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Author Topic: Cold Comforts  (Read 473 times)

Cold Comforts
« on: October 18, 2019, 12:49:22 AM »
Krista was rather notorious for working herself too hard and not eating or sleeping enough to compensate. Of course, no one noticed the withering behind the mask of the angel tje camp knew and loved and Krista wasn't about to let something so utterly trivial take her down when she had shit to get done.

Then came the day she woke up unable to breathe through her nose, her throat swollen to the point she almost couldn't breathe through that either, and her sinuses were so clogged she could probably stick a blade into them with no effect.

Krista could fake her way through alot but the angel had met her match woth pretty much all her bunkmates teaming up to force her to stay back. It was flattering really, except for one tiny problem.

One of them had "gone to let your friend know so she could come comfort you" now Krista had no real friends, but there was one girl who would certainly seem like a friend to the outside world.

God ymir was going to kill her if she was told.

Re: Cold Comforts
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2019, 01:01:22 AM »
One word was guaranteed to make Ymir act. Hearing Krista's name immediately set her on guard, alert, and brought her to her personal mission. Her charge. When one of the other cadets found her, kicking a rock along the side of the barracks, and announced that Krista was sick...

Well, Ymir didn't say a word. She simply marched off to Krista's barracks, a storm to be reckoned with. One cadet had to dodge out of her path to avoid being charged into.

The door opened abruptly, and Ymir stepped in, eyes immediately fixing to Krista's bunk. "I told you." The words, plainly spoken, were said as she walked over. "I told you to rest, and to stop caring about everybody else's problems instead of taking care of yourself." Her eyes narrowed. She looked around, spotting one of the other girls, and pointed at her. "Fetch her some water, and some bread from the mess hall. With cheese." Ymir was in the sort of mood where few of the weaker cadets wouldn't talk back, and just like that the bunkmate scrambled out to do as told.

Re: Cold Comforts
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2019, 01:13:15 AM »
Krista was already curled up under her blankets when Ymir charged into her room. No, sje was absolutely not hiding from Ymir, she had a cold and so she needed to burn it out, it was just coincidence that she didn't have to meet Ymirs gaze when she was curled up like this, yup, complete chance.

And of course the second Ymir was in the room Krista could hear her alternating between chastising her for doing what she had to on order to get people to like her and ordering what few cadets remained in the Barracks out on various errands, if Krista was capable of feeling she might have pitied them.

"People won't like me of I don't give my all for them, they call me an angel Ymir, I gotta live up to that,"  god her voice was awful, barely more than a wheeze and it hurt to get even that out of her swollen throat. As she sat up in bed once tje last recruit left she was finally able to see Ymir, she was healthy and everything, she shouldn't be here with Krista like this.

"Ymir, you shouldn't be here, i'm sick, I don't want you to catch any of it," that at least was a genuine concern, sje wasn't sure what she and ymir were, but Krista worried about the taller girl.

Even if she could be as mean as they come.

Re: Cold Comforts
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2019, 02:41:20 AM »
The door closed, and Krista spoke, sounding just as awful as she had expected. To drive herself to sickness - it was just the sort of the thing the Krista would think a perfect solution. Ymir could feel an eye-roll coming on, though she fought it. To be nice. For a few moments, at least.

"They call you an angel without you being a fool," she retorted, approaching the bed against her plea. "You don't need to prove anything to them. Why bother? They've made up your minds! You aren't about to fall from grace for looking after yourself." The moment had passed - her emphasis came in fierce.

And was followed by a scoff. "I don't get sick. Lie down - you'll rest better then." There had been a time, once, when she'd seen a sick child huddled on a street, told to curl up in rags to hold off an illness. That had been more vicious than this, she knew, but Ymir thought the principle would still apply here.

Anything to help her friend recover quicker.

Re: Cold Comforts
« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2019, 07:28:19 AM »
Krista closed her eyes and let out a groan that, for the first time today, wasn't related to her cold and the pain associated with that. There were so many arguments she wanted to make, about how before when she just was obliging and quiet no one had liked her, not as historia, so Ymir was wrong. She wanted to argue she wasn't a fool just because she wasn't selfish, wanted to say this was how normal people we're, but both of them knew that was a lie, because deep down Krista and Ymir were very alike, and frankly the blonde didn't feel like getting called out like that.

So rather than talk, cause herself pain over futile arguments, she just threw herself across the brunettes lap and wrapped her arms around the girls midsection. She knew she shouldn't, that she was sick and should keep her distance, but Ymir was so soft and cool and felt nice against her flushed face.

"Mmmm you're cute when you're mad Ymir," she said in that impish voice of someone who knew they were invincible right now. She already felt like death, beyond actually killing her, what could ymir really do?

Nothing. « Last Edit: December 10, 2019, 07:29:42 AM by Krista Lenz »

Re: Cold Comforts
« Reply #5 on: December 14, 2019, 09:48:39 PM »
Ymir sat down on the edge of the bed, watching Krista as she gave no reply. Good. She knew what was best for her at least, though without a doubt she'd probably considered saying something and knew it would only be shot down. Still, she didn't expect the sudden embrace - not a hug, but the arms around her waist and the body in her lap. Her expression slipped to surprise, then reinforced itself to annoyance.

And then slipped again. "Are you delirious too?" she said suspiciously, looking down at her. Of course she wasn't. Krista knew exactly how to play her. "Ugh. Let me move - you're uncomfortable." And while she did shift herself, settling into the bed more to relax, she loved it all the same.

She shouldn't. But she did.

Re: Cold Comforts
« Reply #6 on: December 15, 2019, 06:02:47 AM »
Krista really did wanna giggle at the groan of frustration she knew Ymir was probably suppressing right now. But she couldn't! To laugh would ruin the illusion and then Ymir would just go back to being mad! So she just nuzzled in deeper and nodded at her question about Krista being delirious.

"Yup, you know cold meds make people wonky," she murmured before suppressing a victorious from as she curled up against the now prone woman, are circling her arms about the brunettes waist.


Re: Cold Comforts
« Reply #7 on: December 18, 2019, 08:07:11 PM »
"Do they?" she asked doubtfully, gazing at the top of that golden head. Truthfully, she didn't know - she didn't seem to get more than the odd sniffle or cough, both of which quickly left. Something about her immunity, perhaps. Before, on the streets, she'd seen hacking coughs that could hurt the lungs, and before that... no, she didn't recall anyone ever having help for illness. Nothing except her presence, her touch, her assuring smile. Whether it worked was beyond her - it hadn't seemed to, and yet they believed in it.

The thought was suffocating, and she had to move on from it. "Promise me you'll stop this." Did she have to specify what? This - the selflessness that drove Krista ill, the blatant refusal to listen when Ymir was right.

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