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Author Topic: Candlelight Talks (tag Anka)  (Read 1623 times)

Candlelight Talks (tag Anka)
« on: January 31, 2018, 09:16:25 PM »
(( Anka & Nanaba - 3rd year cadets ))

The warm embrace of dry clothes on her cold, water-soaked limbs was a most welcomed feeling. The cadets had battled the rain all day with only their cloaks serving as their shields. It was a battle that was not in the cadets’ favor with their cloaks eventually soaking through causing damp clothes to cling to exhausted bodies, chilling them to their bone.   

The night darkened by thunderous, rain-filled clouds claimed the sky, and stomachs, warmed by soup, were full and satisfied, allowing the cadets to finally drag their tired feet back to the barracks,  their beds calling to them.

Rhythmic pitter-patter on the rooftop foretold of yet another battle come morning, and the long, low rumbles outside almost seemed to mock the cadets.  Nanaba, hoisted herself on the top bunk, nestling into the blankets, her tired body was finally able to relax.  Her first year as a cadet, Nanaba had tried to sleep on the bottom bunk, but having another bed above her, caused anxiety as memories of that tight, confined space were too fresh causing sleep to evade her many nights that first year of training. Luckily, for her, Nanaba had the nicest of bunkmates, and now without the feeling of confinement, and only the roof above her, Nanaba rarely had sleep issues. 

Shifting slightly, the blonde haired cadet peered around the room. Flames of candles danced throughout the room providing the cadets some light as they finished getting ready for the night. Despite the tiredness her body suffered, her mind was not prepared for sleep to steal her away. 

“Anka?” Nanaba leaned to the edge of her bunk, allowing her head to hang over the edge. “Are you going to be awake for a bit?”

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Re: Candlelight Talks (tag Anka)
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2018, 11:35:33 PM »
Anka used to hate the rain. The roof leaked. Her mother and father would place bowls under the leaks and then her mother would use the water collected for washing and for cooking. But it made the house feel cold and damp. And she had never had a coat that really kept her dry and warm so she always felt cold and damp when it rained. Anka used to hate the rain.

Now Anka was indifferent to it. It made training exercises difficult at time and it lulled her to sleep at night when it came - but it was just something that just was - not something that happened to her. She had a good coat now...and boots that did not leak and a solid roof over her head. Anka was indifferent to the rain.

Anka loved her bed in the female barracks. Narrow with a thin mattress - it was the fact that Anka did not have to share it with anyone that made it a pleasure to crawl into. Back home, Anka had shared with Claudia. The younger girl had twisted and turned her sleep and Anka could never make it through the night without being awoken by a knee or elbow in the ribs. This narrow bed with its thin mattress and scratchy (but warm) blankets was heaven for Anka.

Anka was incredibly fond of her bunkmate. Slightly younger than herself, Nanaba was reliable and kind with the loveliest blue eyes. They had been bunkmates since their first night, and Anka had been very grateful that Nanaba had wanted to trade her bottom bunk for Anka’s top. While Anka could climb into it - she was not capable of doing so with elegance or finesse.

“Are you going to be awake for a bit?”

Opening her eyes at Anka’s voice, she nodded, “I think I’m too tired to sleep. Or my legs hurt too much. Not sure.”

She shifted so her head lined up more with Nanaba’s, “What’s up?”

"Rise up."

Re: Candlelight Talks (tag Anka)
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2018, 09:15:58 AM »
 “I think I’m too tired to sleep. Or my legs hurt too much. Not sure.”

Oh, well it seemed she would be in good company tonight. Throughout her training, Nanaba had experienced many nights such as this.  Usually, she'd toss and turn, her body complaining every time she did,  for most of the night before giving up and settling for the company of her thoughts. Though tonight, she'd take Anka over her thoughts. The girl was much better company anyways.  The rain would only carry her thoughts to places she did not want to go alone.

 “What’s up?”

 When she saw Anka's head peek out from her bottom bunk, Nanaba smiled. "Well  I..." she paused. Finding the current position rather uncomfortable to talk, Nanaba pushed herself up, and climbed down from her bunk with less grace than usual, landing on the ground with a quiet thud and a stumble.

 Flames from nearby candles brought wisps of light to her bunkmate's face. Always a pleasant look on her features, even after an exhausting day of training, Nanaba loved that about Anka. She was thankful for such a lovely bunkmate and friend. Nanaba only hoped that she was not getting in the way of Anka's sleep. "Sorry I just" she brought her hand to her cropped hair and brushed the short, blonde locks back as she continued to talk. "would like to talk to for a while? May I join you?" Untangling the hand from her hair, Nanaba pointed to the edge of  Anka's bunk.

Re: Candlelight Talks (tag Anka)
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2018, 01:10:03 AM »
"Sorry I just would like to talk to for a while? May I join you?"

Anka nodded, her braided pigtails bobbing in front of her shoulders. Mitabi had done them for her a few days ago and they had held up reasonably well. She patted the side of her bed and said, “Of course.”

She shifted over and lifted the edge of her blanket so she could wrap it around the both of them. Better than her childhood home - the dorms could still get a little drafty.

Anka looked at the taller girl - noting how the candlelight made her hair look even more golden. She also noted the look on her friends face. Anka was reasonably good at reading people and she knew Nanaba well enough to know something was bothering her. She was just not sure what.

Her legs burned as she curled them under and sat back a little bit to give Nanaba more room

“Long day. My legs still feel like mush. Thanks for your help today.” Anka had fallen during a run and Nanaba had pulled her to her feet before any instructor could notice.

"Is everything alright?"

"Rise up."

Re: Candlelight Talks (tag Anka)
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2018, 04:31:33 PM »
Anka was just too kind. A lovely person inside and out, and it makes Nanaba the happiest girl in the world to be friends with such a beautiful person -inside and out.  She knew that Anka was dead tired, but despite that, she was willing to share her tiny bed with Nanaba. And the invite to share that small bottom bunk was too inviting that Nanaba didn't waste another moment to climb into the bed, scooting close to Anka so that they could both fit under the blanket and protected from the cold drafts that found their way into the dormitory.

Snuggling in close to Anka, Nanaba breathed out her nose a breath of relief.  Her body ached much like Anka's. "No problem"  Nanaba shrugged it off, her shoulders raising slightly underneath the blanket.  She'd never hesitate to help Anka, not only because she knew that the girl would do the same for her, but because Nanaba saw the other as a sister and sisters are always there for one another. At least she supposed they were. " To be honest, I am surprised I can still feel my legs. " A small chuckle followed her words, which was followed by silence as Nanaba looked down at blanket.

"Is everything alright?"

Anka was observant and always knew when Nanaba was having an off day. There was no point in hiding it now. It was just - Nanaba did not know how or where to start.  The thoughts that crossed her mind were many, but the loudest one was a thought that would upset her friends. She didn't want that. 

Taking a deep breath in, she paused thinking for a moment, her mind searching for the right words, before letting out the air out through her nose, her chest deflating in the motion. "Anka. Soon  we will pick a branch of the military to join and most likely will part ways."

Wouldn't it be nice if they could be stationed together? To stay together was a wonderful thought, but unrealistic thought, especially with the thought that was weighing on Nanaba's mind. 

"What is your opinion on the Survey Corps?" 

It was a silly question as it wasn't the first time they had discussed the different branches. But it was better than would you hate me if I joined the Survey Corps?

Re: Candlelight Talks (tag Anka)
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2019, 01:15:01 AM »
"Anka. Soon  we will pick a branch of the military to join and most likely will part ways."

Small hand playing with one of her braids, Anka nodded. It was not something she had given much thought to in the last few months. She was going into the Garrison. That was a given. And as far as she knew, everyone else close to her was as well. Anka hoped she would at least be stationed with a few of them. It would be lovely to be stationed with Mitabi or Arkin and especially Nanaba - who had been one of her closest friends and biggest helps since the first time Anka had stumbled and Nanaba had pulled her to her feet all those years ago.

"What is your opinion on the Survey Corps?" 

For a moment, Anka was not sure she heard Nanaba correctly. The Survey Corps? What was the point of even talking about that branch? Nanaba was going into the Garrison...though if she made the top ten and was given the option of the MPs Anka would not have been shocked. Still...

"The Survey Corps? I think they are...brave but they make me very sad. All those deaths."

Anka has seen the Survey Corps limp in from expeditions a few times and while she never felt the anger many others seemed to feel towards the group - she felt the loss of life was in a way just a waste. What was it for? What was  truly gained?

She looked at Nanaba - her friends fine features shadowed in the candlelight and her stomach dropped. Was Nanaba thinking of joining the Survey Corps? She licked her lips and looked at her hands for a moment, "Nan...are you..."

"Rise up."

Re: Candlelight Talks (tag Anka)
« Reply #6 on: June 26, 2020, 10:33:56 PM »
There was part of her that wanted to join the others, to be apart of the Garrison, the idea of possibly being stationed together made her smile. But if she caved into that said of her, everything she had done up this point, the very reason for her joining would just be one big lie. Nanaba didn't think she could lie to herself and be happy.

Even in the dim light, Nanaba could see Anka process the question, the words that seemed so taboo, it had taken the cadet a lot of courage to speak them. She bit the inside of her cheek, not wanting to give away to emotion and betray herself.  Anka's words hurt, because the last thing Nanba wanted was to make Anka sad, and she was sure that would happen with her confession.

"Yes," She whispered, not bothering to deny or tiptoe around the answer. Anka was smart and kind, and not giving her a straight-up answer would be like a slap to the face: an insult to their friendship.

"I tried to get on board with the Garrison, I really did, but --" Nanaba paused, her eyes cast upwards, towards her bunk, and then let out a heavy exhale. "These walls are so confining, the older I get, the tighter -- smaller these walls feel. There has to be more beyond these walls; I have to - I need - to do more than just sit behind walls."

Turning her head, she tried to find her friend's face, hoping to search her features and catch a glimpse of some sort of clue on how Anka was handling this. Would she be angry? Feel betrayed? Nanaba didn't know, and this made her nervous, so much that she wanted to flee from the bed and run away, far away, so she didn't have to wait for a reaction. But Nanaba didn't; she sat there next to Anka, a slight furrow in her brow, waiting-- hoping that her closest friend would understand.
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