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Author Topic: [OPEN] Serious Tea Talk (Post Utopia/OPEN)  (Read 1557 times)

Re: Serious Tea Talk (Post Utopia/OPEN)
« Reply #120 on: October 18, 2020, 01:48:11 PM »
"That is kind of why toast is so great. You can eat it on the go." Petra smiled then added with a sly grin. "Outside of course, rather not have to sweep up a trail of crumbs before Levi discovers them." She understood however that he must have had a pretty busy and hectic schedule at times, especially with his work with Hange. Sometimes Petra swore the other woman did not sleep, staying up all night to work on her Titans or her Titan theories.

"Thanks I like it to." She said, there were not too many Scouts or indeed people with the same colour hair as she possessed. Petra quite liked her more unique colouring. "I'm glad you like it though, there is no way I am paying for hair dye to change it... Making cakes alone is expensive enough." Well to be fair her baking was a not so secret hobby of her's, it was worth the cost in her eyes, hair dye not so much. People either liked her hair or did not, those that did not, did not matter. Simple as really.

Petra stared at him for a few seconds, before grinning. "Of course that would be great." She declared happily. "I'm sure my father would love you." Honestly, she could not wait for the pair to meet, it might help her father worry less about her as well.

Re: Serious Tea Talk (Post Utopia/OPEN)
« Reply #121 on: October 19, 2020, 11:54:04 AM »
Moblit smiled and nodded a bit. Toast was pretty handy to have if you had to eat while moving. He chuckled softly at the comment of Levi discovering any crumbs left behind. Somehow that man always managed to spot any sort of filth even in the cleanest of places.

Moblit watched her curiously, raising an eyebrow. Had she ever considered dying her hair? "If you had to, what color do you think you would dye it to?" Moblit asked. Although, he really couldn't see her with any other hair color. If she ever did, he would grow used to it of course. But he quite enjoyed her natural color.

He hummed and looked ahead again. "I hope so." He murmured softly. He thought he came off as alright to new people. But knowing the work he did and the people he hung out with, maybe her father wouldn't approve of him.

We are the ones who will never be broken
With our final breath
We'll fight to the death

Re: Serious Tea Talk (Post Utopia/OPEN)
« Reply #122 on: October 19, 2020, 03:26:01 PM »
"Blonde." Petra said simply. "It is kind of similar to my actual hair colour in a way but I never would dye it. I like this too much." Besides, such a luxury would waste money she could ill afford to throw away.

"He will, don't be discouraged." Petra said, trying to calm any worries or concerns he might have. She hoped she might be able to, though in truth Petra did not know if she had been successful. Petra guessed she would be nervous and or anxious, if their situations were reversed. Especially, since she and her father had such a close bond together. Honestly, Petra did not know what she might do if her father disliked Moblit.

Though she tried to tell herself such an outcome happened to be impossible. After all, she could not remember the last time her father disliked anyone. Of course, none of those had ever been her boyfriend before.

Re: Serious Tea Talk (Post Utopia/OPEN)
« Reply #123 on: October 19, 2020, 04:12:11 PM »
Moblit chuckled softly and looked ahead. Blonde huh? He could see that. Though he loved her bright hair. "I like it too." He said softly with a smile. If he had the chance to dye his hair, he'd probably pass as well. When he was younger, he wasn't fond of his hair color. But now he had more serious things to worry about then the color of his hair.

He gave a small nod at her reassurance. Whether she was trying to convince him or herself, he wasn't exactly sure. But it was nice to hear anyway. "You're right. It'll be fine." Moblit said, smiling at her. He didn't want to imagine what Petra would do if her father disliked him. He could take a guess, but he'd rather not worry about that until the time came.

Moblit glanced around, sighing softly. "Come on. We should be close to one of the storage buildings." Moblit said.

We are the ones who will never be broken
With our final breath
We'll fight to the death

Re: Serious Tea Talk (Post Utopia/OPEN)
« Reply #124 on: Today at 07:42:04 AM »
 Petra laughed at that. "I am glad to hear it, be a bit awkward if you didn't." She returned his smile. The pair of them probably had a lot more important matters to deal with than hair colours and such other luxuries. Petra was content to let such problems be the concerns of those who dwelt behind Wall Sina. Let the rich and the elite worry over such things, fighting Titans and keeping both her, the Levi Squad and Moblit alive were far more important matters.

"It will." Petra said with a smile, hoping he could not see through it. She wanted her dad to like him, needed her father to like him... But what if he did not like Moblit? The worry gnawed at her gut and she could not push away the anxiety it bred in her. If her dad disliked Moblit would he even want to be with her anymore? Especially since he knew the close bond she shared with her father. It was enough to send a chill through her.
But Moblit would not do that would he? Her father and her boyfriend would get along great and everyone was going to be happy. She hoped.

"Yeah then we can ODM our way to breakfast." Petra said before suddenly breaking into a run. "Race you!" She called back to him as she dashed off. « Last Edit: Today at 12:20:06 PM by Petra Ral »

Re: Serious Tea Talk (Post Utopia/OPEN)
« Reply #125 on: Today at 10:34:16 AM »
Moblit smiled at her laugh and glanced down. "Well, if you enjoy hearing things I like about you, then you have the most beautiful laugh I've ever heard." He murmured softly. More then anything he just enjoyed complimenting her. She was perfect, and he wanted her to realize that. To him at least. He had no idea what others thought of her, but...Well she must have been beautiful to others as well. Especially since he had to worry about men with ill intentions trying to get close to her.

Moblit glanced back towards Petra when she spoke up again. He reflected her smile, though he knew deep down she was just as anxious as he was. He hoped everything went well, but time would only tell. He moved a bit closer to Petra, leaning over to kiss her cheek before standing upright again. "Yeah, it'll go well. I'm sure I'll love your old man." he said. He had no doubt he was great since he was the one who raised Petra. And she idolized him, so he couldn't be horrible.

Moblit's eyes widened when she suddenly sprinted off. He was all for fun and games, but he was more worried about her tripping over something or someone and end up getting injured. He shook his head and started to take off after her, attempting to catch up.

We are the ones who will never be broken
With our final breath
We'll fight to the death


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