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Author Topic: All in a Days Work  (Read 1818 times)

All in a Days Work
« on: February 02, 2018, 10:20:08 PM »
Trost District
Three weeks after the fall of Shiganshina District

A Garrison soldier approached Erwin as the Survey Corps moved in column formation towards the gate leading out of Trost District towards Wall Maria. A place that was once populated with humans now just little more than a frontier. Erwin raised his hand and the column came to a halt without him ever having to speak, even as subordinates echoed the command down the line. The garrison soldier, apparently still a little green, had to take a moment to take it all in.

The soldier then offered a belated salute. “My apologies sir,” he began, “But we’re not able to let you and your troops through the gate yet, we have another group of refugees entering through the district.”

“Very well,” Erwin replied, “How long of a delay should we expect?”

“I would assume no more than an hour, sir,” the soldier said scratching his head nervously.
Erwin nodded and saluted the soldier before he jogged off, almost as nervous as he was when he came over. “Runner!” he bellowed. One of his soldiers came up beside him. “Send word down the column to dismount and move our horses and equipment to one side of the road. We need to let the refugees pass and this is the easiest path through the city for them to traverse. Officers are to meet with me up ahead. Everyone else may dismount and rest a while.”

“Yes commander,” she responded, and off she went as Erwin moved closer to the gate before dismounting himself.

It seemed that their latest rescue mission was going to be off to a late start. It was the sixth this week alone, and more often then not, they would find little more than empty villages with the residents having long moved behind the walls.

OOC: Two rounds of posts will be follow. Round will start with first post, then go until all those in the RP have posted once and replied once. Mission will then continue. Erwin has moved nearer to the gate to observe the group coming in, and rest of the Survey Corps is about two blocks behind him.


Re: All in a Days Work
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2018, 04:34:37 PM »
The Walls of Trost stood tall and foreboding, now humanity’s only protection from the Titans.  Somewhere, many miles away, Maria stood punctured and ineffective, monstrous and gargantuan figures staggering through the breach, the corpses of civilians and soldiers bloating in the spring sunshine, crows cackling and growing plump on their rotting flesh.

Astride Folly, his favoured horse, Eld sat upright, his face impassive, the very picture of a dutiful soldier ready to live and die on the command of his superiors.  Commander Erwin himself was leading this operation, his presence wordless assurance that they were in capable hands.  Their leader couldn’t prevent death - losses were inevitable - but he could be trusted do his utmost to keep them alive or, at the very least, would ensure they died with cause.  What more could they hope for?

Beneath him, his mare swished her tail impatiently, and stamped her hoof petulantly.  “Shhh,” Eld hushed soothingly, running a hand along her coarse mane.  “Behave yourself.  I can’t have you showing me up.”  He was still fussing over her when word came that they were to dismount.  Frowning faintly, Eld did as was ordered, clutching Folly’s reins in one hand.  The mare’s nostrils flared as she snuffled at her rider’s clothes hopefully, evidently looking for a slice of apple or lump of sugar.  “You can cut that out too.”  Moving to the side of the road, Eld bent to loosen his steed’s girth, stray locks of golden hair spilling over his brow and into his brown eyes.  “Doesn’t that feel better?” « Last Edit: February 04, 2018, 04:35:17 PM by Eld Jinn »

Signature by the wonderful SilverWings! <3

Re: All in a Days Work
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2018, 07:49:39 AM »
It had been three weeks since the fall of Maria, and it still felt like it was just a bad dream, that at any moment, she'd wake up and everything would be as it was.  Yet, she knew that it was as real as her own existence, and the reality was that Maria was no more. Humanity had taken a blow to its heart, and even three weeks later, the sting was just as strong as it had been the day the tragedy occurred. News that they were to clear the road to allow refugees pass eased that sting ever so slightly, giving her hope that their mission will be successful and they will bring home a few more of their own. 

Without complaint, Nanaba promptly dismounted from her horse Bumble, a chocolate colored gelding with a black mane and tail, and one white sock on the left hind leg. Much like his rider, Bumble was reliable in the moments that truly mattered, which Nanaba was thankful for. Reins gathered in one hand, she moved to the side of the road, looking for a spot to claim. As luck would have it, there happened to be enough room for her and Bumble next to Eld, a member of Squad Levi. Sliding in next to Eld, Nanaba took a minute to check over Bumble, loosening the girth and giving a quick scratch behind his ears, before turning her attention to her fellow scout. "Eld, I can't believe we are still finding survivors out there." 

Re: All in a Days Work
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2018, 02:45:41 AM »
Petra had only just gotten on her horse it felt like, after many failed attempts thanks to the fact this was another new horse, a larger steed, possibly due to her bad luck with the animals and ... keeping track of them, they gave her this one with hopes of it sticking around longer. It was still unlikely. if it srurived two expeditions then she’d name it, but not until then. The strawberry blonde adjusted to sit side saddle before sliding off, puffing as she hit the ground and then dusted herself off, giving the burly black mustang a pat as well, who snorted at her in return, ”Don’t give me any attitude big guy or you’ll have to find your own apples.” She threatened lightly before she grabbed his reins, leading him along to catch up with Eld and Nanaba, catching the end of what the other woman had said.

”Maria is a large territory. People can hide in all sorts of placed when the titans seem to mostly just want to reach the wall... They’re attracted to larger groups, so the passing wandering human might not catch their attention if they stay low.” She cut in, flashing a smile to either of them, though she was standing on the other side of Eld, having to lean forwards to look around the man’s horse, ”Shouldn’t be many more out there the way we’re headed. Most would have made it to the gate on their own by now, or... a titan- if unlucky enough.”

Re: All in a Days Work
« Reply #4 on: February 21, 2018, 04:18:25 AM »
What was there really left to find out beyond the wall? How many people were actually left to be found? Every day more refugees made it to the gate. Most of these were all that was left.

Nikki followed along with the rest of the survey corps. She seemed deep in thought as her horse moved steadily along the road. Its reins were draped over her lap, but not held. She was guiding it with her legs, a skill she had learned long ago in her youth. Her crossed over her chest and her head was tilted down, hiding her face from sight in the brim of her hat. She wasn't watching around her, there was little need to. She was in the middle of a long procession of horses and her own would follow them on instinct. There was little input needed from her at this point.

Far up at the front, somewhere seemingly out of her sight was Erwin, their commander. He was responsible for the entire scouting legion and would be leading them out beyond the wall. Scattered throughout the convoy were other high ranking soldiers. She wasn't like them. Not yet. But one day if she managed to stay alive long enough, she might manage to make rank.

The caravan would soon come to a stop as the order to dismount and wait at the side came back from the front. Apparently, they were to wait for another group of refugees to be processed and pass through the gate before they could proceed. She sighed at the setback and threw her leg over the top of her horse and slid down easily coming to rest beside it. She clicked a couple times in a reassuring way and gently pulled the animal's reins to guide it to the side of the road with everyone else.

Far up, several blocks away she could see the wall looming up into the sky. On the other side of it was the open fields of Maria, and in them, her families land. That's right, today's expedition would bring them to within a few miles of her families ranch. Close enough to reach it if things worked out right. Though she somehow knew that wouldn't happen.

She sighed again. Just how long was it going to be before they could get beyond the wall?

Re: All in a Days Work
« Reply #5 on: February 23, 2018, 01:16:35 AM »
Moblit tucked his extra parcel into Avel’s saddlebag draped over the horn of his saddle as he leg-yielded his gelding into formation. Departing from Trost District had allowed him the chance to exchange a few words with his parents, cousins, and great aunt (82-years old, mostly wheelchair bound but still kicking) and the procurement of a small parcel of food. Since news of his alcoholic tendencies have reached home, his family had ceased sending flasks of brandy and scotch whiskey. Quite a shame. If not for himself, Moblit had often used as a bartering chip to get out of a night guard shift in order to get a couple extra hours rest after keeping the ever-erratic Hange within view and relative safety. As he unbridged his reins, Moblit found his attention being drawn momentarily again to the new bulge in his saddlebag made by the newly-baked soda bread and butter.

Straightening up in his saddle, Moblit looked ahead through the ranks of mounted soldiers. Positioned a few leagues back, Moblit could just pick out the form of Commander Erwin exchanging a few words in a Garrison soldier. Perhaps that’s what was the source of their delay? Already the sun had passed its highest point of noon in the sky. This mission was getting a later start then had ben anticipated. If a less than average amount of titans were encountered during their ride, they shouldn’t fall too far behind schedule.

Fully stocked on blades, gas, flare gun and cartridges. Also have my field notebook, charcoal stubs and pencils.

Moblit shook himself out of his mental inventory as the sound of another soldier’s conversation. Rescanning the ranks, Moblit found himself settling among a gently-buzzing sea of amicable conversations between soldiers and civilians. The loss of Wall Maria was certainly a tragedy and had snowballed into a great movement of the need to find space and supplies for the entire population of Wall Maria to move inward as refugees. There would certainly be more outcries as space and rations became harder to acquire in the coming weeks, Moblit had no doubt. But for now, he found himself enjoying any amount of faith civilians were placing in the Survey Corps to bring in the last of the Wall Maria villages. It made for a nice change.

Looking around again, Moblit quickly became aware that the position to his right had become suspiciously quiet.

“Squad Leader?” he found himself inquiring to the general population, hoping to receive a prompt reply.


“Hange?” Moblit repeated, a anxious tone moving into his voice.

Re: All in a Days Work
« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2018, 07:05:03 AM »
“Dismount! Clear the road! Let the refugees pass!”

Hange loitered astride Moffit, straining to gauge the numbers of the distant refugee group. They had to be sizable, if the Survey Corps intended to clear the road to permit them passage. Normally Hange would have been raring to go, but the longer the wait, the more people who had made it out alive. That was a difficult feat for a soldier on an expedition; for the civilian population, it was carnage. The sheer amount of titan vomit deposited across the pastoral landscape of Maria would have been sickening even without the dismembered limbs. She still didn’t know why titan vomit didn’t evaporate, unlike titans’ bodies…

Moffit stirred uncomfortably beneath her, pinched by Hange’s clenched knees. An unfair frustration with her mare washed over her, and Hange braced herself and reached for a better memory from a few months ago: the peculiar sensation of kicking the head of a titan like it was nothing more than an acorn. She had lost her balance afterwards, hitting the ground with a thump from the sheer unexpectedness of what had happened. Her stomach had fluttered, the way it did sometimes during 3DMG maneuvers or when she missed the bottom step on a staircase. The moment had stuck in her mind, so that now, when she lay awake at night, she was not seething with grief and rage, but instead, she was in the grip of a desperate curiosity. Particularly now, after the fall of Maria, that curiosity and its companion, hope, felt like the thing best holding her together in the face of her anguish and the crushing onset of apathetic exhaustion.


“Ah, my bad,” Hange said, glancing over at Moblit. In her distraction, she had loitered too long, and her squad had moved off the road without her. Hange slid off Moffit, stroking the mare’s neck as she glanced at the approaching figures of the refugees one more time before she led her horse to rejoin her squad. None of them would know the number of refugees in this group, she reminded herself, biting her tongue. Instead, she looked up at Moblit. “Did you bring—”

Moblit promptly dug a hand in his saddlebag and pulled out a bronze pocket watch.

“—the watch? Oh, good.”

“And it has a second hand,” Moblit added before she could ask.

“Squad Leader Hange!” A messenger—Claudia, maybe?—trotted up before Hange could respond. “Commander Erwin wants the officers for a meeting.”

“Oh, thanks,” Hange lingered an awkward moment, hesitant to bet on the messenger’s name, and then nodded and turned to pass Moffit’s reins up to Moblit. She smiled briefly at Moblit to say goodbye before she headed up through the ranks, flagging down the occasional squad leader who hadn’t heard yet.

The sight of the exhausted refugees making their way down the road heartened Hange—she had been right that there were quite a few of them. None looked particularly happy to be within Wall Rose’s dubious protection, and, in contrast to the chatting soldiers of the Survey Corps, the refugees mostly looked around or cried in comparative silence except for the clatter of the wagons.

For sure, they needed medical attention and rest as quickly as humanly possible—but, despite their exhaustion now, and despite all that they must have sacrificed to get here, Hange was sure that, given rest, their fear and relief would ignite into fury. The titans had taken their homeland and ate their loved ones. The apathy and hatred that obstructed the Survey Corps must be utterly shattered.

Spotting Erwin and a circle of officers, Hange joined them, sighing and trading tired smiles with a couple of the others. It seemed like almost everyone was here. “So, Commander, do you know how many people we’re letting through here? And do they have any reports on anyone else out there?” Hange hesitated, wondering if she should mention her idea to interview refugees for information on titans. After spending weeks in titan territory, they could have special insight into the habits of titans. But—the experience was traumatic, and she wasn’t quite sure what was the protocol for asking civilians if they’d noticed any patterns in which people titans chose to target. She had mentioned it to Moblit, and he had acted a little oddly. Then again, there was a lot going on, so it was hard to pin down a normal reaction.

Re: All in a Days Work
« Reply #7 on: March 11, 2018, 07:12:23 AM »
Levi directed Netty to the side of the road, where he dismounted with an irritated thump and twisted his reins over Netty’s head to be certain that she wouldn’t become tangled in them. “Stand,” he told her shortly, garnering a flick of one ear. He checked his saddle for the second time that morning, testing the girth strap, and he inspected each of the black horse's hooves. She hadn’t been limping, but with all the shit happening it would be just perfect if she had a stone stuck there. That done, Levi glanced his squad over, noting that Eld had taken the chance to adjust his horse’s saddle. The squad had only assembled a few weeks ago, when Levi had been promoted after the fall of Wall Maria, but they were decent enough. Not dead yet, anyways, for what it counted for, and they followed orders—his orders. For what that was worth.

Levi turned away from his squad’s idle talk to frown at the head of the formation.

Someone had screwed up. Any idiot could see that it made more sense to let the soldiers out, then the refugees in, but now the soldiers were stuck milling with their thumbs up their asses because someone gave a stupid order. Levi’s money was on the gatekeeper; Erwin, at least, had shown himself to have twice the brains of the ex-commander, and the Garrison had been little more than a collection of do-nothings until three weeks ago.

Levi flexed a hand and sighed under his breath. A delay wouldn’t make a big difference. Their odds were terrible no matter what choice was made. But there was enough waste without stupid mistakes like this.

Hange, standing not too far away, caught Levi’s attention, and he saw the messenger report the officers’ meeting. It wasn’t until the messenger caught sight of him and called out, “Captain Levi—” that Levi remembered the meeting probably included him, and he cut her off. “I know.” Weaving through the crowd of soldiers would be a pain, so Levi moved onto the road.

The refugees had begun to file through the gate and down the street, led by a Garrison soldier. Most rode in wagons, their shell-shocked faces staring out at their surroundings; others stumbled along on foot, and, ahead of Levi, one abruptly keeled over onto his hands and knees in an apparent seizure of emotion. The refugee closest to him tugged at his arm, trying to get him to stand, but after a few moments of failure, she kept moving forward. The people behind him simply walked around him, their eyes elsewhere.

Three weeks into the retreat, these groups of people no longer hailed from the same village. They were the people who had been left behind, and they were strangers to each other. They hadn’t made it through titan land by patting every crying person on the head.

In a few steps, Levi would draw even with the guy.

It wasn’t like it would matter if he was late to the officers’ meeting.

Levi swerved to approach him.

“Hey. You’re in the way of the wagons.”

No reaction, of course. Though some of the refugees now watched them two as they skirted around the pair. Levi leaned over and, with a grunt, hoisted the man to stand. The man was fairly tall and broad in the shoulder, but Levi could handle it. The man took no weight on his legs and instead recoiled, cringing away from Levi as he continued to pant with sobs. Levi supported him in his half-standing position for a moment, seeing if he would get his feet under him. Some people, once set into motion, would just keep going. This guy wasn’t one of them. Levi let go with enough of a shove that the man fell back on his ass. He glimpsed the man’s ruddy, tear streaked face before he bent to press it against his thigh and cross his forearm in front of it. He sported a raggedy beard, a bulbous, dripping nose, and a brow that had begun to sag and wrinkle with age.

It would take a minute for the next wagon to draw even. It might have space to hold him. Unlikely, but possible.

“I left them…”

Levi looked back down at the man. He wore a torn tunic over an undershirt, nice enough that Levi supposed him to be of comfortable, if not impressive, means. Well, previously. He was dirt poor and starving like the rest of them now.

His posture shifted, as if sensing Levi’s gaze, and his next words were directed towards Levi.

“I left them,” he said again, louder. His hoarse voice curdled.

“And you’re alive because you did. Get up.”

The man said nothing, the noise of the wagons and ambient voices between them. Finally, he let out a prolonged, quiet groan. “My kids. I left……”

“…And you’re alive because you did. Get up.”

It was the wrong thing to say. Levi clenched his jaw as the man’s low groan sharpened in a guttural noise before he choked it into silence, shuddering from his uneven breaths.

The wagon was close enough that Levi leaned over and heaved the man over his shoulder. The tension of his body made him easier to lift, and, with a grunt, Levi managed to tip the man into the passing wagon, heedless of the people already in there. Somebody yelped in surprise.

As Levi dumped him, his hand whipped out and seized Levi by the breast pocket of his jacket. Levi stumbled, yanked off balance as he was dragged alongside the wagon. In and of itself, the move was not an aggressive one—but the man’s meaty fist was centimeters away from choking Levi with his cravat, and when Levi began to pry the hand off, he had to force down the instinct to start breaking fingers.

“You’re the Survey Corps, aren’t you?” the man forced out. He held fast to Levi’s jacket and stared at him with wild, desperate eyes. “You’re going out there again—you can save them. There’re three, in southeast Maria. You can bring them back.”

Levi knew that he should reassure the man that he would do everything he could to save the kids. It wouldn’t even be a lie, other than the obvious omission that the kids were almost certainly dead.

But Levi let go of the hand clutching his jacket, stepping closer to the wagon and grasping the man by the collar of his tunic, dragging him so that he was hanging partway out of the wagon. “Even if we bring back three kids without a scratch, it doesn’t undo what you did. Find a way to live with it.” Levi released the man’s collar, and the man let go of Levi, but his hand continued to hang in the air between them. Levi came to a stop, watching the wagon roll away. “Come by when we get back to see if we found your kids.”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Levi suffered doubt. It might be better to tell him to give up. But he had already said it, so he turned sharply on his heel and proceeded up towards the gate. He felt people staring, but he steadfastly ignored them, focusing on adjusting his jacket as he walked. He smoothed over the breast pocket where the man had balled his fist. On the pocket was sewn a patch of the wings of freedom, but it had been partly torn off. There was no point keeping it if it could fly off at any moment, so Levi went ahead and ripped it the rest of the way, folding it and tucking it in the opposite, undamaged breast pocket.

As he drew close to the gate, he saw Erwin’s blond head and the group of officers facing him. Conversation was already underway, so Levi slipped in near the back to listen.

Re: All in a Days Work
« Reply #8 on: March 17, 2018, 12:13:53 AM »
There was not much for Erwin to say – or do. Part of his reason for pulling his officers aside was just to acknowledge the reality of the situation that the majority of these people came from their search area outside the wall. They may find a few left behind, but by no means should they expect such a large number of them.

He cleared his throat. “As a reminder to everyone, this is the same type of mission to expect as our last few.  It is another search and rescue mission. I know we’ve been doing this nearly sun-up to sundown since Maria fell, but the end may be in sight. Nevertheless we still will complete this mission as we would all the others.”

He paused, and then continued. “Once the refugees had cleared the area, we will be exiting the district and then moving to the designated search area.” He looked around at his officers. “You know the route – we will move south, then circle eastward and back to the wall afterwards. If you find any useful supplies such as food, water, or horses bring them with us – there may not be many people for us to bring back with us, but nevertheless we need to be as thorough as possible.” He stopped for a moment as he waited for his officers to acknowledge his orders. “Excellent, dismissed. Wait for my order to ride out. Mount up after the last of the refugees pass.” As his officers dispersed, he turned to Levi and offered him a nod. The Survey Corps had their mission, but they had their own. Levi had a squad to build.

A few minutes more passed before Erwin could give the order to move out, but soon he had the Survey Corps galloping through the gates and on to the first village they had to search.

OOC: No titans yet folks! But plenty of scavenging and searching to do so keep your eyes people and feel free to explore! We’ll keep posting here until we move on, so no need to worry about limits, we’ll move things along as you like, and I’ll update things as we go.

Re: All in a Days Work
« Reply #9 on: December 15, 2018, 04:54:53 PM »
Gunther dismounted his horse with ease, stroking a hand down the side of her neck. "Soon," he murmured softly in her ear, which flicked impatiently. He knew she itched to run, having something of a passion for the freedom of running. Though he hardly saw much freedom. Vedette was an odd steed for him, but one he cared for - she was the unruly (for a Survey Corps horse) flame to his calm. Disciplined though she was, she put great effort into wanting to outrace others, or thunder across the plains. It would be her downfall one day, and he knew it.

With others around him talking, the brunet remained silent, waiting for the order. His eyes focused ahead, trying to work out what was going on. As the refugees came through, he kept his chin up, but his gaze softened. They had lost so much. Homes, family, friends, possessions. Some may well expect that they would never recover normality again.

A child walked by, clutching a tattered and - his heart sank - bloodied doll to his chest. His feet dragged, dust and mud caking his shins. He tripped, and Gunther broke from Vedette's side. The boy kneeled in the dirt, shaking, and squeezing the doll to himself. "You can do this," the scout breathed, placing his hands at his sides, and picking him up. He set him down, and rested a hand upon his shoulder. "Keep walking, follow the others, and you'll get through this. Soon you'll rest." He managed a slight smile, and tilted his head to catch the boy's tearful eyes. "Wash both of you off as soon as you have access to water. But drink and eat as well. Don't give up." His voice didn't quite harden, but it became firmer. "Never give up."

An older refugee, perhaps a teenager, had moved closer, and gently nudged the boy onwards. Neither of them spoke.

Gunther returned to his horse, feeling some of his energy drain. It was emotionally exhausting, seeing the horrible conditions survivors returned in, seeing the loss in their eyes and drooping shoulders. He returned in time for the order to move out. Mounting Vedette, he gripped the reins and moved her into position as those around him began to move.

Every survivor was another victory, he told himself. It was more of a struggle than ever to believe it.

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