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Author Topic: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]  (Read 5654 times)

Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« Reply #15 on: October 11, 2018, 02:01:56 AM »

Dot had been looking the other, surveying as best he could through his spy glass. Damn his old eyes. He might finally have to buckle down and get glasses. His wife had been telling him for the last five years or so that he needed. It looked to be the time.

His head jerked when he heard Gustav scream. In all the years they had worked together, he could count on one hand the number of times he had heard the younger man raise his voice - let alone scream. Spinning around, he saw immediately why his escort had cried out. Anka was...gone.

He could see the dust rising from the rubble  and the smashed in roof...and one 3DM hook still lodged in a roof. It looked like a boulder or large piece of debris  taken out Anka's wires. No. NO.

He took a few quick steps forward and clapped a hand on Gustav’s shoulder when it looked like the younger man might surge forward. Pixis could not fault him, every fiber in his body was screaming at him to do the same - try and rescue Anka.  But his logical might quickly took over - telling him Anka was gone and nothing could be done for her now.  And he hated himself for that. Pixis grieved the loss of all the fallen under his command. But yes...people like Anka were special. She...along with Gustav...had become like his hands in so many ways.

“She’s gone son,” he rasped. Blinking back unshed tears, Pixis shook his head and bit the inside of his cheek to suppress a scream that was starting to bubble up. Still, he kept his face as calm as possible. No. Anka. Why Anka?

His mind swirled with what ifs. What if he had sent Gustav? He had picked Anka because she was smaller and therefore faster than tall and sturdy built Gustav. Maybe Gustav would have been slow enough that whatever had knocked Anka down would have missed him? Or physically strong enough to...

Dot battled the thoughts down and forced himself to focus. There was still so much more to be done in the battle.... the idea of writing to Anka’s parents - no...don’t think about that now.

"Sir. I need orders."

“There is nothing we can do for her now. We have to get over to the Elites with the plan. We can’t go the exact same way. But we’ll go together.  Give me your map.” Pixis took out his own and copied the marks so both maps showed the plan.

The old man pulled his blades out and pointed with one of them, “We’ll have to take the long way round.”

“Listen here son, the most important thing is this plan gets to the Elites. We both have copies and we both know how to carry it out. But the Elites have to do the heavy lifting. So...if I go down you keep going...because if you go down...that’s what I’ll do. Keep. Going. Always keep going. No matter what. That’s an order Volk.”

“It’s clear. Let’s go.” With a grunt, Pixis shot his hooks out and took flight.


"Let me send no more to die."


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