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Author Topic: Makoto Asai  (Read 947 times)

Makoto Asai
« on: February 11, 2018, 04:05:53 PM »

NAME:  Makoto Asai
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  30, born Sept 27th 815
PLACE OF BIRTH: Currently unknown
MEMBER GROUP: Military Police
FACE CLAIM:  Shouta Aizawa from My Hero Academia


Makoto is not what one would call clean or proper by any means. His hair is an unruly black mess that he beushes once a week, that goes down to his shoulders. He always looks tired, with huge eyebags and all, because he rarely sleeps. His eyes are a dull grey color, and his face is never completely clean-shaven. He looks sickly, with that pale skin of his, like he never goes outside. His clothing choices also show a lack of caring, typically plain black and messy. All in all, he looks like a hobo. But don't let that fool you, beneath those layers upon layers of black clothes lies a muscular and well built physique. Underneath his eye is a crescent shaped scar from a training accident. He is often seen wearing goggles over his eyes to alleviate the irritation to his eyes, because he often forgets to blink.


Makoto has a personality as black as the night. His sense of humor is dark, and generally cruel to (almost) everybody around him. Seeing people get hurt? It's nothing. However, if anybody dares try to kill another human in his sight, good or bad, they will invoke his wrath. He detests those who kill other human beings, thus being a large part of the reason why he joined the Military Police. He joined to stop those despicable people who kill others, rather than stopping the titans he would rather eliminate the scum of the human race.

Though he pretends not to care, he does in fact care for anybody he has responsibility for. New recruits to the Military Police, his own subordinates, the citizens, all of whom he does care about in his own messed up way. He would never let anybody under his protection get too seriously hurt, he would even saceifice his own health and happiness to ensure this.

But going back to his black personality, he is still a huge pessimist, a mild sadist, and just generally a jerk. He is rude, manipulative, and a liar who cares little what most people think of him. He has one huge soft spot though: his best friend and his best friend's family. They practically raised him, and because of that he has become fiercely protective and loyal when it comes to the entire family. When it comes to anything else, he's just plain lazy. He sleeps a lot during his free time, and operates at night instead of during the day.


● Hand to Hand Combat.
● Due to his lazy nature, he prefers working at night and is good at keeping a low profile.
● He specializes in capture of criminals, and fighting large groups, and thus is a hard man to pin down.
● Can sleep practically anywhere.


● Lazy
● Rude
● Sadistic and Pessimistic
● Sarcastic


● Makoto has no real goals, no dream or grand plan for his life. If he did have one, however, it would be to protect his best friend at all costs, and finally tell him how he feels.


● Losing his best friend
● Becoming a killer like his dad


Makoto was never a normal kid. He grew up without a mom, she had left his dad as soon as he was born. His dad wasn't a great single parent, because he was a drunk who never took care of Makoto. In fact, from the time he was 4 Makoto already had to learn to survive on his own. His dad was abusive, so he was rarely ever home himself. When he turned 8, he met his best friend. The boy was the complete opposite of him: cheerful, loud, optimistic, and a general ray of sunshine.

Makoto was drawn to him like a moth to flame.

The other boy was annoying, but he never cared. He actually treated him like a person, and that made him happy. Eventually, he was almost always with the other boy, until he was pretty much living with him. When he was 10, it was discovered his father was a killer, and Makoto formally moved in. When they turned 12, they joined the cadets together, both wanting to help people with different reasons. Makoto wanted to stop people from being killers. His friend wanted to protect Makoto and make the wall a better place to live in. Though they both had different reasons, Makoto's resolve to stop killers like his father pushed him to join the Military Police when he graduated. His friend also joined the MPs, loyal to a fault.

The next 15 years of Makoto's life were mostly a blur of fights, being patched up, and fighting again. Though he wasn't well known, the ones who knew him feared him. Anybody who had the misfortune of being arrested by him tended to wind up never being heard from again, though not a single one was ever killed. Those 15 years were a mess, but there was a constant bright spot: his best friend. Eventually, he ended up falling for the other man who provided such light in his life, and at age 30 is still pining for him.

AGE:  17
TIMEZONE:  Canadian Standard Mountain Time

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Re: Makoto Asai
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Re: Makoto Asai
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