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Author Topic: Hunger makes monsters of us all. [Nanaba]  (Read 1544 times)

Hunger makes monsters of us all. [Nanaba]
« on: January 18, 2018, 02:39:37 AM »

The boy, scarcely looking his tender age of twelve, grasped the basket to his chest. A loose cloth hid the bread beneath it. The hungry eyes of those who had lost their home eyed him as he passed, knowing what should be under there, most too proud to demand, others knowing to be fair. Sometimes, he caught people trying to slip their hand into his basket, though he could usually pull away with little difficulty and try another route.

It was only when they were truly struggling for help that Axel was even allowed to help with such tasks, and soon he would no longer play bread-delivery-boy. It would be a relief to escape the duty, considering the distress of meeting hungry, lost gazes. He wanted to help, so much, but he couldn't. Everything had to be fair. Some days it made him want to scream, others he wished he could stay home and help further. But ultimately, he knew he couldn't help any more here.

As his eyes locked onto another child's haunted face, he almost froze. What if that became him one day? The distraction was enough to set him off-path, bumping into an adult standing in the road. Axel fell, dropping the basket and spilling the loaves of bread. In no time at all, hands snatched at the food. "Stop! Wait!" he cried out, scrambling to his feet and managing to recover only a few loaves, stuffing them into the basket and tightening the sheet over them.

Next to him, an argument had broken out between two of the thieving adults, their arms weighed with multiple loaves - one had apparently grabbed one the other had intended to pick up, or something like that, from what he could hear over the noise. "Neither of you should have any of that," the boy said, clutching his basket and trying, in vain, to squeeze between the two to break them up - and hopefully get back the food. They looked ready to come to blows, and desperation made him bolder, jumping up and down and yelling, "Stop it! Stop before--"

He was cut off as an elbow nudged him sharply to the side, out of the way as the food was dropped in favour of raising fists.

Re: Hunger makes monsters of us all. [Nanaba]
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2018, 06:29:02 AM »
Nanaba let out a sigh as she walked her assigned route. Being apart of the Scout Regiment, rarely was she assigned duty, but recent events required all hands on deck. The wound delivered upon humanity by the fall of Wall Maria was still fresh, which pressed everyone to their limits: Nanaba included. The scouts had been out several times in attempts to find those who were still unable to escape to the safety of Wall Rose, but with streets flooded with more refugees than the wall could actually handle, tensions were high. As a result, those who were not currently on a scouting mission were assigned to aid the Garrison in keeping the peace between the refugees and residents of Wall Rose. 

Eyes as sharp as a hawk's scanned the crowd watching for anything that might seem out of the ordinary. Hearing the commotion before seeing it, Nanaba spun on her heel towards the direction of a young, distressed voice. Facing scene that one only witnesses in desperate times, she headed towards the boy with long and purposeful steps, hoping to reach him before the adults, whose humanity had vanished from their eyes, starting throwing punches.

Without a partner to help break up the fight, and not wanting to use unnecessary force on those who were temporarily blinded by the hunger, she chose to a take a risk and attempt to break up the fight by getting in between the two. "I've got this kid." Silently thanking her height, which compared to that of the brawlers, Nanaba used her hands planted firmly upon the chests of adults and pushed them away from each other, while keeping her shoulders high to help block any fists that may come her way.

"Enough!" She shouted a warning, which went unheeded. When a fist nearly found the side of her face, Nanaba was done playing nice. Swiftly moving her hands from the chest of the brawlers, she took advantage of their forward momentum to move her hands to the back of their heads and forcing them to bang together with a thud. "Find your senses and sit down."  Her voice was stern and filled with a promise of more pain to come if they did not do what she asked.

Tense waiting to see if she managed to knock sense back into them or if they would turn on her, Nanaba spoke to the boy, without taking her attention off the two adults who now held their heads, groans of pain coming each of them.

"You ok kid?"


Re: Hunger makes monsters of us all. [Nanaba]
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2018, 06:16:53 PM »
Staggering to the side, his shoulder aching from the impact of the elbow, Axel clutched at his arm as he ducked out of the way of another clumsy fist. They weren't exactly professionals at fighting, going by their form, but strength was another matter entirely. Thankfully, somebody had come to the rescue - he saw the uniform, and at first assumed it was one of the Garrison soldiers he'd seen lurking around the day before, before he noticed the Wings of Freedom.

Eyes wide, he watched as the soldier planted her hands on the chest of each man, separating them from one another. It did little to stop the fight, as another punch was thrown. He was ready to wince for her, noticing how close it was to her head, and then she moved quickly, allowing them to hit heads together. No. Her hands were guiding them - she'd made sure they'd hit heads.

When she turned to him, the brunet stammered out, "Y-yes. Thank you!" As much as he had hoped a soldier might step in, he had not expected one from the Survey Corps. His eyes shone as he gazed up at her, not just his hero in this, but as a heroic Scout too. "They really got shown there!" he commented, bowing his head respectfully to her.

Since the two men didn't seem likely to grab at him, he darted forwards, snatching at some of the bread that might be salvageable. He didn't want to collect anything that might hurt anybody, and while a few ruined loaves was disappointing, at least somebody would get fed by them... not that he wanted to reward those who had fought so viciously over him for them. While he was contemplating this, he caught movement out of the corner of his eye.

One of the brawlers, seemingly feigning that he was still hurt, had shifted his body, tensing, preparing to lash out. Axel started backing up, ignoring the throbbing in his shoulder as he held the collected bread to his chest, not sure if the man was targeting him or the Scout. Then the hand darted out, fingers snatching at his trouser leg.

"Think you're so smart, huh?" the man growled towards Nanaba.

Not wanting to be dragged off-balance, while also wanting to get away without ruining more food, the boy realised he couldn't back off without falling over, but he couldn't well stand there either. So with his left foot planted down, the trouser leg taut as fingers clutched at it, he lashed out with his right foot to stamp on the fingers.

"Look 'ere, you--" the man was speaking when a yelp interrupted the rest of his words as his fingers slipped from the trouser leg and squashed against the floor. His companion, meanwhile, was taking advantage of the distraction to launch himself at the Scout.

Re: Hunger makes monsters of us all. [Nanaba]
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2018, 11:04:41 PM »
"They really got shown there!" 

A smile pulled ever so slightly at the corners of her lips. It was refreshing, his enthusiasm that was. The Scouts had many critics, and at times it could be taxing. Nanaba supposed all Scouts were formed of a similar thread  - the burning thread of desire secure humankind’s future weaved into their very bones. The scouts carried something in their hearts that most could not even begin to understand.


Nanaba called, reaching her arm out towards the boy as he dashed out to pick up the rest of the bread that was strewn about on the ground. There was urgency in her voice, as now the boy was throwing himself right back into the wolves' den. And she was outnumbered. This was foreign to her, working amongst the sea of people, the uncertainty of human nature. Not used to dealing with those who were not trained to kill monsters, it was becoming clear that she had come into the situation with the wrong mindset. She had not taken into account the unpredictable nature of humans.

With her attention focused on the boy, she left herself open and vulnerable. The men, who feigned pain or moved through it to seize upon the opportunity, readied themselves to attack. One man lunged at the boy, his fingers finding the leg of his trousers.

"Think you're so smart, huh?"

“Smart enough to know when I have picked a fight I cannot win” She replied matter of factly, her face serious, and brows knitted together in slight frustration and worry. Not wanting to let the kid be held captive any longer, she moved to place herself in between the two, hoping to eliminate any danger posed to the kid. Though in worrying about the kid, Nanaba made a rookie mistake, she had not seen the other man launch himself at her.

Only having enough time to prepare herself to hit the ground, she instinctively brought her arms up to cover her face and allowing her hands to cradle the top of her head. Tucking her chin, Nanaba hit the ground with a thud, which pushed out all the air that she held in her chest. The man, who was now on top of her, wasted no time and in trying to land a punch, but years of training took over, and Nanaba made sure that her face and head remained protected. One, two, three attempts, she found his rhythm as she dropped her left leg in, locking in her assailant's foot so that he could not escape. Then just as there was a pause between punches, she leaned towards him, her left arm reaching out to grab her attackers right arm. She grabbed the wrist, a mistake on her part, which the attacker seized the opportunity as his right elbow came down hard on her left cheek causing Nanaba to let out a hiss.   

Ok, now she was getting annoyed. Adjusting her hold, she tightened her grip on the man’s arm, and in one motion thrust up her body upwards and over, so that she found herself on top of the man. With one leg out, acting as support, she found herself in between the man’s legs, and he, having no training, was vulnerable, and Nanaba to did hesitate to show the man just how weak he was. One fist to the stomach and then as he tried to curl up into himself, she hit him in the groin. The sound that spilled from the man’s lips was almost satisfying.   

For added measure, she repeated the motions. One to his stomach and one to the groin.  Standing, she hovered over the pathetic sight of the man before bending down and taking the man by the shirt. "Try it again, and I will make sure you can't lay with a woman for a long while." The man groaned, and Nanaba, satisfied by his answer, let go of his shirt. 

"Hey, kid?" Nanaba asked as she straightened up and stepped over the man, who curled  himself into a ball, hoping that yelp that she had heard earlier was that of the man and not the boy.

[let me know if anything needs to be changed!]

Re: Hunger makes monsters of us all. [Nanaba]
« Reply #4 on: May 28, 2018, 03:43:57 PM »
Axel sank into battle mode, bitterness in his mouth as he backed one step from the man who had grabbed him, who then nursed his fingers. He hoped he'd broken them, but apparently not. His foot planted on the ground, the boy braced himself as his attacker rose to his feet. He could hear the fight next to him, of the Scout who had come to his rescue dealt with the second man, and for a moment he felt guilty. He'd brought her into this, all because he couldn't deal with two overgrown grunts.

No, that was mean. They were hungry. Everybody was. They just didn't know how to control that hunger. And maybe Axel was being too harsh. He just wanted everybody to stop fighting each other and to help one another. But that wasn't going to happen. Was anybody around them lending a hand? No. Only the Scout had come to his rescue, and only she tried to help him at all even as the man pushed himself to his feet and charged.

Elementary training kicked in; his mother had taught him enough to deal with this kind of clumsy fighting, right? But strength and size. He slid to the side, almost tripped himself, while sticking his foot out. A heavy boot caught his, pulled it uncomfortably back as the bully staggered, a hand (not the one with bruised fingers, to his disappointment, because that would be easy) reached towards him. His shoulder was caught, and Axel tried to move with momentum. It partly worked - the man thought he'd grabbed him enough to tug him over, and the boy dipped down, pushed forwards, and shoved his bony shoulder into his gut.

They tumbled.

The man got hold of him quicker than Axel could get up and away from him. Fingers pinched into his arm, gripped him harshly. Did hunger make a man go blind to his morals? If it wasn't for the Wall falling, this would never have happened. They would not be fighting, and a boy wouldn't be helping hand out rations. No, because he'd be back with the oven, rolling out dough and pinching flour to spread over wood. He wouldn't be fighting because they wouldn't have any reason to fight each other. The monsters would still be outside.

And that gave him enough anger to fuel him. He was too small to lift his opponent, and he wasn't strong enough to pin him down on his own. But he was fast enough to strike at the man's face, surprise his nose, and give himself enough time to lean down and bite him on the hand. Bruised fingers released, leaving one hand to go, and a very angry man practically screaming in his ear. How could he get out? His pale eyes searched the other hand, the wrist, the arm for some kind of way out. Had the Scout stopped fighting? He could hear groaning. He didn't want help, he wanted to get out of it on his own but...

Axel choked as the fist caught his side. It wasn't full-on, he thought, because even a half-starved monster wouldn't full pelt a kid, right? but it was bad enough, winding him. He doubled over, moaning. Too much focus on one hand, not enough on the one he'd just gotten rid of. Trapped. Like a stray dog stealing from the market.

"Hey, kid?"

Trying to take deep breaths, to counter the feeling of breath leaving his lungs and not coming back in, the boy looked past the man - hand wrapped around his arm, the other braced into a fist like he might lash out again - to the Scout. It didn't take much to communicate that he needed help, with the hopelessness flickering in grey eyes.

Re: Hunger makes monsters of us all. [Nanaba]
« Reply #5 on: January 16, 2020, 04:08:23 AM »
That look, those Grey eyes found her own, pleading. He was just a kid, yes, a kid who didn't know when to pick fights and could surprisingly hold their own, but still just a kid. Not many things got Nanaba worked up, but those eyes certainly did. The man that had attacked her was still moaning, his hands cupping his injured manhood. He was most certainly out of commission for the moment, and surely a member of the Garrison would be here soon to intervene, so Nanaba left him wallowing on the ground and swiftly moved towards the kid and man who was enough of an idiot to attack a kid while she was around. 

Moving quickly, despite the pain she felt in her left cheek and aching body, hitting the ground was never pleasant, Nanaba repaid the favor and caught the man in the side with her fist, luckily the man left it exposed as he raised his fist to go in for another punch. "Enough," she said, clearly having had enough of this madness, her voice full of anger and frustration.  She then, taking advantage of his moment of weakness as his body betrayed him, grabbed the attacker's arm and twisted it, putting him in an armlock.  At that moment, Nanaba was glad she had continued to train with hand to hand combat after joining the Survey Corps.  Her breath was heavy as she held the man's arm,  and her face throbbed, but hopefully, this was the end of all stupidity. As if on cue, two members of the Garrison, their boots thudding loudly on the ground, ran up to the scene. About time. 

"I've got the kid. You can deal with those two idiots. Don't worry, I will do the paperwork. " Nanaba motioned to the two men.  "Hey kid, you ok?" Nanaba turned to the boy, offering a hand. "Let me take a look at you."


Re: Hunger makes monsters of us all. [Nanaba]
« Reply #6 on: July 08, 2020, 11:37:45 PM »
She was a blazing star, bright with all the admiration he could pour at her.

Axel squirmed away, nursing his aches and pains as the two Garrison soldiers thudded over. His eyes didn't leave the Scout, in all her excellence in assisting him and pinning back the agitator. Surely he wouldn't have launched into the fight without her there, but a brief moment of thought attacked him. What would he have done without her? How could he possibly have escaped that?

"I'm alright," he insisted, though the breath was clearly strained, and he looked on the urge of panting for more. Doing his utmost best to look better, and stronger, he straightened up fully, standing to attention. Even that made him ache far more. "Are you ok?" It seemed silly, the moment he said it, but he was trying to echo her concern.

He took a deep breath before trying to distract from that childishness. "You were incredible. You fought better than almost all the Garrison Regiment! Thank you." Even that seemed childish, and he cursed himself for it, looking away and wiping dirt from his cheek.


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