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Author Topic: Pub Crawling  (Read 1079 times)

Pub Crawling
« on: February 05, 2018, 03:59:48 AM »
((Pre 845 thread - Ian, Mitabi, and Anka are in their early 20's))

As the small group of Garrison soldiers neared the first tavern of the night, Mitabi breathed a sigh of relief. The drinking establishment was a most welcomed sight.  The day had been long and rather boring, and when looking forward to something as fun as a night out, cannon maintenance was almost as bad as paperwork. Almost. 

Mitabi, while not known for his skills as a strategist, was proud to have helped hatch a plan as good as this one. Ian, a friend from their training days, was his partner in crime, and together they came up with a plan that would hopefully convince the lovely Anka Rheinberger to join them on a night out sampling the finest drinks that Trost had to offer -- well -- perhaps not the finest as the three of them would have to save coin for sometime before they could afford such a luxury. Despite the limitations that coin presented to them, the places Mitabi frequented served ale that didn't taste like piss, and the hard liquor was not watered down to increase profits, which was a rare find these days.

The trio stood in front of their first destination of the night -- Mitabi's first choice -- The Dirty Donkey.  Admittedly, he enjoyed the name more than anything else. "Anka Rheinberger,  while we are young and free of burdens of family and duties, you are going to drink with us!" His light brown eyes glimmered with excitement and the promise of a good time. Wrapping an arm around the smaller girl's shoulder to pull her close, Mitabi gave her a squeeze before letting her go. Of course, he'd never force her to drink, but he hoped that she would let down her hair just this once. "Say we go in?" « Last Edit: February 05, 2018, 04:05:05 AM by Mitabi Jarnach »

Re: Pub Crawling
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 11:35:04 AM »
(OOC​:  This is going to be fuuuuun!  :D​ *in the distance LMFAO's Shots plays*​)

It had been a long, hard day of graft.  Working within the Garrison Regiment was often an arduous blend of physical exertion - walking miles along the Wall during daily inspections, maintaining the mounted guns, di​s​patching Titans whe​n necessary - plus contending with mountains of mind-numbing paperwork upon return.  There were soldiers who slacked, who spent their days drinking and gambling, half-heartedly keeping watch on the inner gate into the district, and that only added to the burgeoning workloads of those who applied themselves. 

In the ​twilight​​, the wooden-framed tavern​ ​​loomed, the soft glow of lanterns spilling through its windows.  It was a beacon, one that promised warmth and drink, drawing military personnel and would-be career brides to it like moths.  At least tonight good company was guaranteed, what with Mitabi and Anka at his side.  His broad, kindly friend was in good spirits, his humour infectious.  Ian couldn't help but smile, watching as Anka was wrapped up by a powerful arm.​ "Young and free..." he echoed, chuckling quietly, feeling anything but - though that was nothing copious amounts of alcohol wouldn't fix.  ​"Ah now, look at that face of his.  You can't disappoint the man, Anka!"​

Still laughing, the sound low and smoky in his throat, Ian pushed the heavy wooden door, holding it open for his companions.  ​"First round's on me," Ian asserted brightly, his offer firm enough to broach no argument​, while his keen grey eyes scanned the room​  It was pleasantly warm, a fire roaring the large hearth, and the heavy air was permeated with the scents of liquor and ale.  Spotting an empty booth, Ian nudged Mitabi with his elbow and nodded in its direction.  ​"I'm goin' straight for the hard stuff.  What do you two want?"

Signature by the wonderful SilverWings! <3

Re: Pub Crawling
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2018, 03:05:40 AM »
(OOC: We played "Shots" at our wedding. It was classy for sure  o.O O.o)

Anka crossed her arms over her chest and sighed. How did she get talked into this? Well...she knew. Ian and Mitabi could be very persuasive. And maybe a night out - a sedate night out - would do her good. Letting off steam was good. Right?

"Young and free?" Anka repeated back, "Are we young anymore?" Barely into her twenties now - Anka certainly felt old at times. But had always felt older than her years. "Well, I am younger than both of you," she added with a bit of a smirk.  She sighed again when Mitabi threw an arm around her - but leaned into his comforting form and smiled.

"The Dirty Donkey? Really...I mean really?" Back in her home district there was a tavern called The Boiled Cat - so it's not like taverns needed great names. Still...Dirty Donkey did make the very corners of her mouth turn up - if only a little.

She looked at Ian and Mitabi for a moment. They had known each other going on a decade at this point and both meant the world to her. Mitabi had defended her against a bully (who had washed out during 3DM training. She and Mitabi had gone to wave him off) and Ian had been someone who could truly relate to the hardships of her youth. She loved both very much.

"Disappoint Mitabi?" Anka returned with another small smile, "Hmm that would be hard I think. We all know he is Mr. Easy to Please."

Anka smoothed her skirt down and buttoned another button on her blouse before walking into the tavern. 

"The hard stuff?" Anka asked Ian as they stood at the bar, "Maybe the not so hard stuff for me."

"Rise up."

Re: Pub Crawling
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2018, 09:28:27 AM »
"Come on Anka. The Dirty Donkey is a great name! It is full of character!"  Mitabi loved places with character; they reminded of his family's inn and all the interesting people that came and went.

 His momma once told him, "Home is where the heart is," and this couldn't be truer whenever his two closest friends blessed him with their company.  Mitabi was happy that they shard in his enthusiasm for the night to come; they all deserved to let loose after all.

Contorting his face into a cheesy expression when Ian mentioned disappointment,  Mitabi tossed the look to Anka before following Ian into the tavern, but not before catching a glimpse of Anka buttoning up her blouse some more. "I am not easy to please!" Bringing his hand to his chest, he feigned offense, only to break character as he met the tavern's welcoming embrace. 

"First round's on me,"

Mitabi knew better to argue with Ian on the matter. When the guy made up his mind, he made up his mind. Besides, it would just waste precious time they could be drinking, and Mitabi hated wasting time he could be enjoying a good drink. He'd make sure to get the next round.

"Maybe the not so hard stuff for me."

Mitabi, leaning in towards Anka, chuckled softly. "Ian always goes straight for the hard stuff. This guy is a fucking fish, only a fool will try to keep up with him." Straightening up, he added. "My sister is particularly fond of honey wine, perhaps that, if it is available. If not, ale is a good place to start. As for me" a wicked grin spread across his lips "I can't have you showing me up Dietrich.  I will have whatever you are having."   

Mitabi was that fool and a proud one at that.

"Now, shall we go claim a booth before we find ourselves having to stand while we drink?" He asked Anka - a protective hand coming to rest on her shoulder - waiting for her move towards the booth Ian had pointed out earlier. « Last Edit: February 27, 2018, 09:30:42 AM by Mitabi Jarnach »

Re: Pub Crawling
« Reply #4 on: March 12, 2018, 03:10:05 AM »
Anka looked at Mitabi, “Well...we have The Boiled Cat back home so I suppose Dirty Donkey is not the worst name. I still don’t know about the character.” Her lips quirked into the smallest smile as she allowed Mitabi to guide her into the tavern and towards the counter.

Ian and Mitabi certainly seemed at home in the tavern. She was at home with Mitabi and Ian so she felt alright.  It hit her that they had known each other a decade at this point. Anka had quick flashes of her first meetings with Ian and Mitabi - very different but no less important - and felt a surge of appreciation and fraternal love. Mostly.

“Yes you are easy please,” Anka said dryly, looking up at Mitabi with one hand on her hip, “It takes so little to make you happy. You are the easiest person to please. It’s not a bad thing.”

The tavern was rather pleasant. She had to agree with that. It was warm and warmth was always something Anka sought out. A few times, during camping missions, her would roll so close to the fire in her sleep in search of heat - that someone would have to pull her sleeping form away lest she get burned. One time her hair had actually gotten singed.

“Honey Wine?” Anka asked, looking up at Mitabi, “I think I could handle that.” Anka was not very experienced with drinking. She had only gone out once or twice before. “Honey Wine if they have it then. Ale if they don't,” she called to Ian.

When Mitabi put a hand on her shoulder, her stomach fluttered just slightly. “Booth? Good idea.” She began to make her way towards the booth Ian had pointed out. Someone bumped into her hard enough to knock her off balance a little. Anka shot the person a glare and kept moving.

Once seated in the booth, she noted that it was tall enough her feet did not touch the floor.  She was used to that, but it still made her feel like a child.

“Wait - so how hard is the hard stuff? Am I going to be dragging you two back to the barracks? You know if you want to make officer you can’t be getting sloppy all the time. You have to take care of yourself and make a good impression.” She nodded - obviously agreeing with herself.

"They didn't have smaller glasses?" Anka asked as Ian appeared with their drinks- intimidated by the size of hers.

"Rise up."

Re: Pub Crawling
« Reply #5 on: March 17, 2018, 01:04:59 AM »
The order Ian put in was extensive enough that the barmaid quirked her brow, and moved to fetch a tray.  Honey wine for Anka, four pints of ale - two for himself, two for Mitabi - along with two double servings of whiskey and brandy both.  When they were all poured and ready, their tankards and tumblers pressed haphazardly together on the tray, Ian made payment.  Soon enough, he would switch to a tab.  Once the alcohol flooded his bloodstream, it wouldn’t be feasible for him to keep rummaging in his pockets.

Between his slender frame and his many years experience, he was able to navigate the throng with relative ease.  Only a little of the ale frothed and spilled over the rim.  Catching up to his friends, Ian slid the tray onto the claimed table with a smile.  ​“For the lady,” he offered, placing Anka’s honey wine in front of her.  A husky laugh rose in her throat at the question - a question he found rather sweet.  “Don’t worry, you can nurse it all night long if you want.  We won’t judge.  Right, Mr. Easy to Please?”  Glancing to Mitabi, Ian deftly lifted two pints and two measures and set them in front of him.

With his companions served, Ian slid into a seat, and removed his drinks from the tray.  What followed next was an artform.  It began with a toast - Ian clicked his tankard first against Anka’s and then Mitabi’s own, with the murmured words “Here’s to a good night.” - and then he was off.

Swiftly, he knocked back half of the first ale, opening up space in the flagon.  Into this, he then tipped his two double liquors.  Idly, he swirled the tankard, mixing its intoxicating contents, while his other hand already patted down his body, seeking his cigarettes.  Finding his tobacco tin, he set the drink down, taking this moment to pluck a pre-rolled cigarette and perch it between his lips.  Striking a match, he ignited the tip, the ember glowing in the half-light, and he extinguished the flaming stick with a sharp shake.  The smell of match smoke was familiar and appealing, and much easier on the nose than cigarette smoke.  Mindful of his friends, he turned his head and exhaled his first draw away from them. 

A drink in hand - well, one and a half drinks, technically - and his cigarette now resting casually between his fingers, Ian felt set to enjoy himself.  Grey eyes flicked almost mischievously between Anka and Mitabi.  ​“Reckon we can be excused from paperwork tomorrow?”

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Re: Pub Crawling
« Reply #6 on: June 05, 2018, 02:47:57 AM »
Anka had to admit, the honey wine did look rather appealing. It was a nice amber color. She tentatively lifted the glass and took a sniff. It smelled softly sweet. Not quite like honey - but nice enough. Anka hesitated before taking a sip. Then she took another sip before taking a big gulp.  “Not bad.” Another gulp.

“Why did you mix those drinks?” Anka asked Ian as she studied interior the tavern. On some of the tables, there were flowers set in the middle. The same ones she had seen growing along the path to the door. She took another drink and noted that she had drained about half the glass at this point.

Anka looked back and forth between Mitabi and Ian as Ian lit his cigarette. She did not mind the smell or the smoke. Her father smoked - although the tobacco Ian used seemed to be nicer than what her father did. Ian had actually helped her pick out some to send to her father a little while back. Joachim Rheinberger had been very appreciative.

“Reckon we can be excused from paperwork tomorrow?”

"No." She looked over the rim of her glass at Ian and squinted, "Nope!" Anka shook her head and mouthed "no" one more time.

"How is everyone's family doing?" Anka asked. Claudia, her younger sister, was engaged to be married. Anka also thought Mitabi's sister was about to have a baby - though she could not remember at the moment. And Ian always had the most...interesting stories about his mother.

Through a slight fog, she found herself thinking about how different Ian and Mitabi were though they complimented each other well. Anka was glad they met. And she was thankful she met them. Anka drained her class and slammed it on the table harder than she meant to. "I'm glad you two are friends. Good friends."

Anka looked at her empty glass for a long moment before picking it back up and glancing between Ian and Mitabi, "So do I just go and ask for another one?" Another pause, "What are you two drinking? I'll try that next. What about the stuff in the little glasses?"

"Rise up."


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