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Author Topic: Maintenance 101  (Read 1218 times)

Maintenance 101
« on: January 22, 2018, 05:58:40 AM »
First thing in the morning there was to be an inspection and with the afternoon slowly fading to evening,  there was still much to do. If Nanaba learned anything from her first year of training, it is that inspections are just as crucial as classwork if not more important. Fail an inspection, and the wrath of the instructors will come crashing down upon you like a great wave, dooming you to running laps until sunset or worse — toilet duty.

Once her bunk area was cleaned and bed readied so that come morning all she had to was do a quick fix up, Nanaba moved onto ODM gear maintenance.  In the classroom, the instructor stressed maintenance as the ODM gear was the lifeline of a soldier, and if that lifeline failed, death was the usual outcome. Maintenance was something that Nanaba took seriously. Thorough with her work, she always passed inspections with flying colors.  Carrying her gear, Nanaba headed outside to a grassy area under a tree. The barracks were still too busy with cadets cleaning, so the tree was the next choice. The shade would also provide some most welcomed relief from the hot day while giving her space to lay out her gear.

Shifting slightly, to balance the gear and supplies she held in her arm, Nanaba peered up at the sky, the sun’s position giving away that the end of the day was nearing, but sunset would hold out for another hour or so. The blonde haired cadet wondered about the day that all her training would be put to use. The thought alone caused the corners of her mouth to pull upwards into a small smile.

That day couldn’t come soon enough. 

Pushing dreams of the future from her mind, and back to the reality of the here and now,  Nanaba slowed as she approached the spot under the tree that she was going to claim. Plopped on the soft grass was a cadet who Nanaba did not know.  “May I join you?” She asked stopping a few feet shy of the girl.

Re: Maintenance 101
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2018, 06:59:58 PM »
However lucky Laria might be, in possessing as inherent confidence and ability around horses, she had no such advantage when it came to the inspections.

Everything had to be just right: the cadets’ equipment, their appearance and their bunks.  According to rumour, the inspection occasionally crossed the line into a full-blown search of their trunks and chests.  Laria didn’t suppose her untidily folded clothes nor the letters from her father and her brother counted as contraband, but still she worried.  Having some authority figure rummage through her personal belongings would feel like such an invasion of her privacy.

Determined she would pass this assessment with flying colours, Laria was hunched over her ODM gear, slender fingers running over the various switches.  “Come on, won’t you?!” Laria hissed at a particularly reluctant and stiff switch.  Her digits ached with trying to force it to slide, to take up a coating of the grease she had meticulously applied.  Yet it seemed the harder she pushed, the more resistant it became.

A voice snagged Laria’s attention, pulling her focus away from her task.  Amber-brown eyes, framed by glasses, blinked owlishly, while red hair tumbled long and thick - not unkempt, per se, but still in want of a comb and braiding, to keep it out if the way.  Especially if she hoped to pass the inspection.  Laria was suddenly aware that she was disheveled from the afternoon heat, and from a long afternoon of bustling about.  As busy as a blue-arsed fly, as her father liked to say.

The girl - they were a girl, right? - stood a little distance away, blonde hair cropped far shorter than the usual styles opted for.  A boy then, maybe?  Not that their gender mattered to Laria.  “Sure,” the redhead chirped, happy for the distraction and the excuse to rest her aching hands.  She sat back on her heels, hooking a wayward lock of hair behind an ear - smudging the her face with grease in the process - and peered curiously up at the figure.  They were in the year above, Laria knew, which gave them dibs on the shady spot.  Older kids often liked to throw their weight around - even the ones that weren’t all that weighty.  Laria thought vaguely of the skinny, hawk-faced boy with seemingly permanent cuts and bruises, and frowned a little, before catching herself and returning the newcomer’s smile.

“Everyone’s frettin’ about tomorrow,” Laria remarked conversationally, her smile now tinged with nervousness.  She was conscientious enough to want to do well.  “You ready for it?  For the inspection?  Apart from -” The words were cut short, the young girl nodding to the bundle of gear in the older cadet’s grasp.

Re: Maintenance 101
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2018, 11:49:39 PM »
Unlike quite a few cadets in her class, Nanaba did not throw her weight around. Older or younger, it mattered not while they trained or even once they found themselves scouting beyond or patrolling the walls, they were all the same. Some just had more experience than others. In Nanaba's opinion, experience was a pretty pathetic excuse to use to kick another cadet out of such a lovely spot, not to mention, it was just plain cold-hearted. The shade provided by the nearby tree was enough to accommodate the both of them. No reason she should be stingy with the prime location.

"Oh yes I left the best for last" Nanaba laughed knowing full well that most cadets loathed gear maintenance, while she, on the other hand, found it oddly soothing. There was nothing more comforting than knowing your gear was field ready.  Judging by the way the girl wrestled with the switch, she could safely say that maintenance was not something she found soothing.

"Well everyone is fretting for a reason, nobody wants to fail an inspection." As she talked Nanaba moved to sit next to the redhead, placing her gear and other supplies down carefully before sitting down on the grass with legs folded underneath her body. Organizing her supplies and equipment, Nanaba continued “the instructors are ruthless when it comes to inspections.”

Stopping to look at the girl, whose amber eyes were framed with glasses and her hair a fiery red, Nanaba's lips tugged upwards as she chuckled softly. A smudge of grease adorned the younger cadet's features. Reaching for a rag that Nanaba kept with her for that very reason, maintenance could be a messy business, especially if you were locked in a heated battle with a stubborn switch. "Here" Nanaba offered the piece of cloth to the girl, motioning to the smudge. "It seems like that switch is giving you quite the trouble."
« Last Edit: March 10, 2018, 11:50:01 PM by Nanaba »

Re: Maintenance 101
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2019, 10:29:49 AM »
The warm sound of the girl's laughter washed some of the nervousness from Laria's smile. "I don't know about best," she grumbled playfully, poking half-heartedly at the troublesome switch with a stiff, aching finger. The blonde cadet carefully laid out her gear and took a seat on the ground, her legs folded neatly beneath her, a warning about the pickiness of the instructors falling from her lips. "So I've heard," Laria groaned in response, riding out another flare of trepidation. While she wasn't uptight and overly studious in the way some cadets were - namely those aiming for the Military Police - she certainly applied herself, and wanted to do well.

ODM maintenance was a mucky business, apparently. "Oh, thanks!" the redhead chirped, not in the least bit embarrassed, gratefully taking the cloth and wiping her face in the general area that the girl had gestured to. An enquiring look wordlessly asked if she had been successful in cleaning up - there was a dirty mark on the cloth, suggesting she had - and then, satisfied, Laria handed the rag back with a more quietly uttered thanks. She appreciated the honesty, knowing that all too many of her comrades would have been content to let her go about her day wearing the streak of grease. Either out of badness, or because they were too shy to say anything.

"Ugh, yeah, it's bein' a real pain in the arse," Laria admitted, though the moment the words had escaped her she had the decency to look a little sheepish. Some of the younger cadets swore frequently, and excessively, as though in a childish effort to seem more grown-up than they truly were. Laria, meanwhile, had picked up the habit from her father and brother, and she had quickly learned that the instructors didn't appreciate foul language. While she didn't go so far as to apologise, Laria did pause to adjust her glasses and clear her throat softly.

"I've tried coaxin' it, and bein' rough, but no luck."  It wasn't that she was impatient, per se, just that she expected something that had been engineered to work efficiently and easily to do precisely that. Unlike horses, who had minds of their own, the equipment had no excuse to be so stubborn. "I mean, it's not very reassuring… if I was beyond the Walls, I'd probably get munched." For a moment Laria lapsed into pensive silence. It sounded like a jest, but the reality was all to grim. Inwardly she comforted herself that there were years yet until she joined the Survey Corps, and plenty of time to master ODM maintenance. Although the inspection was tomorrow…

The redhead brightened, her attention returning to the older cadet as she tilted her head in greeting. "I'm Laria, by the way."


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