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Author Topic: Jarek Valdeze  (Read 1321 times)

Jarek Valdeze
« on: January 07, 2018, 11:22:19 AM »

NAME:  Jarek Valdeze
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  2nd of December, Year 813 (32 years old)
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Ehrmich District, Wall Sina
FACE CLAIM:  Guren Ichinose from Owari no Seraph


Tall and toned, Jarek’s build is athletic without being thick with muscle, and he stands at a respectable 6’1”.  Hair as dark as raven feathers falls around his ears, neat but never quite tamed.  In face he is both youthful and angular, his features speaking of his noble blood even if his garb - dazzling, sumptuous, militaresque, meticulously stitched - did not so blatantly point to the calibre of the crimson which flows through his veins.  His eyes are of a violet-grey hue, they sparkle with intelligence, constantly weighing and measuring.


Much of Jarek’s personality is shaped by his seemingly unshakeable sense of honour and duty to the people of Paradis.  However, the noble’s moral compass can be changeable and, just as Jarek is capable of manipulating others, so too can he convince himself of his own lies.  It is possible for him to believe he is acting in the interests of others when, truly, he is only serving himself.  Having been raised to be well-mannered and polite, to respect his elders and his superiors, he is a civil and subservient individual, but less flattering is his recklessness and tendency towards impatience.

Confident in himself, Jarek borders on being cocksure.  He revels in social gatherings, in rubbing shoulders with the wealthy and the powerful, and he networks with ease.  Indeed, being more than comfortable in his own skin, he will shamelessly use his appearance, charm and good manners to beguile and manipulate.  Over the years, he has been able to get his way much of the time and generally manages to extricate himself from trouble.  Part of this inherent persuasiveness - and rather entitled disposition - stems from his parents having denied him and his siblings very little.  Where he is considerate of close friends and family, Jarek can be frivolous with the feelings of romantic partners who invest too much of their time and heart in him. 

As a man who was forced to grow up before his time, and who has lived in an affluent lifestyle hindered by a largely dysfunctional and flawed family, he is an uncomfortable blend of adult seriousness mixed with childlike ideals.  He still has a lot of growing up to do, though the shape of the noble, intelligent and aspirational man he will become is already evident.


• Charming
• Deceptive
• Driven
• Intelligent
• Manipulative
• Self-motivated


• Grudge-bearing
• Impulsive
• Ostentatious
• Reckless
• Spoiled
• Tunnel-visioned


• To serve a higher cause and secure his place in history.
• To continue his parents’ ambition of ensuring that the most desirable and influential positions of power in Paradis are held by those of their bloodline.


• His family losing their wealth, power or position. 
• Siring children outside of marriage, though this distant anxiety does little to curb his promiscuous tendencies.
• That somehow, someday, he will disappoint those he seeks to impress. 
• That he will find himself rooted in one place, living the bland and unfulfilling (in his opinion) life of an unremarkable noble.


To simply say Jarek was born with a silver spoon in his mouth would be a gross underestimation of his family’s wealth.  He is the seventh of eleven children, born to the renowned and powerful Valdeze bloodline, who reside in a sprawling estate near Ehrmich District.  His father, Laurel, inherited a vast fortune from his father before him, and to this day continues to add to amass coin through a network of mines, a workforce of borderline impoverished men, women and children retrieving ore and precious metals from beneath the earth’s surface.  These extractions are then refined and sold to the military.

Jarek’s childhood was strict, though he wanted for nothing in material terms, and each of the Valdeze children were expected to excel in their chosen fields of study and recreation.  Jarek favoured swordplay, competing in fencing events from a very young age, dabbled in music and blazed through books with an obvious and insatiable hunger for knowledge.  With each of the children and their parents so preoccupied, the family very often only came together at mealtimes or in the evenings.  Still, the notion that they were a unit, who must work together to guarantee their shared security, who must strive to protect and nurture the Valdeze position of power, was instilled in the vast brood from birth.

There is a them and there is an us.

All of the children were privately educated, and all of them - daughters included - would go on to attend university.  Jarek opted to study at the college of his home district, focusing on Literature.  During this time he garnered the admiration of his tutors, improved as a swordsman and came to the startling realisation, that although he had always done what was expected or asked of him, that although he was driven and bright and committed, he lacked direction.  This listlessness was not cured even when, after graduation, he purchased one of the most highly-circulated newspapers of Wall Sina and invested in additional printing presses.

Fortunately, his sense of freefall was only to last a short time.

AGE:  28

« Last Edit: January 15, 2020, 11:20:28 PM by Jarek Valdeze »

Re: Jarek Valdeze
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2018, 12:23:32 AM »
I do believe this boy is ready for review, gosh.

Re: Jarek Valdeze
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2018, 12:57:54 AM »


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