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Author Topic: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)  (Read 560 times)

Re: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)
« Reply #15 on: October 10, 2020, 10:25:50 PM »
Floch had stopped as well when Miri had stopped to look at him. He stared in silence as she spoke, unable to form a response. She really believed his actions were brave? He truly didn't think he was, but he could tell she was trying her hardest to make him think otherwise. And seeing her smile, he didn't have the heart to say she was wrong.

Floch eyes had widened slightly, and he seemed completely lost for words. That had been the first time in his life he had ever heard that what had happened wasn't his fault. He hesitated, unsure of what to say to her. He shifted his gaze away from her, a small lump having formed in his throat. That had meant a lot to him to hear.

He glanced back at her, frowning softly. "Miri, that's not necessary." He said after a moment. He didn't want to put her out by having to take him somewhere nice. She had already done a lot for him. "Or..at least let me pay as thanks." he murmured.

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All he once embraced
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Re: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)
« Reply #16 on: October 11, 2020, 09:13:40 PM »
Poor guy, Miri thought to herself as she watched Floch. He just needed someone to believe in him. Give him some support. Miri was not a mom - but she had been helping raise her niece since Tabby was a baby - and so Miri thought she had some idea what a kid needed. And Floch was, despite the uniform, still really just a kid.

"Miri, that's not necessary."

She shrugged, "Probably not. But it's nice and that is what I'm going for right now. I think we both need a little nice right now." Miri smiled at Floch as she made her way towards the door that led out to the street - taking a moment to point out that the old building had a few entrances and exits. This was the one to use if he wanted to head to the marketplace.

"Or..at least let me pay as thanks."

"Not this time. Think of it as a welcome to the Garrison gift," Miri said as she made her way over the cobblestones. Mitabi had bought her a meatpie and beer when she was placed into the Elites. This was just her paying it forward.

The mood was still heavy. New of Utopia was very much the talk of the district and many people were scared. If Utopia could be breached...why not Trost?

There was a line when Miri found the food cart. It would be a bit of a wait. "So how was training for you?" Miri asked as she took her place behind a couple of other Garrison soldiers. "Favorite class?" She figured Floch maybe did not want to talk anymore about his family and training seemed to be a good topic.

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”

Re: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)
« Reply #17 on: October 11, 2020, 10:13:43 PM »
Floch had been grateful Miri had left it at that. But he felt like he could confide in her if he ever had to talk to someone again. He reflected the small smile she gave him. It was strange how those few words helped him feel a lot better, but it felt like a weight had been lifted off of his chest. And he was grateful to her for helping him.

At her shrug, he glanced down for a moment before looking up at her again. If she truly didn't mind, why make a big fuss? He just didn't want to pull her away from her duties if she had things to do. At her refusal to let him pay, he hesitated a bit. He didn't feel right in letting her pay for everything. Maybe he could secretly slip her some money afterwards? Either that or find some other way to repay her.

"I..thank you then, Miri." He said, a soft smile tugging at his lips as he followed alongside her.  Once outside of the building, Floch took in their surroundings. All in all, it was a nice location. It seemed well placed in the district, and was relatively close to the marketplace.

Floch had seemed to pick up on the mood of the city. He was sure the residents here were anxious. And they had every right to be. As long as that Colossal titan was around to kick down the walls, it really did seem only like a matter of time before this place fell as well. He had wanted to avoid thinking of such matters though. They already lost a great deal of people. They didn't need another crisis so soon.

When the two had stopped in line, he heard Miri start to ask more questions. He was silent for a moment. Favorite class? "Training was difficult. But I'm sure it has to be for all our sakes." Floch said. If it wasn't tough, it wouldn't shape up anyone to become a soldier. "I didn't really have a favorite. They were all pretty much the same for me." Floch said. Not that he ever did well in any of them. He was placed pretty low upon graduation. 

He is so faithless
All he once embraced
He now disowns

Re: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)
« Reply #18 on: October 12, 2020, 08:49:25 PM »
"I..thank you then, Miri."

"You are very welcome. The mess hall...I mean the food is fine. But sometimes you just need to treat yourself." She nodded and her blonde hair flew around her enough that she had to pull a strand out of her mouth. "Bleh."

While they waited, Miri told Floch about a few other stalls and carts that could be of use to him. The used bookseller was almost always busy, there was a tea stall that had a few tables where people could sit around and chat, and a small soap seller that Miri swore you could smell from streets away.

"Training was difficult. But I'm sure it has to be for all our sakes."

"Have to toughen us up," Miri agreed. Training had been okay for her. She was not the best cadet - but she had done alright. Like many, Miri had come more into her own and developed what skills she did have after training.

"I didn't really have a favorite. They were all pretty much the same for me."

"I can see that. They all ran together sometimes." It was Miri's turn at the window and she quickly ordered two meat pies and two mugs of cider. She paid quickly and handed Floch the two mugs of cider while she carried the pies. She gestured for Floch to have a seat on a bench off to the side and she set the pies between them - handing him a fork. "Dig in."

"I think my favorite class was 3DM training," Miri said as she took a bite. The pie was hot and she quickly took a sip of cider. The first few times she had used her gear, she had felt was a very clumsy bird. She'd gotten the hang of it reasonably fast - never terribly elegant - but it had been great fun. "It seems so long ago now. For me. Because I'm old." She laughed and took another bite of the pie.

"So Floch...what are some other uhm...goals you have?" Miri asked. She did find Floch interesting and wanted to get to know the younger Garrison member better.  Without bringing up his family. « Last Edit: October 12, 2020, 08:56:09 PM by Miriam Gracey »

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”

Re: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)
« Reply #19 on: October 13, 2020, 12:18:08 AM »
Floch tilted his head slightly. He could understand wanting to treat yourself after a long day of work or dealing with something stressful. It was kind of her to do so though, and he was grateful to get out for a while.

Floch glanced around once they were at the food cart, listening as Miri listed off a few other stalls around here. A faint chuckle left him. Miri seemed quite knowledgable about the market area for being busy all the time to really explore. Maybe she spent all her time here when she had an off day.

Floch nodded in agreement with her. Of course they had to toughen up for the military. But he really didn't feel like he was any better then the first day he joined training. Maybe after being on the job for a while he'd improve. He glanced over when she handed him the drinks. He took them and followed her over to a bench, taking a seat. He handed her the drink and smiled.

"Thanks." He murmured, taking the fork she handed him. He started to take a few small bites, listening as she spoke about her time as a cadet. He had a soft smile on his lips as she spoke, but his smile faded softly, shifting his gaze over to her. "Come on, Miri. You're not old." He said. Then again, he really didn't know her age. But she didn't look old at least.

Floch was quiet at her next question. His goals? He really didn't have any goals. He never thought of his future. "I...I don't know, really." Floch admitted after a moment with a slight shrug. He had thought maybe starting his own family one day would be nice. But he wasn't all too sure about that now. "I always thought it would be nice to start a family one day." he said after a moment, lightly poking the fork at the food he was holding. "I'm just scared I'll end up turning into my own parents and end up harming anyone who gets close to me." He whispered.

He is so faithless
All he once embraced
He now disowns

Re: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)
« Reply #20 on: October 13, 2020, 03:39:31 PM »
"I like to come here on my down time," Miri said through a mouthful of food. She gestured around them, "Even if I'm not shopping, it's nice to walk around and people watch."

"If I'm watching my niece, she likes to go and see the puppets," Miri added. Tabby really did love seeing the puppet shows. Miri liked them as well. There were silly little shows - with the puppets singing funny songs and bopping each other with sticks. Miri always got a laugh out of them.

"Come on, Miri. You're not old."

"Eh. I'm twenty-six." Miri knew that was not old - but she had to have about ten years on Floch and about ten years in the Military - not counting her training years. And after fighting in Utopia, Miri just felt like she had aged about fifteen years in the last week or so. She supposed many people felt the same way.

"I...I don't know, really. I always thought it would be nice to start a family one day."

"That's a nice goal to have," Miri said with a nod. "Lots of Garrison members have families." That was true. While not as cushy as the Military Police, life for most Garrison members was - until recently - fairly safe. She had one of the more dangerous jobs as a member of Mitabi Jarnach's team and even then - she had never even been injured until they were called to fight in Utupia.

"I'm just scared I'll end up turning into my own parents and end up harming anyone who gets close to me."

Miri thought for a moment. She did not consider herself a particularly smart or well spoken person - but she did try to think things through and put effort into doing the right thing. "I guess that is all a choice in the end. Your old man made the choice to hurt people. You need to make different choices. I guess." Miri hoped she was saying the right thing. "It seems to me that you're way ahead of your pops. You know he was bad and you want to be good. That is like...a good start." « Last Edit: October 14, 2020, 03:00:09 AM by Miriam Gracey »

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”

Re: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)
« Reply #21 on: October 14, 2020, 02:53:08 PM »
Floch continued eating slowly as he listened to her. A soft smile tugged at his lips when she spoke of her niece. It sounded like she had a close knit family. That was good, he was happy for her. "How old is your niece?" He asked curiously, looking over at her.

Floch had to chuckled softly at that and shook his head a bit. "Twenty-six?" He asked softly. That really wasn't old at all. "I'm sure you've got plenty of years left." He said and glanced back down at his food. He hoped everyone in the Garrison did. They were all relatively safe compared to the Scouts. But seeing as what had happened in Utopia could happen anywhere, perhaps they weren't as safe as they were a few years ago.

Floch listened silently as she spoke about him being better then his parents. It was true, he wanted to be better then his parents. And while he wasn't the greatest person out there, he was certainly trying to shape up to be a better man. He just hoped he could remain that way.

"Thank you." He murmured quietly. He hesitated a bit, glancing back towards Miri. "Is there anything you want or need that I can get you as thanks for taking me out for lunch?" He asked.

He is so faithless
All he once embraced
He now disowns

Re: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)
« Reply #22 on: October 14, 2020, 03:54:36 PM »
"Tabby is eight," Miri said after thinking a moment. "Eight going on twenty," she added with a soft laugh. Tabby had more on the ball than many adults Miri knew. Hell, the little girl sometimes called Miri on her nonsense.

"Twenty-six? I'm sure you've got plenty of years left."

"Hope so!" Miri really hoped she did. But nothing was ever promised. How many people younger than her had died defending Utopia? She had seen plenty of dead cadets during her few days in morgue. Plenty of dead children. And next year Miri would be the same age her sister in law was when she and Miri's brother were killed in the block fire. "You're what...fifteen...sixteen?"

"Thank you.Is there anything you want or need that I can get you as thanks for taking me out for lunch?"

Miri smiled and laughed, "No way. Just do your best and pay it forward." She gulped the rest of her drink before adding, "The Garrison protects the Walls or whatever - but we are also here to help the people. So help people when you can."

She looked around at the people bustling around, "And remember you're not your old man. You'll make different choices and just...like...not be a sack of shit like him."

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”

Re: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)
« Reply #23 on: October 17, 2020, 01:24:23 PM »
Floch smiled and chuckled softly. "Eight? Growing up fast then." He said with a soft smile. While he didn't have any nieces or nephews or even kids of his own, he knew children grew up fast. Almost too quickly for some. His years as a child seemed to drag on, but he couldn't be happier finally being a teenager and being out of his house.

Floch rose an eyebrow, offering a smile. She hoped so? There was no need to hope. He was confident she would survive for years to come. She had managed to do so for this long, right? She had experience where his classmates and younger recruits lacked. She would be fine. At her question, he gave a small nod. "I'm sixteen, ma'am." he murmured softly.  He would be seventeen in a few months.

Floch listened as she spoke, giving a small nod. Right, he could do that. It was his job to keep the people safe. So why not help them when he had the free time? He'd have to start doing that more often.

Floch glanced around, watching as people went on their way around the small marketplace. He blinked, looking back down at the food. "That's the hope." He murmured. He wasn't his father, and so far he'd been doing well. Sure, there were moments where he's acted insensitive towards others, mostly because he has little to no filter when it comes to speaking his mind. But he had always apologized when he overstepped or noticed he had made someone upset or uncomfortable.

He is so faithless
All he once embraced
He now disowns

Re: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)
« Reply #24 on: October 17, 2020, 08:43:18 PM »
"She really is! I remember when she was just a baby and now...eight years old. It's something else!" She shook her head and laughed. "Time flies." She thought about asking Floch if he had any little kids in his family, but then stopped herself. Don't talk about his family.

"I'm sixteen, ma'am."

By the Walls. Just a kid. Sixteen seemed so long ago to Miri."Not making me feel any younger by calling me ma'am there Floch. Always just Miri."  Some people were really formal. Really hung up on rank. While she did outrank Floch - really who cared right right now? And if they were ever in battle together, Miri could not really see caring if he called her by her actual rank or other formality.

"That's the hope."

"You'll do great. Whatever you do. I think you'll do great." Miri finished off her pie and stood up, stretching. She'd probably kept Floch long enough. She did not want him to get into any sort of trouble. Time to let him go.

Miri walked Floch back to the main entrance of HQ, the large doors that opened into the main lobby. It was the easiest place to navigate from. "Well thanks for having lunch with me pal. I liked talking to you. If I'm not on duty, I live in the barracks across from HQ. Across the road not across the courtyard." While many of Garrison members had their own homes - there were plenty who made the choice to live in military provided housing. Officer got to live in a nicer and newer building across the courtyard. Rank and file were housed in an older building across the road from the HQ.

"So if you need anything, just track me down." She started to go in for another hug, but stopped herself and extended her hand, "It was great meeting you! See you around Floch!" She gave a little wave and then turned and joined the crowd.

Meeting Floch had really lifted Miri's spirits. It was great to meet some new Garrison members - especially after so many had been lost. And she had meant it. Floch would do great. Miri was sure of it.

OOC: I'll call this wrapped on my end. Thanks for writing with me! I enjoyed seeing your Floch in action!

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”

Re: New Meets Old...Well...Older (Miri/Floch)
« Reply #25 on: October 17, 2020, 10:51:15 PM »
(OOC: Of course Quiet, no problem! If you wish to have another thread with Floch in the future, feel free to let me know.)

Floch smiled warmly as Miri spoke of her niece. She sounded like a handful, but that was the joy of having kids around right? They were a joy to many. Maybe one day he'd experience raising a child. But for now he was content just serving in the military. "It does." He murmured in agreement.

Floch chuckled and gave a nod. "Sorry, Miri." He murmured softly. He had been used to being formal around his superiors. But Miri seemed pretty laid back compared to most others he's met so far. Still, even if she didn't mind him using her name instead, he still wanted to be respectful to her.

Floch had fallen silent after that, finishing up the food Miri had given him. When the two had finished, he stood up, following the other back to the HQ. He glanced at her, a small confused look showing on his face. She actually enjoyed his company? He rose a hand, gently rubbing the back of his neck with slight embarrassment.

"Well, thank you. I enjoyed talking with you as well." Floch murmured. He listened as she gave him directions for where she stayed when off duty. It seemed a bit strange to him, but it could come in handy one day should he ever need help.

Floch had stilled a bit when she moved closer to him. He examined her carefully, noticing she had been going for a hug before stopping herself and simply offered him a hand. He released a quiet breath before moving closer to her, giving her a quick hug. He didn't want to offend her by always rejecting any sort of physical contact. Besides, he trusted her. He could offer her this simple interaction.

He had only hugged her for a brief moment, but it had been enough. He pulled away after a moment and returned the small wave, smiling a bit. "Yeah, see you Miri." He said. He watched as she disappeared into the crowd of people. He then turned as well, heading back into the HQ.

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