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Author Topic: Sophia Maier  (Read 806 times)

Sophia Maier
« on: February 06, 2018, 11:25:14 PM »

NAME:  Sophia Maier
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  January 1st, 835, 10
PLACE OF BIRTH: Quinta District
GENDER: Female
MEMBER GROUP: Training Corps - Cadet
FACE CLAIM: Nina, Gangsta

Sophia is a small youth who stands at just under 145cm. Her body is fairly slim, appearing as if a strong gust of wind could easily push her away in the breeze. While she does have some muscle tone, it is lean and difficult to notice- showing a clear focus on cardiovascular exercise. She has fair colored skin that is rather clear and soft. The only mar on said skin is hidden under the shadows of her chin. A long and jagged scar runs across the upper part of her neck.

Her hair is kept cut short- going down to just beneath her ears. Sophia's hair is a light brown that verges on near ginger coloring depending on the lighting. Her large and wide eyes are a aqua blue coloring that dances between a marine green and a clear mint blue in varying lights. Sophia can usually be found wearing her trainee uniform. When not in it, her clothing is very simple and cute. A common sight is her hands being bandaged- something she claims is done to help her grip on the 3DMG.

Sophia has often been called the 'light' of the Training Corps. With a bright smile and seemingly optimistic attitude, the girl has always helped push along others around her. Her smiling ways and brave nature have made her a popular girl among the boys (and girls) who are currently training with her. She's very well known for being the first to volunteer for drills or difficult tasks. She shows vested interest in others, and her nosiness is generally done out of concern for others- making her a motherly influence in the Training Corpse. Over all, despite being one of the younger and smaller members of the class, Sophia has set herself aside as a leader figure in the group.

The bright and chipper smile hides a completely different person beneath. Sophia is a stubborn child forcefully pushing her way into a dangerous world. For every morning she greets her fellow trainees with a bright smile, there is a full night of her obsessively training until her hands bleed- which is then hidden by bandages. Sophia has an almost obsessive goal to join the Survey Corps and reclaim her home. However, she hides it well. After all, she has people to protect. It wouldn't do any good to have Simon worrying over her any more than he currently is. As much as she obsesses over reclaiming her home, this obsession extends to protecting others as well.

So, most know Sophia has the kind hearted but brave young girl from the doomed town of Quinta. She helps others when needed, and her tragic backstory is one of many in the Training Corps. They don't know the reckless, obsessive child hiding beneath the smile.

-Hard Working
-Quick Witted

-Overly Protective

-Join the Survey Corps
-Reclaim Quinta
-Find Simon a suitable bride
-Purge Corruption within the Walls

-Being Eaten
-Falling while using the 3DMG
-Failing to Graduate
-Dying and leaving Simon alone

Sophia is the child of a doctor and his wife. She was born in the town of Quinta, and her life was relatively quaint. She spent time playing in the streets and enjoyed a comfortable life. Every so often her uncle Simon would appear on breaks from his military service to tell her stories about the outside world. He was a member of the Survey Corps- the bravest people in all the land! Of course, the gory details here kept out, but Sophia loved his stories. She became rather close to him, forming a special bond. Sophia gained an idealization of the military through him, and she'd look up at the wall with a wide smile every day.

The day the titans breached Wall Maria, Quinta's faith was sealed. The town was one of the four outcropped districts along the outer wall. What sealed their faith was not the titans from outside the walls, but those coming from withing Wall Maria after breaching the Shiganshina District's walls. The titans marched West towards Quinta, sealing off most viable escape routes as they became trapped inside their district.

In the chaos to be one of the lucky few to escape while they could, a large cart was toppled onto Sophia separating her from her parents. Luckily, the girl survived, but barely. Unfortunately, she was then grabbed by a desperate man who held a knife to her throat. He was trying to hold her hostage to be allowed to evacuate. The Garrison couldn't do anything to help him, and the knife slit her throat. Sophia blacked out and only awoke to find herself in the arms of Simon as he rode on a horse. Blood dropped down from her throat as she started to try screaming for her parents. Unfortunately no sound came out- her voice box had been crushed in the incident. However, this was actually fortunate. The girl's screams would have lured even more titans to them as they escaped on horseback. For the next two days, Sophia clung to Simon, silently screaming into his chest as they rode for Wall Rose- titans always in the distance.

Once in the safety of Wall Rose, Sophia found herself living with Simon. Her voice had been among the many casualties of that faithful day, however despite this, the girl pushed forward. Like many, she was fueled by something primal- something deep. Hatred. Against Simon's wishes, Sophia began to look towards the Training Corpse with on clear goal in mind: The Survey Corps. Even before she was old enough to attend, Sophia prepared. Early morning runs became normal. Push ups as well.

When the day finally came for her to enroll, Sophia had to sneak out to fill out the paperwork. Simon wouldn't realize she went against him until he faced her on the first day of training. Still, despite his protests, Sophia excelled in the Training Corps. She took to 3DMG like a fish took to water. Her small stature and light weight made it especially easy for her to maneuver herself about quickly- while using less fuel than others as well. However, her small stature currently makes cutting through the back of the test dummy's necks difficult- if not impossible. As such, Sophia continues to struggle while trying to keep her head up.

AGE: 23

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