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Author Topic: From cinders shall she rise.  (Read 800 times)

From cinders shall she rise.
« on: February 18, 2018, 01:23:30 PM »


      × Development thread: spoilers for season 2.
A THIEF'S DELIGHT with Levi (wings)
      × Prior to enlisting, Ymir thieves in Stohess District.
CURSED is open
      × Ymir lets out some curse words in Krolva District. Warning: excessive swearing.
STABLE HANDS. with Kanoko Okami
RUN FOR IT with Simeon Garrett
MESSED UP. with Voltaire
WRONG BLONDE! with Armin Arlert
      × Ymir confuses one blond for another blonde.
MYSTERIOUS MUMBLES. with Mercedes Carello
      × Armin approaches Ymir for a touch of training, Ymir doesn't mind not pulling her punches.

CLEANING DUTY with Bertholdt Hoover
      × Wonderful weather, terrible time-wasting.
TESTING BARRIERS. with Sasha Braus (wings)
      × Training exercises while partnered with Sasha, what could go wrong?
      × Following a year of essentially stalking her quarry, Ymir is confronted - it goes well.
RAGTAG ROGUES. [ODM APTITUDE TEST] with Nack Tierce + Kieran Ashmiller + Leo Ritter + Evony Archer
      × In need of a few lost points, Ymir is content enough with agreeing to a rather underhand plan.
A BAND OF RAGTAG ROGUES. [ODM APTITUDE TEST] with Nack Tierce + Kieran Ashmiller + Oliver Reede
GIVING THANKS. with Krista Lenz

IT'S PLATONIC, I SWEAR. with Krista Lenz
      × A hike and camping trip goes well for the ever-platonic couple, with stargazing.
COMPETING FOR THE GODDESS with Krista Lenz + Reiner Braun
      × Krista has been avoiding Ymir, Reiner interrupts their lunch, and Ymir turns green-eyed.
SPARRING FOR THE GODDESS. with Krista Lenz + Reiner Braun
      × It's only a 'conversation' - with their fists.
LOVE FOR THE GODDESS. with Krista Lenz
      × Ymir won the fight, but perhaps not Krista's heart.
THE CITY OF THE DEAD during the Assault on Utopia
      × The time has come to ensure Krista's life does not end in the jaws of a Titan.
TEAM FIVE: BATTLEFIELD MEDICS during the Assault on Utopia with Reiner Braun + Kieran Ashmiller + Krista Lenz + Evony Archer
      × Krista's bodyguard, meet death's approach. « Last Edit: November 26, 2019, 09:02:15 PM by Ymir »


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