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Author Topic: A Match Made In Hell (Anka)  (Read 881 times)

A Match Made In Hell (Anka)
« on: February 03, 2018, 09:52:51 PM »
(Year 844, Fall)

Are you fucking kidding me?

These were the thoughts of Mitabi Janrach when a man in his late 50's approached him one day, speaking about his mother Ettie and a niece of his that he'd like Mitabi to meet. The man, Raoul, was someone that was a regular at the Singing Boar Inn. A man who Mitabi remembered from his youth, he knew that meeting this 'niece' was all of his mother's doing.  Ettie Jarnach meant well, and always has, but this was the first time she set up a date outside of Karanes.  Over the years, Ettie has tried to play matchmaker for her son, and admittedly, some of the girls were as lovely as a beautiful spring day, and if Mitabi had been ready to settle down, a few of those girls probably would have made him happy.

Although it broke his mother's heart, Mitabi explained to his mother time and time again that he was not ready to settle down. Yet, this did not deter the small woman with her salt and pepper hair, and fierce determination for her only son to give her grandkids. As years went on, and sweet girls became harder to find, Ettie's matches took an interesting turn.

And now here he was walking alongside his mother's latest match. Light brown eyes grew wide as he felt an explorative hand snake its way down his lower back, checking out the goods he possessed before wrapping around his waist and pulling him in closer to her, causing him to suck in air through his mouth. Inwardly cursing, he held his breath for as long as he could, not wanting to inhale any more of the perfumed stench. Maude, his date,  dressed up far more than he did, her dress cut lower than was socially acceptable left little to the imagination, was more fitting for a night out at a social gathering. His outfit was simple: a jacket with a clean, white, shirt underneath, and pants. Her painted face brought out sharp, angular features and overly groomed brows that Mitabi was sure were more fake than real, gave her an angry or bothered expression. Or was it an expression that she just smelled rotten eggs? Mitabi couldn't quite point his finger on it. Heavily perfumed, the air around the woman caused his eyes to water and his nose to burn, forcing him to become a mouth breather whenever he found him too close to her, which happened to be always.

This was a whole new level of crazy. Had lost Ettie lost her mind? Mitabi certainly hoped not as he could not handle another nightmare such as this one.

Brows knitted together, a look usually saved for when he was on duty, nervous eyes searched for a way out of the woman's hold. Casually he tried to create space between the two of them, but the action only caused the woman to smirk, creating a contrasting image as her brows did not change and mold to the new expression she wore. Well, at least he knew they were in fact painted on.

"Oh honey, I am not letting you go that easily."  Thin fingers, once more took time to explore his lower body, giving his cheeks a firm squeeze before sliding an arm underneath his, giving the appearance they were a thing.

Fuck me

Wait. No. Take that back.  Mitabi was sure that's exactly what this Maude woman wanted to do to him. Walking arm in arm from stall to stall, Maude showed off her prize, telling all of those she knew that she had found herself a military man. Never before has he been paraded around as if he was a prized animal being ready to be sold to the highest bidder.  Mitabi wanted to run away and find a hole to hid from the woman.

The day was coming to an end as the sun would soon set, washing away the blue sky and painting it shades of red and orange.  The woman, not wanting to let her catch go, brought them to a bench. Mitabi, eyes redden from the constant onslaught of eye-watering perfume, faced the woman, putting on a brave, but fake smile, secretly praying that this would be the end of their time together. 

Unfortunately, the woman took this a sign of sadness; that Mitabi did not want to part ways just yet. Grabbing the side of his face, Maude kissed his cheek before bringing his head to her chest, wrapping him a tight, smothering embrace. Thank goodness her chest had not been any larger, or he would have been sucked in completely. Cooing, Maude stroked the back of his head, much like a mother would do to an upset child. Stuck in an awkward position, he tried to pull away but met resistance everytime he did. “Oh, how lucky for me to find myself a big ol’ softie!”

When attempts to wiggle himself out of her hold proved futile, Mitabi pleaded to be let go, which, muffled by the chest in which his was face planted, went unheard. Shifting his head to the side as much as allowed, the man inhaled deeply catching a bit of fresh air, his one free eye peering out to passerbys who looked at him funny.

God he hoped that the patrons who frequented the market were none that he knew. How embarrassing if he is squadmates saw him in such a compromising position. « Last Edit: February 16, 2018, 11:03:53 PM by Mitabi Jarnach »

Re: A Match Made In Hell (Anka)
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 12:48:35 AM »
Anka was making the most of her day off. She had indulged in a bath instead of just a quick wash in the basin, using the apple scented soap she had treated herself to during her last trip to the marketplace and she enjoyed her breakfast with a book instead of wolfing down a hunk of bread while going over paperwork before dawn.

Dressed neatly in a brown skirt that reached her ankles, green blouse, and a knit tan sweater, Anka wandered from stall to stall - touching this and smelling that. It was still so novel to her that she could afford a fair amount of what was for sale here. Anka sent a portion of her pay to her family - but it had been less as of late. Claudia was married and living away and her parents had found steady work. Still...if she could ease their burden just a little bit, she was willing to part with some coin.

One stall Anka always tried to stop at was the bookseller. A middle-aged woman with hair down to her belt and eyes that glimmered with knowledge - Anka enjoyed talking to her and she would put aside new books she thought Anka would like. Today she handed Anka a large book that was filled with drawings of trees and flowers. Anka had bought it immediately. It would be a good read and there were a few other Garrison members who shared her love for plants that she could loan it to.

While she had been chatting to the bookseller, Anka had spied a very familiar form. Tall and broad and having been known half her life at this point - Mitabi was unmistakable.  And so was the woman he was with. Anka was shocked. Was Mitabi with a...well was Mitabi with a prostitute? In broad daylight?

Anka knew that more than a few of the Garrison members visited the local brothels.  That was just the way of it. But the idea of Mitabi with a...ahem...lady of the night...it did not sit with Anka.

Thanking the bookseller, Anka slipped the book into her bag and headed in the direction she saw Mitabi and the woman go.

Cooing, Maude stroked the back of his head, much like a mother would do to an upset child. Stuck in an awkward position, he tried to pull away but met resistance everytime he did. “Oh, how lucky for me to find myself a big ol’ softie!”

The sight Anka witnessed as she walked in their directed was enough to make her stop dead in her tracks and just stare - half amused and half horrified. She caught Mitabi's eye and raised her free hand in a gesture that said what the hell are you doing...God she could smell the woman's perfume from here.

"Rise up."

Re: A Match Made In Hell (Anka)
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2018, 08:32:33 AM »
He could not lie, the moment Mitabi laid his eyes on Maude, he questioned if this woman was indeed the man's niece.  Everything about Maude from the choice of her dress and the stench of her perfume to her rather handsy and loose actions screamed that she was anything, but the innocent niece who claimed to be waiting for the man of her dreams. What kind of uncle let his niece reveal so much in public anyways?

But Mitabi did not have it in him to inquire about Maude's profession, besides Ettie would surely beat her grown son for embarrassing a woman in a such a way. So feigning excitement, the soldier went through with the date his mother had set up for him. Sometimes being a momma's boy was a dangerous thing; sometimes it lead you straight into a trap: Maude's bosom. The bosom was a powerful thing, and usually, Mitabi could appreciate its power, but not today.  As Maude pressed him closer to her, his free eye fell upon a familiar face.

Anka Rheinberger



Why her of all the people to spot him with his face planted in a chest of a rather characteristic woman? Why not Ian? Sure, he'd harass Mitabi until the day death took one of them, but hell, he was sure several rounds of alcohol would have been enough to buy off Ian, keeping the secret between them. Even Rico, who would surely lecture him until his ears fell off, would have been a better person to stumble upon them.  Anka, well, Mitabi didn't want her to get the wrong idea.

The picture that Mitabi and Maude painted must have looked so so wrong. God, he was so embarrassed right now. Wide-eyed, Mitabi, keeping his hand low as not to draw attention to it,  gestured back I don't know.  Not knowing what else to do, he wounded his pride even more than it already was by mouthing please save me. 

((OOC: Let me know you need anything changed or added.  ))


Re: A Match Made In Hell (Anka)
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2018, 03:01:06 AM »
Anka felt the slightest surge of something that could have been jealousy when she took in the sight of Mitabi and the woman. She ran her free hand down her skirt and pursed her lips. Well...if Mitabi wanted to spend his time embarrassing himself with a...a...whatever this woman was...he was free to do so. In the daylight though? He was an officer for goodness sake.

She knew Mitabi was popular with women. Handsome and kind natured - he would be. He brought enough of them back to the officer's wing for her and everyone else to know this. But they never seemed like prostitutes. Anka was not sure if this woman was a working girl - and she made no judgment to that fact - but Mitabi should know better. And there was that nagging little spark of something Anka could not truly place.

However, when their eyes met and Mitabi mouthed “Plese save me,” to Anka - she felt some of the annoyance drop. Their eyes held for a moment.

Clever enough and having heard stories of his mother - she thought she was able to put the pieces together slightly. This might be one of the girls that his mother was trying to set him up with. He had mentioned a few times the women were getting “weirder.” Chewing her lip for a second, Anka thought.

Shit, she saw me, Anka thought as the woman’s eyes found her. And she had seen that look a thousand times. Though no longer clad in patched and ill-fitting clothing, Anka still cut a plain and conservative figure. She could not compete…

Shaking her head - Anka squared her jaw and strode towards the “couple.” Switching her bag to the other hand so she could salute, she did so and said loudly, “Team Leader Jarnach, apologies sir but all officers are needed back at headquarters. Now.” Formal, firm, stern, and cold. Anka Rheinberger at her finest.

She let her eyes pass between Mitabi and the woman and waited. She could already tell this woman wanted Mitabi and that there may be a struggle. This was not what Anka had planned for her day off. Mitabi. Owed. Her.
« Last Edit: February 22, 2018, 04:20:02 AM by Anka Rheinberger »

"Rise up."

Re: A Match Made In Hell (Anka)
« Reply #4 on: June 16, 2018, 06:59:46 AM »
Maude was very much a woman looking - no - she was a woman hunting for a man, very much like a predator stalks its prey, looking for the one who would be easy to pounce on and trap within her clutch. And Mitabi was, in her opinion, easy prey. A military man with a mother who was desperate to wed him off.  How perfect was that? Her uncle had done well, not to mention that he was a cute one to boot. Perhaps she'd be able to reel him in and live a comfortable life in the care of the Jarnach family? Oh yes, that would be simply wonderful.

She felt him wiggling and smiled ever so slightly, but little did she know, Mitabi was not squirming because he was happy to be pressed against her bosom, but rather attempting to escape it. The heavily perfumed woman turned her head, her darkly lined eyes glancing at the crowd until they caught a small, plain woman staring at them. There was something in the way the woman looked at her precious Mitabi that - well - instantly pissed her off.  The corner of her eye twitched as her red stained lips pressed into each other creating a thin and unattractive tight line.  The woman and Maude starred at each other, her dark eyes throwing daggers at the other. If looks could kill, Maude would be a wanted woman. 

Mitabi prayed, to the whatever gods who would listen, that soon he would be out of awful date and that Anka would be the answer to his prayers. He knew that he was asking a lot from her, especially on her day off. Oh how Anka must think so poorly of him. The scene must have given his friend the wrong impression. Damnit. 

Luckily, for him, Anka was the heavenly gift he had wished for. SHE WAS GOING TO GET HIM OUT OF THIS GOD FORESAKEN MESS!

Too bad the mess was about to get a whole lot messier.

Maude pushed herself away from Mitabi freeing him from the bosom prison in which he had been held against his will. Sitting up, Mitabi inhaled deeply, breathing in the lovely scent of Trost, his lungs filling to capacity as he bathed in his new found freedom.

Maude watched as Mitabi's eyes unintentionally lit up as the small chested woman approached. Letting out a scoff,  she crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. 

“Team Leader Jarnach, apologies sir but all officers are needed back at headquarters. Now.”

Anka Rheinberger was all business, despite donning civilian attire and the shopping bag in her hand. By the walls, was she good at her job.  Mitabi scurried onto his feet and began to return the salute, but he never got the chance to finish. Maude, grabbing his arm back with surprising force, pulled Mitabi backward forcing him to sit back down as she got up. 

"He is not going anywhere, especially not with the likes of you." Maude circled Anka slowly as she spoke, allowing her words to linger and take their time rolling off her tongue. "You. A soldier. Please." Completing her circle, Maude stopped in front of Anka. "Nice try. Now scram you - ugly duckling - and leave me to my man." 

Mitabi sat there mouth agape, a mixture of surprise, horror, disgust, hurt played on his features. He couldn't believe what he just heard. What he seen. Obviously, Maude did not believe Anka to be here on orders, that much was clear, but was Maude really jealous? Did she think Anka was here to claim him as her own? Anka? They were friends, not secret lovers or anything. Wait. He did not belong to Maude in the first place. This whole situation was turning into a headache...in more ways than one. 

(Soooooo I hope this ok.  I wanted to let Anka reply before Mitabi goes oh no you didn't on Maude....unless Anka does that first because yeah. Let me know if this is ok or if you want more to work with Mitabi)

Re: A Match Made In Hell (Anka)
« Reply #5 on: July 12, 2018, 02:43:04 AM »
(Small chested woman is Anka’s new code name.)

Anka could not help but blink in surprise when Mitabi was forced back onto the bench. He was one of the physically strongest people she knew so this woman must really...well...be invested in whatever relationship there was. Anka held Mitabi's eyes a moment longer before turning her calm gaze back to the woman.

She was several inches taller than Anka with a much more...voluptuous build. Her features could have been pleasant had they not been covered in too much powder and rouge. She looked to be a little older than Mitabi and Anka - though that could have just been the heavy makeup. Wait...did she pluck all of her brows out and paint them on? Why would someone do that? Anka had never been one for fashion - but that just seemed extreme.

When she was growing up, Anka would sometimes watch the stray cats fight over scraps of food or a wounded mouse. Anka noticed how the woman's eyes darted from Mitabi - who Anka surmised was the wounded mouse, and then back to her - and Anka was apparently the other cat.

Anka did not want to be the other cat. She wanted to take her book back to her room and read. And then take a bath with her apple soap. Maybe go see what Ian, Arkin, or Gustav was up to. Not this. Still...Mitabi had rescued her more than a few times over the course of their friendship. Hell...the first time they met he had defended her honor and almost gotten himself in trouble. And there was the incident with the potted plant at the Dirty Donkey a few years back...alright she owed him.

But did this woman really think she wanted Mitabi? Wanted Mitabi Jarnach? The fool on the bench? Wanted him... in...that...way? That was a silly thought. Ridiculous really. Totally mad. Out of the question.

"He is not going anywhere, especially not with the likes of you." Maude circled Anka slowly as she spoke, allowing her words to linger and take their time rolling off her tongue. "You. A soldier. Please." Completing her circle, Maude stopped in front of Anka. "Nice try. Now scram you - ugly duckling - and leave me to my man."

One would think that at pushing 30 - harsh words about her appearance would no longer bother her - still, the words stung. She hid it well, only the slightest twitch of her eye and nose to show.

“Well, ma’am. You have a few things wrong,” Anka said in a steady and almost bored tone. “I am a soldier. Let me ask you a question. Why would ‘your man’ rise and try to salute me if I was not a soldier?” She waited for a moment before adding, “We could just ask him though,” she inclined her head respectfully towards Mitabi, “Team Leader Jarnach? Sir? Am I soldier?” She had set her bag on the ground at this point and stood almost at attention, her hands locked behind her back.

She decided to ignore the ugly duckling comment for the moment. She had seen the look of disgust on Mitabi's fact at the woman's word and was reminded why she did like the big lug so much. He had one of the kindest hearts she knew.

“Now as I was saying, Team Leader Jarnach is needed back at Headquarters.” She looked from Mitabi to the woman and back again. Waiting to see what happened.

(If Maude could maybe give Anka a little shove - that would be super cool. Let me know if anything needs changing.:-) « Last Edit: July 12, 2018, 02:44:31 AM by Anka Rheinberger »

"Rise up."


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