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Author Topic: The Purity of Hope (Kara's Potter)  (Read 137 times)

The Purity of Hope (Kara's Potter)
« on: July 09, 2020, 10:59:49 AM »



Kara Brooks was raised by the Church before she enlisted in the military. For her there was never any other option but the Survey Corps. Kara, deeply religious, believes it is her duty to try and reclaim Wall Maria. Kara intends to try to reclaim the Wall or die in the attempt.


Kara still would like to forge as many friendships as possible, she often finds that others are easily put off because of her faith, though she does not force it on others or bring it up in conversation unless it turns up naturally. Despite this difficulty, she is often bubbly and outgoing. But sadly Kara still sees herself as an outsider, one who forever needs to prove and justify herself in order to have any value as an individual.

 Kara takes great delight in showing off her acrobatic abilities and hopes to one day become a professional acrobat. Kara is incredibly quick to form friendships, though some may not like her for her faith, she has never forced it upon anyone either.

 She is perhaps best summed up in the following words, Kara is elegant, proud, beautiful, hot headed, immensely stubborn, and can be cold to those who have mocked her faith and religious beliefs. However, underneath all that there is an honorable, faithful, and loyal person who would do just about anything for those she calls friends. You can trust Kara to do the right thing and always have your back in any situation. This remains as true today as it was back when she first enlisted in the Cadets.


Everyone has their enemies, Kara is no exception to this fact. Kara continues to be one who never holds grudges against others. This at times has led her being too quick to forgive others. Many have taken issue with her faith, Kara has not helped this fact by her being deeply religious and though she does not force her beliefs on others and respects the beliefs of others, there are those who dislike her or even hate her for her beliefs.

She can be cold towards those individuals, though will try her best to behave as normal.
Her tendency to mutter prayers  to herself when stressed or facing difficulty may also grate heavily on the nerves, though this is more to inspire and encourage herself than to upset others.


Love, Kara is not immune to love, though she would be reluctant to embrace it. Those interested in her would have to pursue her at her pace, not try to rush it. They would also have to accept her religious beliefs, it is however not necessary for them to share those beliefs with her. After all it is a belief in itself, even if it is to believe in nothing. There is someone she has her eye on.


- Kara can be showing off her acrobatic talents - Or possibly providing lessons?
- A cadet/soldier/scout can overhear Kara praying?
- A cadet/soldier/instructor/scout could be trying to improve Kara's terrible aim. (One of her nicknames is Try)
- Kara is supportive of others, so if you are struggling and need a friend or someone to talk to, she is your girl.
- Any threads set in the Scouts are great
- Post Utopia threads or those set during it as also welcome
- Anything else.

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Re: The Purity of Hope (Kara's Potter)
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2020, 01:06:39 PM »
plotter updated


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