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Author Topic: Kieran Ashmiller  (Read 1184 times)

Kieran Ashmiller
« on: February 08, 2018, 01:41:21 AM »

NAME:  Kieran Ashmiller
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  November 30th, 830 (15)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Quinta District
GENDER:   Male
FACE CLAIM:  Gareki from Karneval


Throughout most of his life, Kiera was considered small for his age, which always made him appear than he really was. Standing at 5’4”, he is a couple inches shy of his adult height. Black locks, that always seem to fall into his blue eyes, are a stark contrast against alabaster skin. Nestled into his messy locks are a pair of goggles that once belonged to one of his brothers.  Never being the one to tan, hours spent out in the sun always paints his skin pink, only to have it wash away after a few days. 

His muscles are toned from years of running from the military police and fighting for the right to eat and sleep. His knuckles are scarred from fighting and other memoirs from his thieving days can be found on his torso and back. A small R tattoo can be found on his left wrist, which Kieran wraps on a daily basis as not to draw attention to it.


Kieran used to see the world as a beautiful place, of hope and wonder, but the hand he was dealt hardened him. The world was not beautiful - it was ugly. Thanks to life on Quinta's streets the world in Kieran's eyes is painted in black and white. You are either strong or weak,  a good human or scum, dealt a good hand or shit hand. Little does Kieran know that since joining the Training Corps, a grey area has tainted his black and white view of the world, making him question things he hasn't questioned in a long time.

Kieran does not trust others easily and is uncomfortable with the idea of becoming close to someone. Some of this discomfort is caused by the fact that those in his life always seem to disappear, and Rosto's betrayal sealed the gate that used to allow others in.

Kieran is cold, blunt, and has a tough attitude, which not all talk. He doesn't take shit from anyone, which lands him in trouble more often than not. He has a terrible habit of speaking informally to his superiors, which also gets him into trouble. Not wanting to appear weak, Kieran hides his sentimentality and bottles up his emotions. Despite losing those he considered family, he did not shed any tears.   

If given any affection, he tends to puff up and lash out. Alone in this world, Kieran prefers to keep it that way. He is protective of those he does come to care about but does not consider anyone his friend, not that Kieran would admit  - to himself or anyone else - if he did.

If  Kieran had one quirk, it would be that he loves to read books, mostly on technical and mechanical subjects.  Also, if you watch him in class, he feigns disinterest, but the notes he takes begs to differ. As a streetrat in Quinta, he was fascinated with gunpowder and its explosive power, and he spent many hours trying to track down books on it.


+Quick thinker
+Good memory
+Handwriting (He can copy other people's handwriting)
+Hand to hand combat


+Resists authority
+Too honest (he refuses to fluff anything or give false hope)
+Doesn't like to play by the rules (not above playing dirty)

ASPIRATIONS:  To find Rosto and kill him.  Perhaps accept his new life as a soldier and find his place in the military where he can feel useful and needed.

FEARS: Becoming Rosto's pawn again or someone he knows becoming his pawn. A painful death. Becoming close to someone only to lose them -- again.


Lady May, a doxie from the streets of Quinta,  found herself with a new babe, wrapped in old blankets, held tightly in her arms. Fathered by a client of hers, May could not and did not want to raise a child in such conditions. The little one had to go, but she would not just leave it on the streets, the cold December days chilled her bones, the babe would never survive. Myles, an older gentleman, who had just finished selling his good for the day, covered his cart and went to check his mules making sure that their harnesses were attached properly, May seized upon the opportunity, and placed her child into the cart, tucking a small piece of paper into the blankets that swaddled the babe, she kissed him goodbye before disappearing back into the crowd.

The baby made not a peep until Myles had returned to the farm, hungry from the journey a small cry escaped his lips, confusing Myles who had been tending to the mules. Slowly, the older man pulled back the cover revealing the surprise underneath.  "Oh My" Myles voice was tired and raspy, his eyes filled with worry about his surprise cargo. He scooped up the babe into his arms and plucked the paper from where it poked out. One word was written on it: Kieran.

Myles and Orva Ashmiller, unable to have kids of their own, adopted Kieran and raised him on the farm that was just a few miles outside the gate of Quinta District.  It was a much better life than Lady May could have given the boy, but despite loving his parents very much, there were many nights that Kieran stared up at the stars wondering what his birth mother was like and why did she give him up.

Flory was the neighbor's daughter; their farm was just a little ways down the road. A plucky little girl, Flory had a sense of adventure that he struggled to keep up with. A year older - and taller - she often teased  Kieran about his hatred of affection,  often chasing him around the farm making smooching noises.

An outbreak of disease hit both Flory's and the Ashmiller's crops, crippling both families financially. Flory and her parent's, unable to pay payback past due loans, sold what was left of their farm and moved in with a cousin in a distinct village.  Myles and Orva, having nowhere else to go, tried to make it work, but a year later, an overzealous thug killed the elderly couple. Just shy of 10 years old, Kieran found himself on the streets of Quinta fighting to survive.

Rosto, an ambitious man who was beginning to make a name for himself, whose his fingers dappled in a variety of businesses - many of which were illegal - considered himself a self-appointed king of his little court of rogues. Rosto's choice of hired help? Little boys and girls. Sure he had some older, brutish help, but street rats, desperate for their next meal, made the best and most loyal workers.  They were like dogs, who were loyal to the hand that fed them. It also helped that the military police tended to overlook little bodies as they made their way through crowds, tiny hands snatching coin purses as they did.

It did not take long for Rosto to discover young Kieran and bring him into the fold under the guise of joining a family - something that the young boy longed for.  In this family, you had to work for your food.  If you did not do well, you did not eat. If you made a habit of letting down Rosto, you received a beating. Kieran, already small for his age, was picked on by the other children, his food often taken by one of the bigger boys, but little did the others know Kieran had a nasty bite.

Kieran was good at thievin, always bringing home a good lot, but there was more to him than just quick hands, Rosto saw his potential as clear as day. Kieran could play any role: runner, spotter, or deceiver. Becoming a favorite with Rosto, Kieran soon found himself as the leader of own pack of pups.

As days turned to months that faded into years, Kieran came to believe that he had found himself a new family,  but even he could not ignore the fact that once a brother or sister reached a certain age, they disappeared. Some sisters ended up working in brothels down the road, but he never saw an older brother again. When questioned about this, Rosto explained that he was expanding his business to other districts and relocated them over there. Others bought the story, but deep down inside Kieran knew that there was something more to the story, but at the time he could not face that truth.

He was almost at that golden age to be ‘relocated’ when the titans breached Wall Maria.  Kieran should have seen it coming, but perhaps he was in denial of Rosto’s true character, the man -who had become a father figure of sorts - locked Kieran and the other children in the basement, leaving them to die. 

No loose ends

Kieran raged, banging fists against the door as the younger ones watched, holding back their tears as not to let go of the illusion of toughness they had created, and when Kieran had given up hope, an angel by the name of Lady May came to their rescue. Fueled by the renewed hope that Lady May had given him, Kieran put on a brave face. With promises of making it out alive, he led his pack of streetrats through the chaotic streets of Quinta.

He was foolish to make promises he could not keep.

One by one they were picked off - their screams forever burned into memory - until it was just Kieran left. They never stood a chance. How childish of him to think that he could do what the soldiers could not. How terrible of him to give them false hope in their last minutes of life.

Kieran had no right.

The Survey Corps, on a rescue mission, found a defeated Kieran, who had been wholly ready to join his brothers and sisters in death, but despite his pleas to let him become titan food, they brought him back to the safety of Wall Rose, where later he was conscripted to the military.  Kieran, having thought that he left his past on the bloodied streets of Quinta, was given a sendoff present, a note that been slipped into his jacket moments before loading himself into the cart meant to transport the new recruits.  It read:

I knew you would survive


AGE:  27

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Re: Kieran Ashmiller
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He is ready for review

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