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Author Topic: Can you keep up?  (Read 578 times)

Can you keep up?
« on: February 16, 2018, 06:38:39 PM »
Let's start by introducing the character. so this is Nikki. she is a hot-blooded fireball from the survey corps who is just getting back into the swing of things. (See what I did there? Swing of... You know cause they sort of swing... and... ahh, you get it.)

Friends are tricky but worth it. For Nikki, they can be a little difficult to make, given her short temper, and tendency to flirt rather shamefully. However, if you can navigate the minefield that is her lack of social grace, and not be driven to drink, you will have a true friend right to the end. She is known for arguing her point tooth and nail to the bitter end, so even if a friend turns out to be complete scum, she will still fight for you. So long as you get there.

These are possible, though not wanted. Its easy for Nikki to piss people off. She can be loud and sharp with her tongue. She isn't one to shy away from a fight either, so regardless of the circumstances if you piss her off prepare for a fight.

More than an enemy, rivals, and nemesis is more what id be looking for. (I don't know the plural for nemesis... Nemesees? Nemesises? I don't know.) She lives her life fast and hard and can be very competitive. Try to outshine her and watch her rise to the challenge. Beat her, and watch as she competes with you forever. She isn't one to let a grudge go easily, so as a rival you'd be frenemies for life.

Love is something I want her to find. As of the moment, she is a shameless flirt and in her own rights a little bit of a slut so most attempts to be intimate with her end up in a one night stand. That being said if someone managed to get past her hard exterior she would be open to romance, and be a faithful partner.

Plot and or Thread Ideas.

Shooting practice
Nikki's pistols are unlike anything that most people have seen. Almost all but the two she carries were confiscated when her families ranch was raided by the MP. Maybe someone finds her shooting targets and inquires as to the unique nature of her weapons and possibly gets a free shooting lesson.

Share a drink
It's easy enough. Let's share a drink and get to know each other. We are all shedding blood for the same cause, doesn't hurt to know who got your back.

As Cliche as it sounds training threads are always great. Nikki takes her training very seriously and is always up to the task of keeping her skills as sharp as her blades. Let's grapple, or practice Omni gear maneuvers. We could work on horsemanship or even go for a run.

Pretty much anything else
I'm very comfortable with the AoT universe as well as with my character. So if you have ideas please feel free to throw em at me. If I cant do it I will tell you, but more often than not, it will be great.


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