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Author Topic: Annie Leonhart  (Read 1080 times)

Annie Leonhart
« on: January 24, 2018, 11:08:07 PM »

NAME:  Annie Leonhart
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  Born 834, age 12
GENDER:  Female
FACE CLAIM:  Herself


Annie is a pretty, if aloof-looking induvidual. With crystal-clear sharp blue eyes, soft blond hair, and perfect skin, Annie is beautiful. She is very short, and stands at a height that very few of the cadets don't stand above. However, those pretty looks hide a body that has seen it's own fair share of work, lean and built for fighting. In heneral, her appearance holds an aura of danger and cold, almost as if she were made of ice. Her eyes, too, only furthur this impression. Even with her long eyelashes, doll-like lips, and general delicate looks, her expression is enough to warn that she is not as delicate as she looks. If looks could kill, Annie's usual expression definitely could.


Annie is not entirely as cold as she looks. She rarely shows emotion besides contempt, but she does still have emotions, like anybody else. She is, however, for the most part just as cold as she acts. She is apathetic and distant, friendship is not something she desires. She does not strive towards other people liking her at all, she has no desire whatsoever to be liked. She doesn't care how others see her, or even how she sees herself. She would willingly admit she thought herself to be a monster, were her true nature ever to be revealed. Her main focus however, is to become one of the Military Police and have an easy life.

Annie tends to be pretty realistic and critical in most situations. She is intelligent, and rarely slips up, making her a wonderful tactician. She can quickly analyze situations and determine the correct approach, and with her quick thinking skills and calm demeanor, she is a tactician to be wary of. However, she is somewhat fascinated by those who can dream, and have hope in hopeless situations. She admires those people because she could never be one of them.

Her sense of humor is rather sarcastic and mocking, with a somewhat twisted outlook on things. Even when mocking people, she tends to retain her composure, however. When she does lose her composure, violence is her go to answer. She will typically use her special fighting style on any who dare try to shake her up, and will show the most emotion that way. Annie is also a self aware person. She admits to her strengths and weaknesses, and is fully aware of them, not being as prone to self doubt or self loathing as others. She knows she is somewhat monstrous, though she cares little.


○Self Aware


□Not Good At Being Charming
□No Real Goals
□Too Apathetic
□Not Very Imaginative


☆To Become Military Police And Have An Easy Life


◇Being Caught
◇Failing At Her Mission



From a young age, Annie underwent rigorous combat training with her father. He taught her in hopes of her becoming a Marleyan warrior one day. A little later in her childhood, she joined the Marleyan Military as a cadet, meeting Reiner and Bertolt along the way. She was chosen to receive the power of the female titan for her amazing fighting abilities, praised for being impeccable at fighting.

The six titans under Marley's command eventually decimated an entire nation, testing their abilities in the process. This soothed Marley's fears about entrusting the Paradis Island Operation to child soldiers, and thus came into being the start of their mission. Annie was one of 4 titans selected, along with Bertolt, Reiner, and Marcel. However, Marcel was devoured later by a titan, and Reiner decided to take over and continue the mission. Annie, along with Bertolt, were manipulated into continuing, though they simply wanted to go home. Annie claimed she never bought what Marley had told them, though she was forced to continue regardless.

After arriving in Paradis, she eventually joined the Training Corps as a cadet, where she would be able to more easily carry out the mission with Bertolt and Reiner. From that point on, she took training seriously, seeing the option to become Military Police as an escape from her mission.

AGE:  17
TIMEZONE:  Canadian Standard Mountain Time

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Re: Annie Leonhart
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Re: Annie Leonhart
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