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Author Topic: are you fucking sorry?! [Reiner]  (Read 150 times)

are you fucking sorry?! [Reiner]
« on: March 17, 2021, 08:43:26 PM »
[ autumn 846 ]

It had been a very, very long day, and Eren was exhausted.

A long hike had followed breakfast, which had irritated the blisters forming thanks to his new boots (why had he gone up another size now?), which hadn't had time to heal before they'd sent them through a forest obstacle course where he'd banged up and scraped what felt like every single bit of his legs and arms. Bruised and more than a little embarrassed, Eren had hoped for a chance to turtle in his bunk until dinner... only to be called for cleaning duty.

He limped to one of the portacabins where their classrooms were and grabbed a brush to sweep with. That wouldn't be so bad. This way he only had to step every so often, and he could even sit on one of the desks and do it while shuffling his bum along the desks. Easy.

Reiner was the one tasked cleaning with him, and after a brief greeting Eren got to work. His ankles ached like fuck but he kept on, until a particularly vicious build up of... something? gloop? mud? it was probably mud, but it looked weird and shitty. He grit his teeth and kept brushing it back and forth, trying to dislodge it.

What he didn't know was that Reiner was right behind him. When the bristles got stuck, he jerked the broom back hard to get it out. The broom handle hit something behind him and he jumped in surprise as he realised he'd just hit Reiner in the face.

Part of him meant to say "Are you okay?!" and the other part of him wanted to yell "I'm fucking sorry!"

Instead, what came out of the wide-eyed, panicked and regretful cadet was him yelling, "ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY?!"

Re: are you fucking sorry?! [Reiner]
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2021, 09:05:54 PM »
For Reiner, the hike had proved little to no struggle for him. His training back in Marley had helped in building up his endurance. If it weren't for that, he absolutely would have struggled like some of their fellow classmates had. Despite being more adept at it, he had to admit it had tired him out.

He barely had an hour of sleep the night before and he had wanted to lay down to rest. Sadly, that wasn't possible at the moment as he had been assigned to cleaning duty. Fine. Simple enough, it shouldn't take too long considering the fact Eren had been tasked to cleaning with him.

Thankfully they were only tasked with cleaning some of the classrooms. They weren't overly large so it shouldn't take them long if they worked hard at it. After a brief greeting with the boy, he had taken notice of the limp and had made sure Eren was alright before letting him get to work.

Eren had decided he was going to do the sweeping, so Reiner had picked out a cloth to dust with. It'd be easier for him to reach the higher up shelves and such given his height. Eren didn't need to struggle with trying to reach the taller things in the room, as humorous as it would be to watch him try.

Reiner had been walking behind Eren, making his way to the back of the classroom to work his way up. What he didn't expect however was for the handle of the brush to suddenly collide with his face. Reiner let out a sudden groan, half from the sudden stinging pain and half from the shock of it.

He quickly rose a hand, covering his cheek just below his eye where he got hit. Thankfully Eren had just narrowly missed knocking the handle into his eye. That wouldn't have felt great in the slightest. He quickly whipped his head down to face the boy, about to say something but was cut off at Eren's shout.


Reiner's eyes widened as he stared down at the smaller boy, his mouth agape in surprise. "What the fuck did I do?" he asked, clearly stunned at his words. He wasn't the one who had just hit Eren in the face with a damn broom. Clearly it had been nothing more than an accident, but Eren's question was unsettling.

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Re: are you fucking sorry?! [Reiner]
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2021, 09:49:51 PM »
The look Reiner gave him made a flood of regret and horror flow through him - as if it hadn't already been bubbling up at the total what-the-fuck of what he'd just said. Eren's jaw dropped, his eyes widened impossibly big, and he stared at him with a look of complete and utter... idiocy.

It took his brain another moment to catch up and even then he started stammering out incoherent syllables. "I-- wuh-- suh-- oh-- fuh-- buh-- nuh-- faaah??" His lower jaw kept moving but no sound came out for a moment until the rest of him caught up better.

Eren closed his mouth and dropped the broom, his hands shaking slightly as he looked at the older cadet and tried to figure out how the fuck that had happened and what the fuck to do and what the fuck??

"R-r-reiner!" he gasped out. But after that he couldn't get any further. Could Reiner see how apologetic he looked? Well - that was debatable. Half of his expression was of total shock and the rest was a mix of confusion.

Re: are you fucking sorry?! [Reiner]
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2021, 10:01:10 PM »
Reiner took in the boy's look. As annoyed as he had been, it was hard to stay mad at him. He clearly hadn't meant to hit him. Accidents happened after all, and he was fine. If it had been anything serious, he'd still heal of course. He'd just have to make sure it would have been gradual and slow to not draw any suspicion. But thankfully that wasn't the case.

Listening to Eren try and stammer out any coherent sentence only made Reiner sigh at the pitiful sight. He didn't think the guy would get this worked up over a simple mistake. His question in return probably hadn't made Eren feel any better. Perhaps he should have refrained from saying anything to him.

He lowered his hand, taking a step closer to the smaller boy. He soon rose his hand, resting it on his shoulder, gripping it firmly, but not hard enough to cause him any pain. "Eren, relax." he said after a moment, taking note of his shaking hands. The last thing they needed was for Eren to work himself into hysteria. He'd learned quick enough that Eren was sensitive and sometimes quite emotional. Even over little things.

"Relax buddy, it's alright." he murmured, his voice growing more gentle. He was just grateful it was him who was tasked with cleaning and not Annie. If Eren accidentally harmed her, she'd have quickly knocked the boy on his ass. And would no doubt have a few remarks from Bertholdt if he found out she got hurt as well. He wasn't going to make a big deal of it like his friends would have.

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Re: are you fucking sorry?! [Reiner]
« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2021, 11:26:33 PM »
The level of embarrassment he felt far exceeded the ceiling of emotions he should feel. He honestly expected Reiner to put him on his ass and murder him right there for not just hitting him but acting like a complete lunatic afterwards. If there was one person Eren didn't want to mess with, it was Reiner - his muscles were practically as big as Eren's head!

But Reiner was either far more forgiving than he thought or saw what a total dweeb he was being. His eyes stayed wide as Reiner closed in on him, but the touch he felt was definitely not a punch, and it didn't hurt either. He closed his eyes instead, waiting for the flip to the ground or something painful. Definitely not relaxing, despite the cadet's words.

Popping open one eye as Reiner's voice lowered to a comforting rumble, Eren peeked at him cautiously before determining that he was presumably not going to snap his neck. Then he swallowed, his mouth full of sand and his lips stinging like he'd just poured salt over them.

"Reiner, I am-- I am so sorry, I didn't know--" he started, actually managing a few coherent words in a row this time. "And I didn't-- I meant, I meant... are you okay?"

Re: are you fucking sorry?! [Reiner]
« Reply #5 on: March 17, 2021, 11:43:22 PM »
His lips quirked down into a frown for a brief moment at the look Eren gave him. He looked terrified of him. In truth, he had every right to be considering who Reiner was and what he's done. He had no reason to feel hurt by Eren's expression, but a small twinge of hurt still lingered.

He pushed his thoughts away quickly, preferring not to dwell on them. It wouldn't lead to any good outcome if he let something slip. Instead he chose to focus on Eren and make sure he was alright. He ran his thumb along Eren's shoulder in small circles, hoping it consoled him somewhat.

"I'm fine Eren." he replied once the boy had quieted down. A reassuring smile spread on his lips. "It was just more surprising than anything." he explained. He wasn't worried about having been injured.

He chuckled softly, removing his hand from Eren's shoulder. "Who knew you were so good at wielding a broom. You should take that with you during your next hand to hand combat training." he said, a teasing glint in his eyes. He was joking of course, he doubted it would give Eren any advantage. He was just hoping to lighten the mood with a joke.

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Re: are you fucking sorry?! [Reiner]
« Reply #6 on: March 27, 2021, 06:26:22 PM »
He was alright. Phew. And, by the touch on his shoulder, Reiner wasn't planning to murder him for smacking him in the face. Yet, anyway. Unless it was to get his guard down? But nah... Reiner was his friend.

"It was an accident, I swear," he assured him, still apologetic, and more than a little panicked still. Of all the people he could accidentally hit, it was kind, bear-like Reiner. Honestly, he wouldn't be surprised if Reiner got him back for it later in combat. As much as the guy was friendly to him and seemed to look out for him, he was strong. Maybe stronger than Mikasa.

Eren relaxed, finally, at the glint he saw in his eyes. He broke into a grin and then protested, "H-hey!" Looking at the broom, he picked it up and playfully prodded him extremely gently in the abdomen. "Careful. I might take you up on that!" the boy joked, setting the broom against the desk so it wouldn't accidentally end up hitting either of them.

Re: are you fucking sorry?! [Reiner]
« Reply #7 on: March 27, 2021, 07:06:18 PM »
Reiner nodded the once, giving him a reassuring smile. "I know, Eren. It's fine." he said. If it hadn't been an accident, they wouldn't be having this conversation right now. As much as he liked the guy, he would have quickly responded by throwing a punch Eren's way if it was the boy's intention to start some shit between them. Thankfully that wasn't the case. He scoffed a bit and smirked. "I would have been worried about you if you were trying to start a fight. You know I would have kicked your ass." he said. His tone was light and playful, but there was a hint of a warning in there as well.

Reiner chuckled at the protests from Eren. He lightly batted the broom away from him as Eren prodded him in the stomach with it. "You should. I'd love to see you try and take anyone down with it." he said. It would be an amusing sight if nothing else, though Eren would gain nothing from using a broom in combat training.

A mischievous grin broke out on his lips. "Better yet, you should take on Annie using it." he suggested, eyeing the boy. Annie was undefeated so far. Eren didn't stand a chance before, he certainly wouldn't now. Not unless he had been memorizing her moves and had figured out counters to them.

"After all, she was trained in combat without weapons. She wouldn't know what to do if you charged at her with that broom." he teased, lightly ruffling the boy's hair.

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