14, 2020, 11:26:51 PM »
Garrison HQ/Late Afternoon

Rico's cheek itched and she fought the urge to claw at her face. During the battle for Utopia, Rico had gotten a fairly deep three or so inch gash across her left cheek. Closer to her jaw than to her eye. She had not noticed until Arkin had run up to her and slapped a bandage on her face. Rico had honestly just thought the wetness on her face was sweat. Arkin told her that the "meaty" part of her cheek was showing and she needed stitches. Rico had protested - saying there was too much to be done. But Pixis had ordered her to a medical tent where a nurse had stitched her up. The woman had told Rico she would probably have a scar, but Rico had just shrugged. A scar? She was luckier than many who had ridden into battle that day.

She'd just ridden back to Trost today and everything hurt. She was sore from battle and from the road. She wanted a bath and to crawl into bed to sleep for a week. But there was just too much that needed to be done. She'd been sent back to help organize that.

It was quiet as Rico made her way towards her office. That was to be expected. Most of the support staff had been mobilized to help in Utopia and many would not be coming back. Hyram, the friendly and efficient clerk that looked after the Garrison's Elite teams had fallen at Utopia. Rico had seen his torso in one of the carts that was hauling the dead away and had then had watched it burn on a pyre. She had wept.

And of course there was Anka. Pixis had put out a special order to locate her corpse, but so far nothing. It was foolish, but Rico still held a tiny sliver of hope that Anka would show up alive. Hope was often foolish.

Making her way to her office, Rico paused and looked at Hyram's desk. It still had papers on it. A few forms that needed her, Ian, and Mitabi's signatures, the supply list Rico had given him before all hell had broken loose, and a bunch of other papers Rico was sure were important. She sighed and rested her hands on the desk for a moment before cursing loudly and stalking away towards the cabinets where all the forms were kept. She needed a bunch.

When Rico realized she needed a key to open the cabinet, she rested her forhead against the cool wood and cursed again. Taking a few deep breaths, Rico scratched her stitches and wondered where the key would be.


“Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires but according to our powers.”


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