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Author Topic: Green to Go. [ODM Aptitude Test]  (Read 1145 times)

Green to Go. [ODM Aptitude Test]
« on: February 07, 2018, 10:44:03 AM »
[ open to up to 6 cadets, June 846 - ODM Aptitude Test ]

CURRENT TEAM and posting order
Mara | Sophia | Reiner | Struna | 5 | 6

The trees before her seemed to stretch right up into the clouds, the canopy a dark mess of leaves and disappearing branches. She swallowed her nerves, thinking of just how high they were, and thinking they might well pale in comparison to other forests outside of Wall Rose. How far did the forest stretch though? Four sashes to collect, in such a mass of trees, with lurking Titan dummies throughout. It could take hours, or even days, to cover so much of it. No, of course it wouldn't take days. But it was still a race to get it all quickly, and if it took hours to cover the entire forest, then that meant they were all wildly spread out. How many dummies were there? Did they have to take them out? There were so many things to consider!

Fiddling with her coloured armband, Mara glanced at the rest of her team. She thought they'd do well, as long as they could work together. Those seeking to join the Military Police more than others, since maneuvering with their ODM gear was a fairly important part of getting high scores. Did they get points for this? She thought they did, which would just increase it. Those who strived to rank high were probably under a lot of stress. While glad she wasn't aiming so high, just doing her best, she didn't want to let anybody in her team down. They had to work as a team - that was important.

"So, um," she started, letting go of the green armband. "What should we do?" Aware that the other teams were likely preparing to get ready to go now, she itched to make sure that she didn't fail her teammates. However they did in this test, they had to do their best, and that meant working together well. She wasn't a leader, and she wasn't about to try, looking for somebody in the team to take over command and push them on. « Last Edit: August 25, 2018, 11:43:07 PM by Mara Sonnenschein »

Re: Green to Go. [ODM Aptitude Test]
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2018, 06:58:29 PM »
Sophia was practically hopping with excitement as the teams were set for the aptitude test. This was going to be amazing! The small girl was practically buzzing as she spun happily. She was literally spinning. As they prepared to get started, the girl had already shot a grapple up to a tree and was swinging about happily on it. Despite her seemingly carefree attitude, Sophia was considering their strategy. They had to collect four sashes in a large mass of trees.

Furthermore, while most didn't consider this aspect, the other teams were currently their 'enemies'. They would be competing for sashes, and those who got all four first would obviously get better scores in that regard. However, those who showed off their skills with the ODMs got better scores as well. They needed to balance showing off with practical tactics. So, when one finally spoke up, Sophia turned to her, still hanging from the wires.

Sophia brought her hands up to her eyes, as if looking through invisible binoculars. They had to keep their eyes open for sashes. As she did this, the girl slowly fell back until she was staring at them upside down. Then she raised one hand as if having a puppet talk while her other hand wagged a finger. No talking. She let out a sharp whistle, much easier to hear than shouting and more distinct, while pointing at her lips. Then she gestured to the green armband and whistled once more. Sophia shifted her weight until she was above the ground vertically before reaching out to draw in the dirt.

1 whistle 4 titan. 2 4 cadets. Focus on sash. Time/Recon test. Not kill test.

With that, the girl glanced up, to see if they understood. This was a test for recon and speed- not for actually killing titans. If it was then they would have been asked to bring back the bits they cut off from the dummies- not easily grabbed sashes.

Re: Green to Go. [ODM Aptitude Test]
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2018, 08:06:07 PM »
Most of the times when this kind of tasks were on Reiner somehow managed to get into the same team as Bertolt. Not only the Cadets saw them as inseparable, most of the instructor did it, too. Sometimes they also had Annie in their team, her skill compensating her lack in communication. Reiner knows he can count on those two, but today he was on his own with other teammates. Like always his goal was to be one of the best, score a good mark.

Reiner mentally went through the task at hand and looked at the other cadets one after another. Considering their individual strength and weaknesses. Most of them were from the same year as Reiner, so it was rather easy to assess. Others, like the girl Sophia that was dangling in the trees before they started, were hard to evaluate. Her being mute being only a small factor. To his surprise the girl was the first one to offer some kind of strategy.

Whistles were a good method to communicate. In the distance you could hear bird whistling, so it was not too obvious. “Is everyone her able to whistle?” Reiner asked the others. Not every person knew how to do it and they didn’t have time to teach it. “I also agree on concentrating on being fast instead of 'killing' many titans. We need to come up with a good formation. Covering as much ground as possible, but close enough to support each other. There could be teams trying to attack others.” Slowly but steadily Reiner started to analyze the situation.

Re: Green to Go. [ODM Aptitude Test]
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2018, 10:10:20 PM »
After the preparations were made, the groups had been decided and the arm bands dispensed, Struna took a long moment to gaze up at the trees.  Where Wall Rose was lofty and imposing, the forest was colossal yet beautiful, every tree standing tall and strong.  How many winters had they seen?  How many storms had they weathered?  The sailor in Struna also couldn’t help but wonder just how many ships could be built from their timber.  There had to be enough here for an entire fleet - an armada, even!

Pushing wild dark hair from her eyes, she turned to watch Sophia frolic.  Seeing her comrade so cheerful caused her to giggle, though all laughter ceased as the younger cadet began to gesture, her plan clearly communicated.  It all sounded perfectly agreeable to Struna, and she nodded to show her support, a smile unfaltering on her lips - at least until Reiner surprised her with his question, causing her violet eyes blinked owlishly in response.  To one who knew that a whistle carried across water, it seemed unthinkable that anyone would be unable to make that piercing sound.  Really, Reiner was a solid cadet to have on their team; protective, brave, determined, powerfully built and - evidently - one who asked the right questions.

“Aye, I can whistle,” Struna answered plainly, glancing in askance at the other teammates.  As for the second line of enquiry, she took a moment to think before offering a possible suggestion.  “Maybe we could travel in a V formation…?  It’d cover ground but we oughta still be close enough t’ hear and help each other.”

Re: Green to Go. [ODM Aptitude Test]
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2018, 02:01:19 PM »
Mara was glad to have such a great line-up of teammates, happily listening and watching the discussion as they tried to work out what to do. She checked if she could whistle, giving a brief shrill sound, and nodded. Whistling was a great means of communication, and would hopefully help over long distances as well. "Great idea, Sophia," she smiled at the girl, grateful for the younger cadet's strategy.

Teams trying to attack each other? She frowned, trying to imagine who would even do that. But there were definitely some, and if they really wanted to get ahead, then that would be an easy way to do it. "A V-formation would work well," she agreed, "We can spread across, look for more sashes, and work out if we need to engage Titans that way." And kepe an eye out for those other squads. If they were going to be attacked, they needed some sort of defence.

"The ones who can whistle the loudest or see the best should be on the outsides then?" she suggested, "With the centre two being able to direct us. If one could check the most behind and the other lead more ahead?" Depending on the spread of trees, the formation could either become too clustered together or too far apart, so loud whistles could end up important. Especially if they got split by any other squads.

Checking her gear, she stood up a little straighter, and prepared herself. If they were going to do this, they needed to set off as soon as they could agree on which part of the formation each of them took. « Last Edit: August 25, 2018, 11:42:46 PM by Mara Sonnenschein »


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