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Author Topic: Mordred Hart  (Read 1157 times)

Mordred Hart
« on: December 27, 2017, 06:33:36 AM »

NAME:  Mordred Hart
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Dread, Heart, Mord, Mor
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  22, born 823
PLACE OF BIRTH: Utopia District
MEMBER GROUP:  Training Corps
FACE CLAIM:  Ren Kouha from the Magi Series


Mordred doesn't look like much at all- until you get a good look at the expression in his eyes. In his eyes is a pure, sick form of glee that has earned him the nickname "Dread." His eyes themselves are a slight marvel, a pinkish red color that nobody can figure out the reasoning for. Like his eyes, his hair is a pink color that seems impossible to have occur in nature. However, the coloring is added with dye, amplifying the red in his hair to look pink.

Mordred isn't particularly tall or muscular, instead built for speed. If you look at him, his tiny frame might only make him more formidible, for he has all the intense deadly power of a snake coiled inside him waiting for a release. The expression on his face often matches that in his eyes, a look of complete, utter, twisted insanity. Mordred's expressions are dripping with intimidation, his own natural way of warning people off.

If one looks closely one might notice some of the smaller braids in Mordred's long tangle of hair. They are delicately and intricately done by hand. If one looks past the insanity bubbling just below the surface, Mordred looks pretty attractive with that porcelain skin and those delicate features.


Mordred is just as sadistic and insane as his expression. He delights in being way too hard on recruits, and makes sure that his lessons are too hard on purpose. The man loves to see people struggle, it's one of his favorite things. Because he is superior to the cadets, he loves seeing them pushed past their limits. Pain, suffering, all forms of amusement for the man.

Another thing about Mordred, he is incredibly gay. He loves teasing cuter, shy guys, because he loves to see the reactions they make. It is another form his sadism takes, seeing guys squirm as they react to his outrageous personality. He knows it's not a good thing to like watching people struggle and squirm so much, but he doesn't care in the slightest.

One thing nobody expects from Mordred, however, is that he is very weak to being teased himself. He reacts badly to being teased, enough that being teased can make him cry. Of course, this is something he hates, so he will always vanish for an hour or two if somebody teases him, to calm himself down and plot his revenge.

The thing that can be expected from Mordred is how rude he is. He loves to talk informally, adress superiors as rudely as possible, and generally be absolutely awful as a human being. This has caused many to hate him, but that's another thing he doesn't care about. He doesn't care what people think, as long as it isn't to his face. Out of sight, out of mind, after all.

-Strategy. He looks like the kind to just beat an opponent through sheer force of insanity and will, but Mordred is very intelligent and knows his strategy skills.
-Mordred is ridiculously fast, though he doesn't look it. His speed is his greatest asset in combat.
-Mordred has a great deal of talent with Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, and is considered a prodigy in the field.
-Mordred quite simply DOESN'T CARE. This makes him more able to face the titans or any enemy in general without putting himself in unnecessary danger for his comrades. This gets him called cold, but his uncaring attitude makes it impossible for him to even notice. Because of this he is highly effective as a solider.

-Though Mordred can deal with real hatred, he can't deal with teasing at all, much to the surprise of anybody who discovers this secret.
-Mordred has a weakness for sweets. Giving him sweets is often the only way to curb his sadistic tendencies.
-Mordred is actually very weak to tickling, as strange as it sounds. Tickling can incapacitate him more effectively than simply clobbering him, clobber him and he will get up, but tickle him and he can't do a thing.

-Mordred has absolutely no aspirations. He has no dreams, nothing he cares about, nothing he fights for. People say everybody has a dream, everybody has something? Well Mordred doesn't believe in that. He doesn't really care, he is content as he is, tormenting cadets and soliders alike.

-Mordred fears spiders, hilariously enough.
-Mordred has a fear of needles he can't quite shake.


Mordred has always been the way he is. He was born to normal parents, in a normal family in Trost district. His sadism was a shock to his family, who were nice, ordinary people. Ecen as a child Mordred abused any power he held, often torturing stray animals or frying ants in the sun. It made him feel big, made him feel powerful.

When Mordred became a cadet, he made no attempt to hide his sadistic tendencies. He had a habit of bullying the other cadets to the point where nobody would go within 50 feet of him if they could help it. Mordred, of course, reveled in the pain he inflicted. He enjoyed it, even if he was often punished harshly for it. He enjoyed the pain of being punished as much as he enjoyed inflicting pain.

By the time he was ready ti become a full fledged solider he had earned the hatred of everybody who knew him. He didn't really care where he went, so at first he was going to join the Survey Corps. However, his status as a prodigy had him being offered a place in the training corps as an instructor. He was reluctant to accept, but eventually took the job when he realized he could be as rude as he wanted to the students, provided he still trained them.

AGE:  17
TIMEZONE:  Canadian Standard Mountain Time

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Re: Mordred Hart
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2017, 09:19:32 PM »
The sadistic instructor is ready for checking.

Re: Mordred Hart
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2017, 06:35:41 PM »

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