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Author Topic: An Invincible Summer  (Read 2631 times)

An Invincible Summer
« on: January 31, 2018, 07:28:24 PM »
The day was a perfect picture of summer.  Above the cadets the sun blazed in the azure sky, its rays reflecting on the lake's surface.  A warm breeze gently ruffled Ian's hair, some of the brownish tones having been bleached from its normally dirty-blond shade.  It was hot enough that he had removed his shirt, the garment now fed through the belt loop of his trousers, its fabric fluttering faintly with every movement.  Initially, he had kept his arms crossed loosely but stubbornly, forming a meagre shield that did little to hide the faint marks that adorned his torso.  Once garish and purple-red, they had faded to a pale silver.  After a time, Ian's feigned nonchalance became genuine, and he wondered vaguely why he had felt self-conscious in the first place.  He and vanity were strangers, after all.​

There was something about sitting in the sun, their little gang all together - a group of friends, with bonds forged from something deeper and more lasting than mere necessity - that reminded Ian, distantly, of afternoons spent loitering on street corners in Krolva.  His scars had been a badge of honour then, a stark warning to those who might stray into his territory. Perhaps these recollections were the reason why Ian frequently rose from his seat - the cadets had brought a bundle of woollen blankets down to the shoreline, laying them out over the gritty, pebble-strewn sand - to pace like a guard-dog on constant vigil.

Stalking along the water's edge, where small waves lapped with a soft, whispering sound, he bent to pick up a stone.  It was worn smooth after an age spent tumbling in the lake's deep currents, and it filled the well of his palm comfortably.  For once, Ian worried not about how hard and accurately he could throw it, but simply how far.  With a faint smile, he drew his arm back and launched the pebble into the water, taking satisfaction in the pale plumes from the splash it triggered, the droplets sparkling in the afternoon light.

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Re: An Invincible Summer
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 02:57:32 AM »
Anka lay on her back, staring up at the sky. Her hands rested on her stomach and her uniform jacket was crumpled under her head as a pillow. She watched the clouds roll above her and felt the breeze on her face. This was nice. But warm. She sat up and pulled her grey shirt off - leaving her in just a tan undershirt and the cloth she used to bind her chest. Over the last couple of years - Anka had not grown taller - but had developed a solid build and the bindings had become necessary to use the 3DM comfortably.

It was nice to have a moment of calm with her friends. Ian, Mitabi, Gustav, Rico, and Nanaba. They were all there.  Maybe for the last time together in peace for a while.

Running a hand through her long reddish brown hair, Anka stood up and walked to the edge of the water. She was already barefoot and she dipped her toes in. 

She watched Ian throw stones for a moment before picking one up and tossing it towards him. It plunked in front of the young man and Anka laughed.

Anka thought for a moment, looked at her friends, then stripped her pants off down to her smalls and walked deeper into the water. It was cold and her breath caught for a second before she dipped her head under then moved to float on her back.

"Rise up."

Re: An Invincible Summer
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2018, 01:06:59 PM »
Sat watching the lapping waves, Gustav traced the shoreline with his eyes, tearing his eyes away when a dazzling light caught them and made dots of white flash in his vision. He leaned back on his hands, propped up by his arms and feeling the heat wash over him. He'd refused to take off his shirt, though it hadn't taken long to ditch his jacket and lay it out beneath him, to ward off the heated dirt beneath, pinned down by his boots at the edges. To be with friends felt good, one of their last chances to be together before they split off for their respective regiments and posts. In that moment, he didn't think he'd ever feel quite so relaxed again.

His eyes followed Ian as the other picked up a pebble, shooting him a quizzical look as he launched it into the water. "Those stones probably took decades to find their way on land," he commented, out of the corner of his eye seeing Anka, standing just barely into the water, toss a stone too. "When you're both taken out by somebody tossing stones, remember this moment," he muttered, the joke feeling lazy and tired, just as he felt.

He'd scarcely noticed Anka's movements until she had already waded further in. Her head vanished beneath the water and he sat up a little straighter, a quick worry gripping his chest, before relaxing as she came back up, floating on her back. The water was likely cool in the face of the summer heat. Debating the idea, he remained where he was, looking to the others to see what they were doing.

Re: An Invincible Summer
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2018, 08:21:10 AM »
Sitting on the woolen blanket that had been placed on the shore to provide a layer of comfort and protection from the sand, Mitabi, who had wasted no time in shedding his jacket and shirt, focused on the head of hair in front of him. Large, yet nimble, fingers delicately curled around blonde locks worked with such speed, it seemed to be a choreographed dance. The blonde that sat in front of him was a reluctant participant.  He pestered, they argued, and finally, she gave in.

Mitabi loved when he won a good battle.

Just as Mitabi was tying off the braid, a small breeze rolled in, giving a small reprieve from the summer heat. Taking a moment to examine his work, Mitabi, satisfied with what he had created, nodded in approval. Tapping her shoulder, he told Nanaba that he was finished. Mumbling that she better not look stupid, the girl- exploring Mitabi's masterpiece with her hands- got up to join Ian and Anka by the water.

Laughing, his eyes drifted from Nanaba to the others he was fortunate to call friends. Gustav lazed nearby, while Ian and Anka were by the water tossing pebbles. "Death by pebble? I have heard of worse ways to go out." Tired of sitting, Mitabi rose from his seat, stretching his legs as he did.  He was about to call out to Ian when the sight of Anka bravely stripping down to her undergarments stopped his words before they could be sputtered out.  A brow quirked as he watched her wade out to the lake, dip her head underneath for a moment, and then come back up to float on her back. A playful grin spread across his lips; the lake was pretty damn inviting after all. Wasting no time, he stripped down to his own undergarments. "Anka has the right idea!" 

Running, Mitabi crashed into the lake spraying water in every which direction. Reaching Anka, Mitabi let out a "timbers!" and fell into the lake much like a tree would fall in the forest.

(( ooc: Nanaba's hair looks something like this link ))

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Re: An Invincible Summer
« Reply #4 on: February 11, 2018, 10:27:31 AM »
"I better not look stupid" Nanaba muttered as she walked away from Mitabi, her hands carefully patting the top of her head, trying to get a feel of what to expect. Having been robbed of the childhood experience of a mother brushing through hair and fixing it up with pretty ties, Nanaba, while she did not show it outwardly, was excited that someone took the time to do her hair. The girl only wished she had thought to bring a mirror with her. Stopping just short of the water, she watched as the waves reached out desperately in an attempt to touch her bare toes.

She glanced at Anka and Ian, who stood nearby. Nanaba had become quite close with both of them, sharing a bond of similar, yet different, childhoods. Gustav and Mitabi remained on the shore, and while they had very different childhoods, Nanaba had grown to appreciate them just as much as Ian and Anka.

Turning back to the water in front of her, Nanaba rolled up her pants, so they did not get wet, and inched forward until the waves ran over the tops of her feet, touching her ankles. The water was on the cold side, but it felt lovely on her skin. Allowing the moment of pure calm and bliss to sink, she tilted her head upwards, closing her eyes and letting the sun's ray warm her face. 

Nanaba listened to the distant plop of a pebble hitting the water, Anka's laughter as she too tossed a pebble and Gustav who muttered something very Gustav like about the pebble. A quiet laugh escaped her lips. Part of her wished that this day would never end; it was too perfect to let it go away.

Then Mitabi came barrelling into the lake wearing only his underpants, disrupting the calm and peaceful moment. Instinctively, Nanaba raised her arms to block the spray of water that came her way and laughed as he mimicked a falling tree, hoping that the water was deep enough that his big, silly self wouldn't hurt himself on the bottom of the lake.

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Re: An Invincible Summer
« Reply #5 on: April 09, 2018, 02:27:45 AM »
She laughed at Gustav’s joke. It was a very Gustavish joke and she had grown to like them. “I won’t forget when it happens!” Anka called out. She cast her eyes over her friends and nodded her approval at Nanaba's hair. It looked really nice.

Anka floated on her back.  Her hair was almost down to her waist at this point and floated around her in rust-colored tangles.  Anka let herself relax - letting the cool water wash over her.

As the water rocked her back and forth, Anka thought about her friends. She had never thought anyone could be as close to her as Claudia and Eld. However, Nanaba, Ian, Rico, Gustav and Mitabi had become as dear to her as anyone could be.  They would be picking their division soon. Anka knew it was the Garrison for her. She was not bothered by it’s less than stellar reputation. And she knew at least a few of her friends would be going with her. Not all though…

Anka pushed the thought from her head. Now was not the time. Just enjoy the time together with no worries and no fear. Just a little bit more time to be what...were they still children? More thoughts to force from her mind as the sun warmed her skin and she listened to her friends laugh. Anka had never been happier. Even Claudia and Eld were doing well. Her father had found more steady work and while they still struggled - Anka was able to send the bulk of her small pay to them. And Eld had followed her into the military. Anka was, at the moment, very content.


The force of Mitabi splashing into the water was enough to knock her off balance. She went under for a second and when she came up, her hair was a sopping curtain in front of her face.  Anka parted it and glared, “Mitabi!” she growled.

"Rise up."

Re: An Invincible Summer
« Reply #6 on: June 03, 2018, 10:10:23 AM »
Ian had just spotted another stone to throw - this one pale and peppered with dark flecks - when another rock hit the water in front of him, the splash painting his skin with cool droplets of water.  Passing a hand over his face, wiping away the spray, Ian’s grey eyes sought out the perpetrator.  The sound of Anka’s laughter carried on the summer breeze, like an admission of guilt, and contagious enough to cause Ian to snicker softly.  ​“I’ll getcha back for that,” he teased, the speckled stone going forgotten as he watched his friend.  At least until she began to shed her garments.  Suddenly, Ian wasn’t too sure where to look. 

Luckily, Gustav interjected, and Ian shifted his focus to the dark-haired cadet, currently lazing on the shore.  He hadn’t taken his shirt off, Ian noticed.  Was he shy?  Or just immune to the heat?  ​“Ah well, what else has a stone to do?”  Ian mused, amusement lacing his voice.  The jest about being taken out by such a rock, as well as Mitabi’s and Anka’s responses, won them a quiet, smoky laugh.

Turning back to face the lake, it was the appearance of a solid, reassuring shadow on the sand that told him Mitabi had come to stand by his side.  Ian regarded his friend from the corner of his eye, before following his gaze to Anka.  She had waded further out now, far enough that she could dip her head beneath the water, her red-brown hair darker now that it was wet.  The cadet was a picture of serenity - though not for long.

Mitabi was quick to make the decision to join Anka, no coaxing required.  Ian grinned as his companion hurriedly stripped and then barrelled his way into the lake, painting the boy from Krolva’s with yet more spray.  Droplets traced the corners of his smile and raced down the warm skin of his torso, where they soaked into the waist of his trousers.  Really, he would be as well to go swimming too!

His heart felt full as he moved along the shore, the sound of Anka scolding Mitabi in his ears, the sand pleasantly warm beneath his feet.  How lucky he was, to have ended up here, to have made friends such as these.  Coming to a halt beside Nanaba, who was paddling contentedly in the shallows, Ian at first admired her hair in silence.  Short though her blonde tresses were, Mitabi had done a beautiful job braiding them.  ​“Looks lovely,” Ian complimented simply, warmth in his words.  Then he nodded out towards the water, where Anka and Mitabi were frolicking.  ​“You tempted?”

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Re: An Invincible Summer
« Reply #7 on: October 10, 2018, 06:14:19 PM »
Gustav watched them, somewhat enviously. Their confidence was something he couldn't quite share in, but he nevertheless willed himself to. If this was his last chance to have fun with them, without the pressure of work and worry breathing down his neck, he needed to share in the joy.

With a sigh as Mitabi charged into the water, the boy ran fingers through his sweat-damp hair. He removed his shirt with care, folding it into a square, and placed it beneath his boots. Pausing at his trousers, he hooked a thumb beneath the waistband, then unbuttoned and slid them off. No sense in wading back to barracks soaked from the waist below completely. At least if his underwear was soaked through, he could cope with that. But a double helping of dampness would end up giving him chill.

Walking out to the lake's edge, Gustav placed his hands on his hips, and then waded out. Once the water was deep enough, he pushed forwards with a foot, moving down into a smooth swimming stroke to reach Anka and Mitabi. Taking a breath while above surface, he closed his mouth and went down, then sprang up once next to the other boy, intent on showering him with water in return.


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