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Author Topic: Nack Tierce  (Read 699 times)

Nack Tierce
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:11:33 AM »

NAME: Nack Tierce
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Ace (apparently); Grapple (apparently)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 18 June 830 (15)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Karanes District, Wall Rose
FACE CLAIM: Himself, Attack on Titan

APPEARANCE: Of average build, Nack would never use the word 'average' to describe any part of him, but he is neither weak-muscled or bulging with muscles. His hair is dark brown, swept back with a comb each morning and each night, and finely trimmed to never appear too long, or, worse, have it conceal his brown eyes. When not in uniform, he can be found in plain clothes that say nothing to his actual style, asides 'in' right now - he likes to wear clothes that are popular but aren't 'poor', which is his whole style: as long as he doesn't look like he's grabbed somebody's secondhand trousers or a completely out of fashion top, he's content.

PERSONALITY: Nack exudes confidence, and is especially keen to talk about himself, though not to a tiresome amount. His dedication to his looks and how he is perceived by others comes from a deep-seated fear of being alone and forgotten. For this reason, he is a fabulist - one who makes up plenty of lies that seem to just about sound possible, but don't always add up. Of course he's seen a Titan, he saw one when he visited his cousin and managed to sneak up on the Wall, he tells one person, only a few weeks later to tell somebody else that he doesn't have any cousins, or he's never seen a Titan before. Connected in, he is imitative of those who are popular - he craves friends and to be told he's good enough, or even the best, so when he sees people who are truly popular, he tries to imitate them, stealing their beliefs and passing them off as his own, even if they contradict what he's previously stated he believes in.

For all the lies he tells, those who speak to him in confidence will never see him betray their trust - even if he wanted to imitate them, his loyalty to his friends and even those he just wishes were his friends stays firm. He is far more forgiving of people than he rightfully should be, as he hopes they might return the favour when it is he asking for forgiveness. His insecurities burn black within him, and every chance possible to stay 'on top' is taken.

Never a leader, always a follower. He is obedient to the letter, though this results in him being overwhelmingly questioning when orders are unclear or he believes that there are some difficulties in achieving them. As punctual as can be, he arrives for everything early, and thinks the idea of being 'fashionably late' is 'fashionably idiotic' (or so he told one of his fellow cadets their first week). Nack is so cautious about how he is perceived, and even more cautious on making sure he understands what is expected of him, and how to go about life.

+ confident
+ forgiving
+ generous
+ punctual
+ sociable
+ trustworthy

- athazagoraphobic (fear of being forgotten)
- cautious
- fabulist
- narcissistic
- restless
- submissive

+ to join the Garrison (though he'd prefer the Military Police).
+ to befriend everybody (especially the people he finds 'important').

- being alone and forgotten.
- being found out.


Nack was not an only child, but he felt he might as well have been. His older sister had no patience for him, his mother was frequently absent, and his grandparents expected him to be perfect no matter what he did. His father was his saving grace, the only one who made time for him and made him feel loved. Yet Ernst had his own problems, a deep-seated paranoia of everybody outside of the family caused frequent upset - neither child was encouraged to make friends, told to keep their heads down, to never attract attention.

The reasoning for this was his wife Holle's family business. While the Tierce family were happily comfortable in their money, it came from illicit actions. Holle, together with her brother and sister, headed a group of con artists who ran different businesses - her sister, a building company, her brother, a transport company, and she, a market stall. The builders did the cheapest possible jobs, and stole from their clients as needed. The transport company were mysteriously attacked by thieves every few months, and kept moving between villages so news of this did not spread far enough. The market stall relied on produce stolen from farms and orchards, and no actual work was put into gathering the food.

While Nack and his sister Verena lived a comfortable life, they were constantly aware of the strange faces that visited their home. It was an open secret to the children, and they were expected to put up with it. Their mother did not care for them, and rarely even spoken to them when she was not dedicating her life to stealing from others. Ernst struggled, and struggled even further with the pressure of Holle's parents expecting the children to go into the business one day.

Their supposed paradise came to an end when Holle was found out. She was arrested, and not wept for. But the lack of income meant that the family began to struggle - Ernst tried to get a job, but by that time the neighbourhood had found out about his wife's dealings, and word spread. Refusal after refusal came. When the other siblings were arrested too, it shattered his standing amongst others. He became a recluse, and his children only left the house to attend school.

Holle had made enemies in her time. When Nack was little more than 11, a knock at the door signalled the arrival of somebody wanting payback. They took out their anger on Ernst, caring not for the sleeping children upstairs who heard his screams. By morning, their father was dead, the children having been too terrified to creep down to help him even after the brutes had left.

Nack settled into a depression soon after, terrified of offending anybody in case such a fate awaited him. They went to live with a family friend, one who had been involved in Holle's business but had been able to claim innocence - she had never stolen, only sold, and there was no evidence against her. Yet temptations flared, and all too soon Nack began to notice the strangers who turned up, and how much time Fredda spent out at night. He discovered she had been pulled back into such work by accident, tripping over a box filled with jewels. She swore him to secrecy, and he remained quiet.

Two years later, and Fredda took his mother's fate, arrested at her own house after being spotted with a necklace she had pilfered. Nack did not defend her, even when asked if he had seen her wear it before it was said to be stolen, but nor did he throw her to the dogs. Verena was old enough to be his guardian, so they remained in the house, his sister getting a job, taking the chance to change her surname and act as though she'd never heard of the Tierce family outside the walls of their home. He remained, clinging to the memory of his father.

He was helping her with delivering a parcel when they were jumped by thieves. Terrified, he had only been able to crouch down, clutching at the parcel for dear life, while Verena fought back, refusing to lose the one thing she still had left - a life of her own, not her brother. A Garrison soldier stepped in, and though they had not seen how it had begun, only finding bloodied fists and angry voices, he took in the sight of the 14 year old scared out of his wits, and offered to escort the two on their journey. Incredibly grateful, Nack answered for his sister, much to her annoyance, and found a role model in the soldier who so kindly supported them in their time of need.

Nack was conscripted at the age of 15. Verena was relieved to be rid of the last burden of her upbringing, and sent him off as immediately as possible. Alone, he travelled with another fledgling cadet from his neighbourhood, one who had not had the chance to get to know him well, being younger. He took the chance, reinventing himself, even claiming that he still had both parents, and a larger family, with no Verena in sight. This, and the lie that he had enlisted, were the only lies he could solidly stick to, out of fear of being shunned if they knew the truth.

AGE: 21

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Re: Nack Tierce
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