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Author Topic: Fergus Hardt  (Read 67 times)

Fergus Hardt
« on: October 16, 2020, 10:51:07 PM »

NAME: Fergus Hardt
PLACE OF BIRTH: Krolva District
MEMBER GROUP: Instructor Corps - Survival Skills
FACE CLAIM: Ruth - Ancient Magus Bride

APPEARANCE: Fergus is a man of average height with a lanky build. He had wavy dark brown hair that he keeps to about his chin, brown eyes, and a stern face that matches his outwardly serious personality.

PERSONALITY: When instructing or working with students, Fergus is always very stern and serious. His class really is a matter of life and death. Fergus takes it very seriously that he has to prepare the cadets to survive in all sorts of situations and conditions. He does not tolerate cheek, lateness, intentional foolishness, and he is never merciful when it comes to punishment.

Out of the classroom, Fergus is a pretty nice guy. He's a regular at a few local taverns, likes to shoot the breeze with fellow instructors and other military members, enjoys card games, and has a fondness for food. This man can eat.

- Competent in most forms of combat. Same for 3DM gear and horsemanship.
- Is a genuinely good teacher. A hardass - but a good teacher.
- Has a good poker face/skilled at cards.
- Is receptive to constructive criticism.

- While he is a good teacher, he may push kids too hard at times. He normally catches himself and pulls back. Not always though.
- Food. His metabolism is going to slow down at some point. It will be a problem eventually.
- Beyond his role as an istructor, Fergus does not have much drive. He never thought of really doing anything with his life beyond becoming an instructor and is stuck. And is really not aware of how stuck he is.

- Not much. He's made his goal of being an instructor and he's pretty content where he is.
- Help his students reach their full potential. Or at least not die.
- Be as big a help as he can in the fight against the Titans.
- Not die. 

- The casualty list. He reads the casualty lists every time they come out and writes down every person that he taught.
- The Titans winning.
- Fergus does not have a ton of good memories of home and just tries to avoid talking about his family. You'll never get him to go home.
- Death. He's not a coward and he knows it may happen but he will kick and scratch and bite and do everything he can to not let it.

If there had not been so many children, the Hardt family would have been comfortably lower middle class. But with nine mouths to feed, they really just scrapped by most of the time. Fergus never had new clothes, his own bed to sleep in, enough to eat, or anything to really call his own. Over the years, Fergus grew to resent his parents for bringing more children and therefore more hardship into the family. Most families only had three or four kids. Fergus did not understand why his parents had to be different.

Fergus spent as much time out of the house as he could. He loved the outdoors and would go to fields and wooded areas and not come back for days. Over time, Fergus figured out how to start fires, make rough shelters, and other survival skills. There was nothing terribly skilled about what he was doing at the time, but for a kid with no training - they were not bad.

Fergus found a way to make extra coin by doing odd jobs for other people. Cutting wood, mucking stables, anything he could find. He did give some to parents, but always kept enough for himself. He saved the money in a little tin that he buried under a bush in the small yard of his home. Fergus used the money to buy a book on survival skills and then mostly just treats for himself. He loved to eat and would sometimes give himself a stomach ache from just gorging himself on the sweets he bought.

Fergus knew he had to get out and leave all of the hardship behind. Without much other prospect, at thirteen, he enlisted and did not look back when he climbed in the wagon to leave Krolva for training.

Training was something Fergus could do. He was reasonably competent to honestly stellar at many of the classes and really excelled at survival skills. He also become a bit of a protege to the instructor and would often help the other students with their work in class.

Fergus just missed the top ten - but was happy to go into the Garrison. Fergus seriosly considered the Survey Corps, and was actually one of the last cadets to walk away when the Corps was opened up for them to join. But Fergus had decided he wanted to be an instructor - and he was not so sure he'd live long enough in the Corps.

In the Garrison, Fergus was happy to work on the Walls, work with the people, and after shift hit up the local tavern for some ale, dinner, and a game of cards. He was happy with his life for the first time. He had his own money, his own bed, and plenty of food.

Fergus would sometimes be called on to assist the Survival Skills instrcutor, who was getting on in years. That was thrilling to him and he hoped that when the instructor retired, he would recomend Fergus to replace him.

And Fergus was not hoping in vain. His squad leader called him into the office and told him to go to the training grounds to formally accept the position as Survival Skills instructor.

The first year Fergus taught, he was fairly laid back. Until almost a dozen of his students appeared on a casualty list within a few weeks of their graduation. While he understood that most were killed by Titans - he still worried that maybe he did not do enough on his side to prepare them. So he became tougher. Harder on the cadets and harder on himself. If he could make sure that no one would starve to death, freeze, or get totally lost out there, they might have a better chance in general.

It's been a couple of years now and Fergus has mostly hit his stride as a teacher. He knows he still has a good amount to learn, but he is confident in his ability as an instructor and he'e enjoying himself.

Fergus lives alone and happy enough. He does not have much contact with his family. Just letters now and then he will send money on occasion. His parents had two most children after he left for training (11 kids in total) and while he has lost some of the resentment he felt as a child - he still just...is not that interested.

Once a week or so, he will join a group card game and normally does okay. He never bets that much. But he does like the snacks provided.

At this point, Fergus is really not thinking about his future beyond "don't die." If there is any more to life beyond teaching, eating, and relaxing at his local - Fergus has no idea about it.

AGE: 34

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Re: Fergus Hardt
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Ready for review!

Re: Fergus Hardt
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