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Author Topic: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Ymir)  (Read 1140 times)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Ymir)
« on: January 29, 2018, 07:27:09 PM »
845, Armin starter for Ymir, ½

Another delightfully cool day had blessed the training corps, as summer had been violent in their first year of rough training and adjustments. Fall would be short lived, since they were in the Trost district, and then a heavy winter would blow over, leaving them all begging for heat again. Armin still had his hair tied back in a small tie, his hair barely reached the point that it would hold, especially for the training he would be doing this afternoon. His hands were stained with graphite, and a small splotch of it had gotten on his cheek as well, he’d obviously been drawing again, though his muse was only providing sketches of flowers and odd swirls, unlike his normal almost realistic scenery. With the lack of sleep thanks to nightmares, it was no wonder he didn’t have the energy to draw out a full portrait again quite yet.

He’d only been waiting in the small dirt field for half an hour before the other trainees started to flood the small practice grounds, all setting up for hand to hand exercises. Almost no one took these drills seriously, they wouldn’t be graded on them, after all. Everyone was worried about grading, wanting to land among the top ten, so they wouldn't end up in the Scouts, facing the monsters outside the walls, or the Garrison, where men just drank and sang of good times, not caring about the wall that had fallen only a year ago. Armin had been there. The screams and blood still haunted his mind very clearly. It left him empty, to think about it. Far out there, past his destroyed home, and past the beyonds of the outermost wall, was a land closed off to humans and humanity alike. The book he had held those secrets, of the great unknown… All he wanted was to see them, not some painting in a book, or a drawing, he wanted to see the waves crashing on the shore, water so large that no matter what, it would never go away. It seemed surreal, and to many of those he spoke to about, they thought he was insane. No way there was water full of salt, what would live there? How did it get there in the first place? … Daydreaming again.

The petite blonde turned his eyes on the crowd of other military trainees, silently hoping Annie or Jean would be among them. Unlike his best friends, Eren and Mikasa, someone like them wouldn’t hold back in a sparring match. Armin knew very well he would never win a fight, he was small and had the build of a flower, not to mention it was against his own morale. He’d taken plenty of punches before, but what he needed was a good defence… not that he planned on getting into a fight anytime soon. Being punished by the drill sergeant Keith would be worse than any licks someone could throw. Fighting was almost as bad as wasting food in the boot camp.

A freckled face, one Armin quickly recognized as Ymir, came in with the crowd of twenty or so others, and the small teen beamed. Perfect. She would break his nose in happily. Krista wasn’t around either, so perhaps she’d available for such a request.

“Ymir,” He approached, flashing a nervous smile as he looked up at the taller woman, in all her threatening glory. Hell, almost anyone looked scary when they held a glare, but Ymir could throw a punch, he’d heard the rumors of fights about with her over Krista. Their first encounter had happened earlier in the year, and been heavily awkward, but Armin was far over that encounter, “Would you mind me asking you to be my sparring partner?”

Re: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Ymir)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2018, 09:26:12 PM »
Sparring practice held little interest for the brunette, as she skulked around and did her best to keep an eye out for Krista - of course she couldn't always team up with the other girl, much to her annoyance. That never stopped her from watching for who partnered with the blonde, or stopped the temptation to step in if it seemed like too much, or else she hissed hints to help Krista gain the upper advantage. Ymir did not slack off from her own training, though when she paired up with somebody who wanted to slack off, she didn't complain if they wanted to walk off alone.

Drawing a breath as she looked for her partner of the day, Ymir surveyed the pickings with narrowed eyes. On particularly aggravating days, she might seek out somebody capable of matching her skill with ease, making it a contest of dexterity rather than coming up against somebody who fell quicker than she could make a third strike. There was little point of going easy on any of her opponents, especially with the cockier cadets within the corps. She was quite content to lay them flat on the ground to teach them not to underestimate any of their opponents.

A mop of blond hair bobbed towards her. Armin? The small scrap of a boy. Was he seeking her out as his partner? She thought it unlikely until he reached her. "Yes, if you're going to act like I'm about to knock you to the ground just for asking," she answered, shooting him a piercing look.

Nevertheless, she beckoned him over to a spot away from the others. She did not find it necessary to point out that she'd likely flatten him, just given size and experience in sparring. Unless he could use his size to such an advantage to throw her off, she saw little chance of being outmanoeuvred by him. Perhaps that was what he was after, to learn from losing and slowly improve. But then...

"Why me?" He seemed smart enough, perhaps one of the smartest, though she found him to be a peculiar character. Not exactly the sort of boy one would find in the military unless conscripted, though given his connection to two of the other cadets, it seemed most likely he had enlisted. She hadn't asked, nor would she bother to. She wondered if perhaps he had picked her out as partner due to the others being too soft on him, but passed over the thought - if so, he could confirm it.

Re: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Ymir)
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2018, 10:06:13 PM »
Armin expected the snappy answer, not phased by it in the slightest. That was exactly what he wanted her to do, unless he could finally figure out a good block, the techniques were hard for the boy to learn, this may as well be his first time trying.


The question brought a shrug about Armin, "Because you won't hold back.
Everyone knows I'm about as strong as a flower. None of them throw real swings, how am I supposed to get better if I don't find out what I'm doing wrong? In physical combat, the only real way is experience... To get a blow to the gut, and then remember the pain in the next fight, so you cover yourself better..."
he flushed slightly. Ymir could easily break one of his limbs if she was really out for blood, but he was only asking for a spar, not like he was insulting her to her face.

"I couldn't bring myself to throw a punch, but that doesn't mean I have to lay down and take it like when I was seven." He looked up at her, boldly showing a smile, "I won't complain if you give me a black eye or break my nose. As much as it would suck... I'm kind of expecting it.."

Re: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Ymir)
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2018, 04:29:39 PM »
Ymir regarded him with a searching look, debating each word that left his mouth. His points were certainly valid and made sense, though she expected his friends would not agree. If they caused trouble, so be it. He had approached her, after all. The more Armin dealt with losing in a proper fight, the better he would get, and he was hardly annoying compared to others in the corps. He evidently needed to work out how to defend himself, and she took no issue in showing him what others might do to get him down on the ground.

"Fine," she shrugged, raising her fists in front of her, feet sliding into an offensive stance. Readied, her eyes swept over him. "No chance to back out now." She wouldn't have given him one regardless. Armin could simply walk away, which would provide a further means of showing him what to prepare for.

She waited, giving him time to prepare, and then struck out first, aiming for his shoulder with one clenched fist, to follow with a strike to the side by her boot.

Re: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Ymir)
« Reply #4 on: February 07, 2018, 07:30:48 PM »
The small blonde nodded and swallowed thickly, allowing his fears to go down with the gulp. There really was no going back from this choice, just like there was no going back on his dreams. He would stick by his word, he always did, even little things to himself. Improvement was needed, and though he would be lying if he said he was as dedicated as Eren, he was still trying his damn best. He stood a stance as Ymir did, ready to jump back or to the side as needed, fists and arms raised to protect his face. “Ready.” Came his soft affirmation to the angry looking freckled woman, voice firm despite its highered pitch of nervousness. 

The first hit was easy to lean away from, and figuring she’d go for a strike with her left hand immediately following, like all the ‘fights’ from when he was little, he made the mistake of taking a step out of what would have been the way, leaning right into the kick to his side as it was delivered. The blonde faltered for a moment, pain seizing his side for a second, fizzling out as quick as it had come, though he could feel the sting as he adjusted his stance quickly. He’d be sure to watch for a different move next time. Ymir wasn’t some playground bully. He’d have to observe and predict her moves, and be quick enough to adjust as necessary.

He tried to ignore his now aching side, expecting her to continue without hesitation, regardless whether the strike had landed or not, or how bad it had hurt. He didn’t want her to stop anyway. In a real fight that’s exactly how it would go, strikes and hits being licked out without warning or wait, only desperation to be victorious would normally make such a fight ten times more of a struggle, violence and anger fuling someone was… frightening. He was lucky that this was only a spar kick.

Re: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Ymir)
« Reply #5 on: February 10, 2018, 12:50:01 PM »
She observed how he handled every move of hers. His reactions were quick enough, leaning to avoid the blow to his shoulder, which was a start. However, he appeared to be expecting a different move from the kick, for he stepped into the kick. Had she been in combat with an actual enemy, she could only imagine how the opponent would take it. For Armin, he seemed not to be winded, but the brief falter was enough. If he had some degree of expectation on moves, he needed to get rid of them.

She told him as much. "Watch everything," she said. Even as she spoke, she lashed out, aiming a fist to his gut, feinting and drawing back the hand. Just as her leg swooped out, testing whether he was keeping an eye on her feet movements now, intent on her foot catching his ankle and dragging it forward, to pull him down on the ground. A simple disable, and one that might seem easy to dodge in theory. She had to keep him from expecting a pattern.

"There's no use thinking of moves you've come up against until you know your opponent will make them," she continued. "Remember how to block each move, and never let any part of your opponent out of your sight. Few are uniform fighters, going for the same techniques each time. You must be ready to react. Prediction only gets you so far." Perhaps he had already worked it out - he was smart, adaptable she would say. But it served a secondary purpose. If he was learning how to watch for body movements, would he be prepared for feints, or manage to keep an eye on quite so much? How would he react to her getting behind him? What if he were backed into a wall? The latter was rather difficult at this stage, though perhaps she could guide him towards another sparring pair and challenge him to escape.

Re: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Ymir)
« Reply #6 on: June 13, 2018, 01:18:47 AM »
"Watch everything,"

He looked up at her for a moment as she spoke, flinching as she went for his stomach before he realized it wasn't her hand that was a threat anymore- as she had pulled it back and was going for a sweep with her leg. Barely in time, he stepped back and let out a sharp breath of relief, eyes shining as he looked her over. No pattern. No thinking... observe... just like something flying around in a storm- either something would hit you or it wouldn't... you just had to be ready for anything. His eyes dipped, quickly looking her over again as he stepped in a small circle, taking a slow breath and trying to relax his body rather than brace it. He'd been in worse situations. He shouldn't be afraid of the pain that would come with a blow, yeah it would hurt, but that's just how things worked.

"Why'd you stop?" Came the question after the woman had finished speaking, "I think I've got it now. If I mess up again just come at me harder- I'm not afraid of it, and I'm not backing down."

Re: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Ymir)
« Reply #7 on: July 29, 2018, 09:06:08 PM »
This time he evaded her, but it was a narrow escape. She eyed him, pausing to survey his reaction, and his words almost made her smile. Not impressed at his bravery, no, but amused that he was so willing to play punchbag. He truly was desperate to improve. At the least, she could value that.

"Is little Armin a masochist?" Ymir taunted. She doubted it, yet had to see how he dealt with the distraction of barbed words during a fight too. That was what these soldiers forgot. When you took up combat with a human, it was rarely a silent affair. No, there were taunts and spit, hisses and fierce insults. That much she was certain of, and if he was going to deal with sparring people other than his soft-hearted friends he would have to get used to it. That was what they all expected of her anyway.

Her fingers curled to a fist. "This would be a poor trick, if your friends caught sight," she murmured, "cornering me for hurting the baby of your little ring." Baby was hardly a strong insult, but she was looking for those minute signs of her barbs digging in to his skin. "The damsel in distress." Hadn't she herself mistaken him for Krista?

As she finished her last four words, she switched her style. Out came the leg, her body ducking down, foot sweeping out to aim at his ankles. Ymir expected Armin to expect such a thing, that he'd side-step or hop. Whichever. Her eyes were locked onto him, aiming a punch at his shoulder, or where she expected his shoulder to go - slightly higher than where it looked, to the left, aiming down due to the height difference.


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