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Author Topic: A thief's delight. [Levi]  (Read 792 times)

A thief's delight. [Levi]
« on: February 19, 2018, 07:33:06 PM »
[ April 845 ]

The slight figure of the tall girl slipped between the houses, her eyes fixed on the street ahead. A line where clothes hung, swaying in the breeze, just about covered her, the wide shirt she hid behind travelling from nose to waist. She sniffed in disgust. Travelling through Wall Rose, she had discovered the state of the Wall Maria refugees, of even those within the middle Wall - names she had picked up quickly by spying on those too stupid to spot her. Here, this inner Wall, seemed filled with pigs, of greed and sloth.

It took her back to darker times, distant memories that seemed clouded by fog and pain. A hunger that gnawed in the deepness of her stomach, until it made her feel hollow. Creeping between the houses, she felt the same hunger pangs stab at her. Anything seemed delicious now. The street was empty, near enough - nobody looking in her direction. Excellent.

Desperation made her weak to planning. She had watched the owners of her targeted house leave, though she had not watched long enough to work out a pattern, or heard any clues of when they might be back. Nor had she watched the patrols of the soldiers - the Garrison, she thought, or maybe the Military Police. It didn't matter. Hunger blinded the strong to weakness.

Her fingers scratched at the window frame until it began to open. She, clad in simple black clothes and a hood drawn over her head from the cloak she wore, squeezed through, slipping into the living room of the house and making a beeline for the kitchen. A bowl of fruit seemed her best bet - meat might be easier to acquire here, but she expected the occupants, so pampered and privileged, might be less likely to notice a few pieces of fruit disappearing. Gluttony, a thief's advantage.

From the bowl she removed two apples, shining them on her cloak and then wrapping them in a small sheet she had pinched the day before. With it, she added a bunch of cherries and the smallest pear within the bowl. The cloth folded in, she brought it to her chest and made for the window. One leg out, her boot touched the ground, and then she stepped over again. Her toes caught the windowsill.

The bundle fell from her grasp and thudded on the ground, the apples rolling and cherries spilling down the slight incline. Ymir struggled to collect them all before somebody noticed.

Before she could, an angry shout reached her ears. It made her freeze for a brief moment, as she deliberated a potential exit or way to weasel her way out. Such a delay gave the advantage to her spotter. By the time her foot turned sharply and she began to push off down the alley, a strong hand had grasped hold of her and hauled her back. The fruit spilled back over the ground.

Ymir spat at his feet, picking the better guise of a street rat to conceal suspicion. A nameless urchin of the filthy streets may well get punished for stealing, but it was easy enough for these slobs to pass over her and suppose she was one of those faceless refugees caught in desperation.

"Well, what do we have here?" the man, rich evidenced by the clothes he wore and the thickness of his fingers, snarled. His nails pinched into her skin, her small wrists struggling to escape his grasp. "A thief, eh?"

Fighting against his hold, she pulled up her knee to kick him in the stomach, just barely missing as he jerked her back. She would need to get better at fighting, she realised, from what scraps she'd had on the street. Her mind worked quickly, gazing at the man with fierce hatred to conceal her intent of looking him all over for a weakness.

"I'll have your hands cut off," he snapped, food-rich breath making her grimace. "Or shall we have you hung for it? Won't need food then, will you?" She tugged back with her arms, then struck his knee with her foot, earning a yelp. "WHY YOU--" his words were cut off as she tried to wriggle out a hand. The squeezing of his hand around her slim wrist made her wince.

"Hanging's too good for you," the man told her, voice booming as he restrained her. "Starvation's the best thing for rats."

"Stop stuffing your face with food, then you'd get no rats," Ymir hissed, refusing to give up. You have no idea what you're dealing with, she thought, though put it quickly to the back of her mind. She'd seen some of the soldiers. It would have to be a last-ditch attempt to escape only. « Last Edit: March 15, 2018, 11:37:47 AM by Ymir »

Re: A thief's delight. [Levi]
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2018, 01:46:57 AM »

Levi stopped mid-step. The booming voice came from a narrow path between two houses, where a large man had trapped some kid. Some fruit was scattered across the ground, beneath an open window.

“Hanging’s too good for you. Starvation’s the best thing for rats.”

Levi exhaled, glancing over the house. Not a bad target—neatly maintained, proud enough that they had left their curtains open, and small enough that they didn’t have servants. The entire neighborhood was merchants who liked to put on the airs of nobles. Not the sort of people who would let the kid go.

Turning, Levi approached the pair from behind the merchant, stooping to pick an apple off the ground, which he tucked into one of his tall boots, and a pear. The pear he held out. “Hey. You dropped something.”

Levi’s even, bored voice sounded out of place compared to the man’s passionate raving, and he paused mid-sentence to turn and see who had approached. The brief silence was almost confused, and Levi glanced at the kid, noting their fierce glare and black cloak. “My pear! You—” He gave the street rat a shake from where he grasped their wrists.This weasel snuck into my house to steal! Arrest her! ”

Levi had worn his green cloak to guard against April drizzles, and it covered the Survey Corps emblem on his jacket. “I’m off duty…but I’ll bring’er into the station for you.” It would gall Erwin to know that Levi had ditched the donors’ meeting and impersonated a police officer, but the chances that this wibbling sack of meat was smart enough to string together that Levi was a Survey Corps soldier, not a police officer, were close to nil. “Just hand her over.”

“You hear that, rat?” snarled the merchant. “To the dungeons with you! You’re going to hang!” He shoved her forward, intent on dragging her out of the alley, and he crushed some cherries underfoot as he walked. Levi grimaced, contemptuous, and moved out of the way so that his back faced the wall of the house. His back bore the wings of freedom emblem.

“You lock up your windows, pick up your fruit,” Levi said, placing the pear on the windowsill and then walking towards the pair. “I’ll handle the dirty work. Tell me your name, and you can visit this one at your leisure later.”

The merchant stopped, looking back at Levi with his lips pursed, caught between his desire for revenge and his desire to be too important to do the dirty work. Finally he held the rat out, offering up her wrists. Levi seized her by the elbow and dug his thumb into the inside of her elbow so that if she thrashed around, it would cause her intense pain. “Alright, good,” Levi said, somewhat drily as he realized this was the first time in his life that anyone had believed Levi when he claimed he would bring someone in to the law. Six months ago, he would have needed to settle this shit with a fight. Now he had rank—actual, fucking rank—and people jumped to. It bordered on ludicrous how differently people reacted to the exact same actions from strangers depending on rank.

Levi tugged the kid towards him, angling her so that if she tried to take a crotch shot, he could catch it on his hip instead. He waited for the merchant turn his back before Levi walked quickly out of the alley before the guy could see the wings of freedom sign on the back of his cloak, dragging the kid along. He turned the corner as soon as they emerged into the street, out of sight of the merchant, and then assessed the kid with a thin-lipped glare. Her shabby, starved look was an eyesore in a neighborhood like this, someone clearly up to no good. “Bolt and you might get picked up by a real officer. They hang around streets like these to suck up to bastards with money.” Levi let go of her, briefly lifting his cloak so that she could see the wings of freedom emblem on his jacket pocket, and then he started walking. If she joined him, it would look like she had already been arrested and nobody would bother her. “I’m heading to Cherry Street, then to the Survey Corps HQ. Trot along if you’d like.” « Last Edit: May 22, 2018, 02:14:45 AM by Levi »

Re: A thief's delight. [Levi]
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2018, 03:20:00 PM »
"Hey. You dropped something."

The arrival of a new voice made Ymir want to groan. Let it be an onlooker, somebody who wouldn't get involved and was too cowardly to give chase when she managed to escape. Because she would - she had to, she couldn't let them take her in. They didn't sound particularly enthused to be there.

She twisted herself, burning eyes briefly meeting the new man's, while her captor seemed to try to work out what to say. And there he went again. He shook her, causing her to jolt uncomfortably. "Shake me again, I dare you," she snapped, though went unnoticed. He seemed to have worked out something that she had not: that this newcomer was part of the police. Was he?

The words confirmed it. Being arrested would complicate everything, it meant there would be more witnesses for when she made her escape, and then she would have to ensure she didn't go near the place again - or perhaps the entirety of Wall Sina, if the idiots actually spoke to each other. That was where the best food was, as far as she'd surmised from the tales of others on the street. Why did she have to get caught? By this raving lunatic shouting his mouth off, of all people.

She opened her mouth to snap back to the man - to say that the only one deserving of hanging was whoever didn't shut a window with all his riches on display - but didn't get the chance. Stumbling at the shove, she tried using the movement to jerk her arms away, but only succeeded in him squeezing her wrists more painfully.

Stuck between the two, Ymir glared fire at the merchant, trying one last time to wriggle out of his grasp, but he was ready for her. His hands slipped down her arms just slightly to thrust out her wrists to the man, and then suddenly her elbow was held by the apparent police officer. Rookie mistake, she could get out of that. She tugged, only to yelp as she realised where his thumb was planted and the bruising that came with it.

Without much choice, she sent a splatter of spit at the homeowner's boots as a final insult.

Forced into walking with the police officer, the girl gave up her struggle, waiting for an opportunity in which she could either surprise the man or fight back. Maybe a crowd. He was clearly prepared for her struggles, and though he was small - shorter than her, in fact, by a good few inches - she doubted her height was much advantage. As they turned the corner, she kept an eye out for potential distractions, something she could use to escape, only to be surprised when they suddenly stopped and he spoke. She glanced at him, trying to work out what his game was. A real officer?

And then she was let go of. He wasn't a police officer? Yet the merchant had been certain, enough to hand her over for hanging instead of doing it himself. Or was this simply a ploy? The glance of the wings of freedom - Survey Corps, she quickly registered it as, recalling what little she'd learned of the military faction - suggested it was not. But why would any soldier pick her up only to let go of her again?

"Fine," she said ungratefully, glancing over her shoulder to check that the merchant wasn't about to appear and grab her again. No such misfortune. The girl headed after him, quick steps bringing her to his side so she could match his pace. "Thank you," she muttered. Only a fool would not acknowledge that she had been saved either a grisly end or a messy exit.

Her stomach groaned quietly and she grimaced. "You know any good houses not to pinch from?" Ymir tried, a ghost of a smile on her thin lips as she glanced at him. Where did his intentions, or his motivation, lie? If he had truly come to help her, it could be for any reason: the man having been difficult to him before (though wouldn't he know he wasn't a police officer then?), some sympathy for the street ruffians, or... something. She needed to know more about the Survey Corps, to know their motivations. What she had heard was typically biased, and they didn't sound like they got involved on the streets ordinarily. They went outside of the Walls, which might be her way in. Just keep her knowledge simple. Gain some new insight. "Was that your act of charity for the day? Or are you just scouting for easy bait to throw to the Titans?"


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