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Author Topic: Playable Non-Playable Wanteds  (Read 119 times)

Playable Non-Playable Wanteds
« on: November 27, 2020, 08:51:46 PM »
[ NPCs until they're not ]
[ the following characters are NPCs unless you would like to fully app them. Each has a summary beside them so they can be used in plots and squads. ]

Ash Vora
Ash became a member of the king's guard after ten years service in the Military Police as a bodyguard, and ever since has stayed firmly in the capital. Eventually, they were chosen to lead their own phalanx within the king's guard, taking frequent patrols around the palace.
Military Police | King's Guard
Blair Goldfeld
Blair never intended to join the Survey Corps, but she never regretted her decision. She did her best to lighten the mood of others, but in the face of death she remained serious and solemn, never making light of the losses incurred on expeditions. When the Long-Distance Formation was implemented, she was promoted to team leader, in charge of one of the supply squads.
Survey Corps | Carts/Supplies
Casper Katze
Casper often calls themself the Chief Wall Engineer, though this is never repeated by anyone else. Their squad moves around the outer Wall regularly, supervising and aiding Wall repairs and ensuring everything is up to order. They only recently took over as squad leader following the death of their previous leader in 846. Ever since, their enthusiasm for the Walls has been somewhat infectious throughout the territories.
Garrison Regiment | Wall Repairs
Deirdre Finn
The daughter of Lord William Finn, Deirdre was guaranteed a place in the Military Police even if she hadn't achieved the Top 10. She entered the cadet corps young, succeeded beyond expectations, and then promptly took on detective duty in the Military Police Brigade. Now the leader of her own squad, she's known as one of the most cunning of MP detectives, but also a very priviliged one.
Military Police | Detective
Hane Rike
Team leader of Squad Rike, a Survey Corps team of field medics, Hane has over ten years of experience with expeditions and battlefield medicine. She leads eight other Scouts, typically taking on every possible expedition to salvage the injured and rescue the bodies of the dead.
Survey Corps | Field Medic
Harald Becker
Garrison Commander of the Northern Wall Rose Territories (including Utopia District), Harald Becker rose the ranks gradually. Once one of the Elite Squad Leaders of the Northern Wall Rose Territories, he took over from his previous superior and has since done his best to handle all issues brought to him. Like most commanders, he has his own (small) team of Garrison soldiers tasked with more administrative work, though in an emergency the squad will tackle issues and form plans together in active duty.
Garrison Regiment | Commander
Harrison Wright
Others would say Harrison was lucky. He grew up in the underground city, only to be sold by his family into the cadet corps aboveground, hoping he'd have a fresh start at life. Harrison didn't see it the same way, especially when, after qualifying for the Military Police, he was sent back underground to police the streets he'd grown up on. Now a team leader, he hasn't managed to convince his superiors to take him out yet.
Military Police | Underground Control
Luca Schwartz
Team leader of a Survey Corps' rear guard squad, Luca is well aware of the risks that their team takes, and each fallen member is honoured rightfully, whether or not they're able to recover their bodies. Luca takes their job seriously but with a vague flair; when they're not working, they can be found trying on different styles, though prizes a silk neck scarf from an old, lost lover.
Survey Corps | Rear Guard
Mila Koller
In another life, Mila would have been a hunter. Adept with firearms and then artillery, it was no surprise that she'd be assigned to one of Wall Maria's cannon teams. Then came the order to go to Wall Rose, her team in tatters after uncovering corruption by the squad leader. She joined another cannon team in Trost, and ended up fighting after the Fall of Wall Maria. With so much going on, she was promoted to squad leader and sent to Krolva District with a group of Garrison refugees.
Garrison Regiment | Cannons
Oliver Kostra
Oliver Kostra seemed to come out of nowhere. From a street rat in Trost District to in the Top 10 of the 94th Cadet Corps Southern Division, he made a strong impression on those he met along the way. It wasn't surprising that he was promoted to lead his own team, tasked with tax collection and bailiff duty across Mitras.
Military Police | Tax Collector
Richard Osami
Richard Osami rejected everything to do with Wall Sina, except for the fashion. On entering the Survey Corps, he didn't seem to make a particular impression on anyone, not until he was surprisingly picked as squad leader. Teamwork is what he finds most important, and loss doesn't seem to affect him as much as others. As leader of a support team in the Long-Distance Formation, he's become very familiar with losing his soldiers.
Survey Corps | Support
Sage Miller
Sage had meant to join the Military Police, but being one rank short left only one choice: the Garrison. She didn't have the connections that would allow her entrance regardless. Instead, she was sent back to her home district and set on the streets to uphold law and order. Following the Fall of Wall Maria, she was made team leader of a special squad in Karanes to handle refugees, helping them settle in and handling everything to do with them.
Garrison Regiment | Refugee Guide

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