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Author Topic: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]  (Read 5655 times)

Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: February 26, 2018, 04:59:17 PM »
[ 6 hours before the Assault on Utopia, Krolva District ]

Gustav heaved the box up onto the desk, patting the frame as he took a brief break. Stacking inventory was hard enough - more so when it was either filled with a weight of papers clipped and filed, packed in to the maximum, or when it involved ODM gear. Of course it was all very important, but every so often he felt as though he'd lifted a box filled with cannonballs. Which he wouldn't be surprised with, going through the dusty boxes at the back of the supply room.

"When are they inventing super-thin paper for us to work on?" he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. He could have called in a Garrison soldier to help, but that would simply be a waste of time in fetching somebody else, and he was strong enough to handle a couple of boxes. "This is the last of the 'forgotten paperwork'," he added, tapping the box's label, with a date so sloppily written he couldn't tell whether it was only a few years ago or before he was born.

"There's one more box that appears to only have a few blunt blades collected inside of it, likely used as a bin," he added wearily, not entirely enthused by the idea of trudging back down the stairs.

He was about to fight his reluctance and go anyway, when the sound of running boots thundered the stairs. Turning, he moved to the door's side and opened it, in time for one of the soldiers from downstairs to jog through the doorway. They panted, caught their breath, and announced, "There's movement north of the Wall - more Titans than normal."

Gustav turned to his comrade and commander, swallowing unsure words as he waited for Pixis' order. Utopia, least likely to deal with Titan activity. What was their inventory like? Limited, perhaps even outdated in some cases. It followed no pattern. How many Abnormals could there be? The Armoured and Colossus Titans had attacked south before, would they expect the Garrison to prepare the southern-most districts primarily and prey on any expected weakness?

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2018, 12:54:30 AM »
It had started out at a rather mellow day. Early morning meetings, taking care of some correspondence, more meetings, and now watching Gustav and Anka carry large boxes. He had carried a few himself - just to be companionable.

He slipped his flask from his breast pocket and took a small sip. He was about to tell Gustav just to bring the blunted blades to the smith when...

"There's movement north of the Wall - more Titans than normal."

“Well let’s go and say hello. Gustav go and get the horses ready.” He took another sip from his flask and told Anka to go tell the Garrison officers to ready a contingent to ride out after they did. A larger group would take longer to ready and the three of them could ride out at once with the other group following.

"I need to see what is going on," Pixis said simply.  He knew Utopia would not be truly prepared for this.

He hurried down to the horses. Abraham, his almost white gelding, and Thistle, Anka's chestnut mare, were already saddled and ready.

Anka was the last to arrive, confirming that the group ordered to follow would be about an hour behind them. They would ride as hard as they could.

Swinging into the saddle, Pixis nodded to his two escorts, "Let's go." With that, he urged Abraham on - reaching a gallop within a few moments.

"Let me send no more to die."

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2018, 11:25:22 PM »
The messenger moved out of the way as Gustav took off. The weariness vanished in an instant as he made his way down the steps once more, his mind fixed on the steps he would take before he'd even reached the stables. One soldier close by was called over to assist in grabbing travel supplies while Gustav set about preparing the horses for riding with efficient hands and sharp eyes. With a bag of the simplest but most necessary supplies hitched to his own horse, Quill, at the back of her saddle.

As Pixis arrived, he gave a sharp nod of respect and clambered onto his saddle, adjusting the reins immediately for comfort. They would need to travel swiftly but well-paced. If anything happened in the time it took them to arrive, Utopia should be able to hold off until back-up arrived. Weren't the cadet corps stationed there as well? Though young, the oldest intake might well serve as a background formation anyway. A few more soldiers to back Utopia's potentially undermanned stations.

"Sir," he agreed, leaning forwards as he signalled for Quill to gallop forth. Wind tussled his hair as they set on their path, his eyes fixed ahead.

Perhaps it was nothing, he tried to reason, though the thought slipped from his mind quickly. "If they're moving in the north," he called, thoughtful, "they're most likely abnormals. There have been no unusual reports about Titans moving northwards, have there? Could there be a tear in the northern side of Wall Maria?" It was hardly a scouting priority to check north. And while Titans were strange and there were likely immense amounts hidden past where they could see, how possible was it for them to suddenly appear in the supposedly safest area?

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2018, 11:22:00 PM »
(Little bit of Pixis towards the end)

Like Gustav, Anka was fairly unflappable, but she felt her mouth fall open at the news.  Utopia was easily the district least able to deal with excess Titans. This was about as bad an event as she could imagine. Still...shocked as she was...she was a soldier and she had a job to do.

Giving Pixis a nod when he gave her the orders, she hurried out of the room to fulfill her task. It took her a moment to track down everyone who she needed to.  The hard-faced men and women were shocked as she had been - but sprang into action immediately.  Owen and Hestia - the two highest ranking officers in that contingent - assured her that their group would only be an hour behind her, Pixis and Gustav. Closer if they could. Anka nodded and headed back towards the stables.

Thistle was already saddled, with a small provision bag hanging down. She climbed into the saddle, adjusted the reins, and at Pixis’ command, urged the mare on. Reaching a gallop quickly, Anka kept an eye on Pixis. He was more than a competent rider, but he was getting older and he had had a little bit to drink today. Anka worried about him. He seemed to be doing fine right now though.

"It's possible," Anka called to the others at Gustav's mention of a hole in the wall. "I agree about abnormals. Or at least abnormals were the first."

She thought for a moment, "No reports that I have seen. Sometimes reports get delayed from Utopia. But nothing recent. I'm better a hole!"

Pixis, who was riding in front called back, "We'll ride until the lake. That would be a good place to rest the horses.  I'm sure we'll meet another messenger on the way with an update."

"Rise up."

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #4 on: March 22, 2018, 03:08:39 PM »
A hole would be the simplest and almost the most relieving of reasons for any attack on Utopia. It was almost unbelievable that it could be attacked. What if it were a ruse to take soldiers from Trost District? No. That was even more improbable. Leaning low to his horse's mane, he stared ahead.

"Commander," he acknowledged, while he reflected on Anka's words. The lake would be the best point of rest, to allow the horses to drink and they to refresh themselves before the final stretch into whatever awaited. He could only hope that nothing would break through the Wall.

Glancing to Anka, he called: "Just another thing for the Scouts to check out then." There was a reluctance to his tone. If it were easy to get across to Wall Maria, perhaps they could do more. But not without digging out tunnels and hope no Titans fell down them or dips in the terrain caused them to crash down.

"With any luck, nothing will come of it," he continued. "The best scenario is that there's some kind of attraction at Utopia or further north, and the Titans are reacting to it. The least amount of refugees went to Utopia, didn't they?" He paused, unsure of the statistics. If that were true, then it could hardly be the amount of humans in Utopia drawing in more Titans. Something about abnormal behaviour, maybe. The Scouts might know more.

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #5 on: June 03, 2018, 09:18:37 PM »
The Commander listened to his two escorts as best he could over the sound of hooves smashing on the ground. He rose in the saddle to take a little more weight off Abraham and spurred the gelding onward. He grimaced when Abraham jumped a ditch and pain surged through his knees. He saw Anka and Gustav jump the same ditch and smiled as he thought that yes youth was really wasted on the young at times.


Sore and with dust in his eyes, Pixis was certainly relieved when they came to the lake. Hopping down from his saddle, he led Abraham to the edge and dropped the reins so the horse could drink.

He dropped to his knees under the shade of a tree, "Gustav, map please." 

He studied it for a moment before nodding, "We won't know what is happening until we get there and see for ourselves." He was silent for a moment, "But I imagine it will be bad."

The last thing humanity needed was another Wall to fall. There was no way....he shook his head and pushed the thought from his mind. How much blood was on his hands already? He would take on more, of course, more blood, more lost lives...but the thought twisted his stomach. He reached into his pocket and took out his flask - downing a few sips as Anka sighed.

"I imagine a messenger would meet us here if they sent one," Pixis said as he wandered behind the tree to make water. "We'll wait on them but if they are not here soon - we'll move on."

"We'll need at least some of the Elites...and some cannon teams. Regular soldiers as well. They will need as much help as we can give them."

Pixis moved back to the map and looked at it, "I hope you two have full tanks of gas." « Last Edit: June 03, 2018, 09:45:08 PM by Dot Pixis »

"Let me send no more to die."

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #6 on: June 13, 2018, 10:30:15 PM »
Manoeuvring his horse to the lake's edge, Gustav dismounted with a quick movement, giving Quill a gentle smooth over the rear before stepping away. From his jacket he removed the map, unfolding it as he approached his commanding officer, offering it out simply. The commander's words were daunting. "Whatever awaits us, we can only do our best," he murmured, eyes flicking to Anka. They had to trust in one another, and hope that Utopia was holding out for them, whatever the Titans were doing there.

Bowing his head, he looked across the lake as he listened. "The elite teams will be on their way, they'll likely pass us, which would be best," he offered, "They have the stamina and training to serve them well, provided their horses have been paced. We should debate our next move. How many cannons can we have moved from Karanes and Krolva now?" he wondered.

With thirst burning his tongue, he moved back to his horse to retrieve a flask of water, taking a gulp as he studied the rocky terrain ahead that separated them from Utopia District's distant edge of wall.

In the distance, a shadowed shape rode out towards them.

"That might be our messenger now," he noted, stepping out from beneath the shade, placing a hand above his eyes to shield them from the glare of the sun.

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #7 on: July 16, 2018, 11:52:04 PM »
Anka left Thistle by the lake, noting how small the mare appeared next to Quill and Abraham, before turning towards the two men. They were as dusty and tired looking as she was.

She nodded when Gustav mentioned that the Elite teams would pass them soon if they had already not done so, “They must have been right behind us. I saw Team Leader Holt who was going with them on the stairs and he said they would take a slightly different route. I’m sure they will beat us.”

While horrific did not even begin to touch the situation, she was glad she was with Gustav. Even though neither of them was the strongest of combatants - there was really no one other than Gustav who she would rather go into battle with. And for someone as old as he was - Pixis would still hold his own.

“How many cannons can we have moved from Karanes and Krolva now?"

“Holt said they were preparing to move about a third. Most cannon team leaders were accompanying the cannons with one or two of their team members,” Anka answered, doing her best to remember the hurried conversation she had had with Arkin as they rushed past each other on the steps. Most Garrison soldiers could operate cannons if they had to so there was no real reason to bring entire teams.

“The Elites will be able to start without us,” Anka affirmed. “They will know what to do.”

Anka was confident in that. But knowing what do did not always protect against injury and death. Though her face did not show it, she was worried for her friends.

"Rise up."

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #8 on: July 17, 2018, 01:52:05 AM »
(I'll push us to Utopia and try and tie in the Garrison/Utopia thread. Let me know if anything needs change.)

While he trusted the Elite troops implicitly, Pixis knew that the sooner they got to Utopia, the better.  He would be able to coordinate with the other troops and leaders easier and he just needed to see what was going on.

He raised his tired eyes and looked at Anka and Gustav. They seemed so young for a moment, even though they both had more than a decade of service under their belts and had earned his respect many times over. Perhaps he was just feeling his age.

Pixis rubbed a callused hand over his face and studied the map a moment longer. He nodded his approval when Gustav and Anka both affirmed the Elites would overtake them to Utopia. That was good. He trusted Ian and the rest to do what they could until the rest of the troops arrived. Small groups like his or the Elites could travel with speed - but larger groups or groups hauling cannons - they would take time.

“I have the utmost faith in both of you and the Elites. And maybe I’ll finally meet a gorgeous lady Titan.”

Before Pixis could add to that, Gustav announced that the messenger was in sight. As the young woman rode up, Pixis stood to greet her.

The conversation was to the point. Titans. The Utopia guard were being overrun and reinforcements were needed. The words carnage and chaos were used several times.  Pixis ordered the girl to rest by the lake for a little before riding out again.

He splashed some water on his face and ordered Anka and Gustav to fix up their canteens along with any extra containers they had with them. The sun was beating down on them...and there would be those desperate for a last drink.


They rode hard and made it to Utopia in a time, had the situation not been so desperate, that Pixis would have bragged about.

They rode hard and made it to Utopia in a time, had the situation not been so desperate, that Pixis would have bragged about.

Chaos and carnage were right. And truly did not touch the sight that met the old man’s eyes.  He sighed and scanned the horizon. As if knowing they had arrived, in the distance, a green flare rose in the sky.

“Ah. There would be the Elites,”  he shouted as he pushed Abraham on, “Gustav! Send a flare to let them know we are here.”

(We will get to the action soon. Just wanted to get everyone close to where they needed to be.)

"Let me send no more to die."

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #9 on: August 04, 2018, 01:42:47 PM »
Gustav nodded to Anka's words, glad that Holt was on the way already. The Elites would be able to provide backup where necessary. Provided the Titans hadn't broken in, it might mean a few days of clean-up, but they'd see for themselves soon. Perhaps the monsters were attracted to something further north than Utopia, and it was just going to be a case of watching them and trying to work out what they were after. It was preferable to the alternative.

Could the Colossus Titan be moving for Utopia and attracting its underlings? They knew so little, and he loathed it. How were they meant to fight an enemy they could never truly predict?

As Pixis spoke up, Gustav gazed at him. The final remark earned Anka a quick glance, one that might as well read as, not if I have anything to say about it. He would sooner dispatch of any 'gorgeous' Titans and keep Pixis out of line of sight before finding out what the commander had in mind. Not that it was likely - they hadn't found any gendered Titans so far, so why would things change now? But even as he wondered the question, he was already reminding himself that things were changing.

The messenger's arrival earned silence from the escort. Gustav lingered, listening to the report, his face paling. He almost wanted to throw up, but he kept control of himself. So the Titans had marked out their next target as Utopia. Worse, they were already inside. Yet there was no mention of the Colossus or Armoured Titans, only that the gate was open. How? They needed more information, but he knew they wouldn't get any before their arrival.

He thanked the messenger himself before draining the contents of his canteen. It emptied, and he refilled it before preparing Quill for the next ride.

The continued journey was agonising. Despite their accelerated speed and a near record time of the last stretch, Gustav still wanted to be there quicker. The looming wall of Utopia rose higher in the sky as they approach, the inner gate... shut. That wasn't right. They should be evacuating the citizens, not barring them in. Had somebody made the decision to trap them inside with the Titans? No. That would be a fool's order.

On order, he reached into his jacket and pulled from it the gun, fixing a canister in place. Raising one hand, he cringed away as he fired the shot, ears ringing. But he didn't want to take his hand from the reins, as he steered his stead on.

"Sir, with the gate shut we'll need to go over the Wall," he called across. "If we go over now, we can tether the horses to that tree - they'll be out of the way of an evacuation. Anka, if you could tie them while we go over, we can rendezvous atop the Wall and see the full picture?" he suggested, with a glance to Pixis for agreement.

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #10 on: September 01, 2018, 10:57:01 PM »
OOC: I'll post Pixis a little later tonight.

She had expected to see the gate wide open with refugees streaming through. “Mother Rose,” Anka murmured as she rubbed dust from her eye. Turning her head, she spit more dust and what could have been a fly out. Taking the small sip from her canteen, Anka nodded at Gustav’s recommendation.  The sooner the Commander could see the full extent of what was going on, the better.  Taking the reins from her two companions as they dismounted, Anka watched as the ascended the wall, her eyes fixed to Pixis. He was still spry for a man his age, and Gustav was right beside him - but he had taken a few pulls from his flask and while he was probably not drunk - Anka still worried.

She was just tying off the horses to the tree Gustav had pointed out when she saw them go over the top - just out of her sight. Anka nodded and began to jog towards the wall. After a few seconds, she transitioned to a sprint. While never the strongest 3DM user, Anka had always done well moving up and down walls and she was able to reach the top quickly.

Anka could not find the vocabulary to describe what met her eyes. Carnage. She could hear shouts and screams and there was too much going on for her eyes to focus one for long.  She felt sick - knowing that much of the military force here were cadets. How could a group of 15-year-olds defend against Titans? She instinctively gripped the handles of her blades as she turned to look at Pixis. The old man was stone-faced as he looked over the scene. She had been with him long enough to know that while he was still - his mind was racing and he was formulating a plan. She hoped so at least. Anka's head jerked in the direction of another scream.

Reaching into her belt bag, she took out a spyglass and raised it to her eye, scanning for the Elite team. She had seen the flare go up and concentrated on the area she thought it came from.  It took her a few moments but she was able to see the team a distance away, "I see the Elites." She picked out Ian's lanky figure and could tell Silke by her long dark hair. Mitabi, Gladios, Arkin, and Rico were all there and she felt a surge of relief - knowing that seasoned combatants were here...and that her friends were safe for the moment.

"Orders sir?"

"Rise up."

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #11 on: September 02, 2018, 01:19:25 AM »
Rage surged from the old man’s stomach and settled in his chest. He was already sore as all hell and the anger did not help. The gate should be open. At least give the people a chance. There had already been so much death - so many NOT given a chance.

Pixis sighed and glanced at his two escorts. Both were looking at the gate with a mix of subtle shock and horror on their young faces.  “Looks like I’ll be having a conversation with someone,” Pixis said dryly as he spurred Abraham to move closer to the Wall.  He leaned out of the saddle and touched the rough stone with his own callused hands. Pixis was not a spiritual man and he thought the Church of the Walls was filled with a special kind of crazy - but he had to respect the ancient structures that had protected mankind for centuries. He closed his eyes for a moment before turning back to Anka and Gustav.

"If we go over now, we can tether the horses to that tree - they'll be out of the way of an evacuation. Anka, if you could tie them while we go over, we can rendezvous atop the Wall and see the full picture?"

Pixis nodded in agreement. It was a good start to the plan. He handed Abrahams reins to Anka, who remained on Thistle, and waited for Gustav so they could make their way up together.

“Up we go!” Pixis said as he placed one foot on the Wall, launched his grapple hooks, and was pulled upward.


The scene that greeted Pixis and Gustav shocked even the battled hardened Commander. The stench of blood, waste, and smoke filled his nose and he winced as a scream cut through the air. Horrific. Horrific did not even touch what he saw.

He walked to the edge of the Wall and peered as far as he could. Trying to gauge where most of the Titans were coming from and where they were going. He could see a bit of a pattern in the destruction and he was beginning to form a plan in his head.

“Roughly how many Titans do you count?” he asked Gustav as he walked along the edge of the Wall. He could hear Anka come over the edge. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her pull out a spyglass and had to smile just slightly when she was able to locate the Elite team. Having his best of the best with them was a comfort to him. He trusted the group of veterans implicitly, but he knew he would need to get orders to them soon. But they would be fine on their own for a little while longer.

Pixis took out the map of Utopia and spread it on the ground. “If most of the Titans are coming from here - we could maybe bottleneck them...here.” He tapped an area on the map and thought for a moment. “It’s not a perfect solution but if we can get the cannons ready and then really control the flow, we can evacuate more people and take down more Titans. And it will be easier for me to find my beautiful lady Titan.”

After a few more minutes of strategic conversation, Pixis nodded, satisfied with the plan. “Anka, head over to where the Elites are, the way looks reasonably clear right now.” It was a fair distance from where they stood to where the Elites are, but if he and Gustav covered Anka, she would be fine.

He watched as Anka nodded, moved to the edge of the wall, and pulled her blades out. "Whenever you're ready my dear." He looked at Gustav, "You'll need to find me Utopia's ranking officer when we're done here. We will be having a chat. And a drink. I'll have a drink at least."

OOC: Let me know if anything needs to be changed. « Last Edit: September 02, 2018, 01:21:58 PM by Dot Pixis »

"Let me send no more to die."

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #12 on: October 08, 2018, 12:52:36 AM »
Dismounting Quill, Gustav more tossed his reins towards Anka, settling into the rhythm of actions that would bring them quick entry into chaos. His movements became ever more instinctive, muscle memory kicking in like a bad dream. His back straightened, shoulders tense, as he cast another glance up the Wall. The gate should be open. Why in the Walls wasn't it?

"Sir," he murmured, waiting for his commander to position himself. At the Wall's edge, he began his ascent in unison, firing grapple hooks up to dig into the wall's surface.

Atop the Wall, it was worse than he had imagined. A crowd of people sprawling near the shut gate. Surely there would be soldiers there attempting to pry it already. That couldn't be the commander's main worry, not with Titans staggering through the district's streets, snatching up people like a child's toy collection. Even in the distance, he saw one snatch something dark from the ground, and shuddered as its blurred jaw opened and slammed shut.

"Too many, sir," he whispered. As quickly as the words exited, he shook his head and pulled himself together. "Dozens. They're spread out. One seems to appear in sight as soon as one goes down. There can't be many soldiers left out here, even with the reinforcements." It was a horrible answer, one of uncertainty yet realism.

Turning to the map, the escort surveyed it with keen eyes. "Place cannons here," he tapped the paper, indicating four roofs. "By separating out the cannons, we can avoid them going to any one collection. The largest might well be able to swipe them out. If we position our soldiers behind the line, the draw of people should keep them on track." It was the best he could suggest. Hardly perfect, but none of it was. His mind was solely on the strategy, though the mention of Pixis' odd little obsession managed to pull a slight frown to his face.

His dark eyes swept across to Anka. "Go as high as possible. You'll need to go direct, but the longer you can stay out of reach, the better." It was as close as the pointless phrase be careful he could get.

"Yes, sir. I-- The gate," he cut himself off, taking a closer look at the internal gate. It appeared to be not quite fully closed, perhaps opening even then. "Evacuation should begin soon. The sooner we can arrange those cannons, the better. Utopia's remaining forces should surely be focused on pushing against the Titans getting too close to the crowds."

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #13 on: October 08, 2018, 03:12:02 AM »
OOC: Semi graphic depiction of injuries and such. Just a warning.  :)

Anka nodded as they formed a plan. It was not perfect - but considering what they were working with - it was solid enough. Pixis was fond of saying that perfect was the enemy of the good. She was not sure if he made that up or heard it someplace else - but she was beginning to understand what he meant by it. In war...and this was a war...waiting for the “perfect” moment often left precious time and lives lost. Good enough would have to do.

She made a few marks on her own copy of the Utopia map and then folded it quickly and tucked it into the inside pocket of her jacket. Anka could remember the plan - but the map would help.

"Go as high as possible. You'll need to go direct, but the longer you can stay out of reach, the better."

Anka gave Gustav a long look. They had been friends and workmates for so long that she knew what he meant. “Will do. Need to get those cannons in place.”

Anka scanned the buildings quickly, listening to Gustav and knowing she needed to stay as high as possible. There were Titans close, but none were huge, and she was fairly sure if she was quick, she could simply avoid them. That would be best. Anka could and would fight if she had to - but she knew it was wiser for her to avoid it if possible.

Taking a few wide steps back, Anka gave Gustav and Pixis a nod and smile before taking off at the sprint towards the edge of the Wall. As she took her leap, Anka shot her grappling hooks at the of one of the highest buildings and landed with relative east. She ran up the roof and shot her hooks again - repeating this action a few more times.

As she flew through the air, she could see more what was going on. It was hellish. The ground was covered in blood and rubble and what was left of the Titan’s many victims. Part of her mind screamed at her to do something to help those on the ground - but the wiser part of her knew the best way to help - was to get to the Elites and get the Commander’s plan into action.

She was close enough that she could just make out the faces of the Elite troops. That made her feel better. Soon everything would fall into place.

Anka ran across the next roof and launched herself into the sky - the air felt almost clean as it filled her lungs. And then she was being pulled down and pain was ripping through her body. The air that nearly felt good filling her lungs was knocked out and she bit her tongue - her teeth clicking as they met.

Something had hit her wires and knocked her hooks from where they were embedded.  Her mind flashed to a boulder. Fragments of rock flew around her and she could not help but cry out as the sharp pieces and larger chunks battered her.

Instinctively, Anka shot her hooks again. One side did not work at all and the one that did was not enough to keep her from falling. The faint whiff of gas indicated to Anka that maybe there was a leak - but that did not really matter at this point. She knew she was falling. The last thing Anka saw was the forms of her friends - far enough away that she could not reach for them or they for her. She thought she heard her name screamed - but soon all she knew was pain as she hit the ground and was covered in falling debris, choking on dust and her own blood.

Her one hooked remained lodged in the wall for a few seconds before it loosened and toppled to the ground - just another part of the seemingly never ending rain of destruction. « Last Edit: October 08, 2018, 01:01:25 PM by Anka Rheinberger »

"Rise up."

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #14 on: October 09, 2018, 06:03:07 PM »
As Gustav fixed his attention on the gate and its hopeful evacuation begin, he wondered for a moment how many would even manage to reach the gates. If the Titans surged forwards and overpowered the remaining soldiers stationed in Utopia, it was a very real possibility that they might overrun Wall Rose. He only hoped that the inner gate's guards had scouts on hand to send out in warning for the possibility. It was too late to pull from their own position now. The focus had to be on ensuring the evacuation went well, and attempt to rid Utppia District of all Titans.

He looked back, searching for Anka's form. A boulder flew through the air, cutting between their position and that of the Elites. Frantic, his dark eyes searched for her, and caught the shadow of her shape. "ANKA!" he screamed in warning, starting forwards. Specks of stone kicked off of the Wall as he forced himself to stop, staring in wild panic at the sight before him.

The seconds blurred. He lost sight of her.

"She--" he began, cutting off his words of agony. Not even a Titan. His eyes darted down, into the depths of Utopia District. Below, it was easier to avoid the sight of the boulder's crumbling form lodged in a roof.

The idea of writing her name down in a death notice, bringing it to Pixis to sign... he could already see himself, bent over the desk, head bowed, refusing to look his commander in the eye. The grief that would pulse through him, the sting at his tear ducts as he forced back his emotions. Their silence in the office as they adjusted to her loss. The idea of people asking what had happened. Of him retelling it, how he had been nowhere near. That he had just let it happen.

"Sir. I need orders," he whispered, not trusting his thoughts. Those vicious bubbles, threatening to pop. Orders would be carried out without thought, with precision and no conscience to consult.


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