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Author Topic: A Seven Nation Army Couldn't Hold Me Back  (Read 848 times)

A Seven Nation Army Couldn't Hold Me Back
« on: February 13, 2018, 06:32:26 PM »

Makoto Asai | 30 Years | Male | Military Police Squad Captain

Makoto is not sociable by any means, but even a cryptid like him is capable of having a few friends. His few friends all tend to be louder people with little concern for his habits of hiding from socializing, as opposed to other people like him. You'd have to be pretty amazing to break down his walls, and at current he has very few friends because of that. Tenacity is something all his friends have simply because it takes a long time to get him to open up, as well as massive effort.

Enemies- now that's something Makoto understands. He has plenty of those due to his own notorious reputation underground. Among criminals, he is known as "Eraser" - because any criminals he catch completely vanish from the underground. To become his enemy is easy: kill another human being, hurt his subordinates or new MPs, and he will come after you with everything he has.

Ah- romance. Now that is a complicated subject when it comes to Makoto. He has been in love with his best friend for most of their lives- nearly 22 years. At current he would never even consider a romantic relationship with anybody else, so if you even try he will brutally reject you. Being subtle is not his strong suit, so this crush, as well as his opposition to being with anybody else, is quite obvious.

Plot/Thread Ideas
-One of the other, more corrupt MPs has decided to pick on someone smaller than them(a cadet, a recruit, etc, anybody more helpless) and Makoto takes it upon himself to stop them.
-Makoto "adopts" a cadet or a new MP as his own student/assistant.
-Somebody tries flirting and Makoto brutally shuts them down.
-In the future, Makoto is slowly going to become corrupt. A future thread in which somebody tries to point out how corrupt Mako has become.

Or any other ideas anybody has!

« Last Edit: March 14, 2018, 01:17:06 PM by Makoto Asai »

Re: A Seven Nation Army Couldn't Hold Me Back
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2018, 11:26:01 PM »
I'll toss Quirin at you! Given Quirin's lowkey corruption, perhaps he could try and talk to the so-called Eraser and attempt to get on his good side. He likes a challenge, but he likes knowing those he works with and those who might cause him trouble in the future too. If he came across a situation like Mako standing in to stop somebody being bullied, he could come in and help out, to find a good talking point, perhaps?

Axel | Claude | Damien | ErenGustav | Gunther | Kade | Mara | Nack | Quirin | Ymir

Re: A Seven Nation Army Couldn't Hold Me Back
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2018, 02:49:38 AM »
Sounds interesting. Feel free to DM me on discord to discuss furthur!


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