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Author Topic: Assault on Utopia  (Read 1256 times)

Assault on Utopia
« on: December 31, 2017, 12:23:43 AM »

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August, Year 847


Utopia District, Wall Rose


Cadet - Civilian - Garrison - Military Police - Noble - Survey Corps - Training Corps


The unthinkable has happened.  Shortly before midday, on a warm August morning, a man dressed in Garrison garb ascended Wall Rose at Utopia District and entered the barbican.  There, he methodically dispatched the soldiers acting as watchmen, barricaded the door, and engaged the gate mechanism.  The rumble and creak of the rising portcullis was the only warning the citizens had of impending doom.  These details and more have yet to emerge; first and foremost, the region must be defended, its civilians evacuated and the gate closed.  This is a deliberate assault on humanity by humanity and their choice of district is no accident.  Titans most often appear in the south, where they are drawn to the bustle of Trost, or even to Krolva in the west or Karanes in the east.  As the northernmost and arguably safest district, Utopia operates on a skeleton crew and has minimal military presence.  Yet, as witnesses to the disaster will later attest, there appear to be an unnatural and unexpected number of Titans pouring into the settlement.

As flares paint the sky and calls for aid are sent out along Wall Rose, it must fall to those few stationed in the district to act as the first line of defence, until support arrives.  Just a few miles from Utopia’s inner gate stands the Training Corps barracks, where the cadets are enjoying the last few days before their graduation.  Today, they will be mobilised, and asked to offer their hearts to humanity.



The City of the Dead (ARCHIVED/COMPLETE)
Team One: Civilian Evacuation (COMPLETE)
(Team One: Civilian Evacuation [Distraction])
(Team One: Civilian Evacuation [Gate House])
Team Two: Supply Runners (COMPLETE)
Team Three: Support Offensive
Team Three: Support Offensive
Team Four: Lead Offensive (ARCHIVED/COMPLETE)
Team Five: Battlefield Medics
Thundering Hooves [Commander Pixis, Anka, Gustav] (COMPLETE)
Team Six: Garrison Regiment
Team Seven: Survey Corps
Team Eight: Battlefield Medics 2
Team Nine: Fire Fighters
Team Ten: Survey Corps [Spearhead]
Team Eleven: Survey Corps [Flanking Manoeuvre]
Team Twelve: Mixed Division [Bottleneck]
Team Thirteen: Supply Runners 2
Team Fourteen: Civilian Evacuation
Team Fifteen: Support Offensive 2
Team Sixteen: Survey Corps [Flanking Manoeuvre 2]
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