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Author Topic: I'll be your savior [Rosto]  (Read 266 times)

I'll be your savior [Rosto]
« on: March 14, 2018, 08:30:02 PM »
Early 840

With a head tilted towards the main street that led to the market, the young boy listened for the sound of shuffling feet or voices growing closer- the loaf of bread clutched tight to his chest - but he did not hear anything. Letting out a deep sigh of relief, Kieran slumped against a stone wall, sliding slowly down it until he sat on the unpaved ground.  For a moment, he was sure a soldier was going to round the corner and lock him away for stealing a measly loaf of bread. That is what papa told him happened to boys who stole things, but he was just so hungry. The pangs of hunger clawed at his stomach like a beast trying to get out, and like a beast, his stomach's growls were deep and guttural. 

It had been two days since he ate last and several more days since he had roof over his head and a comfortable bed to call his own. His papa was no longer here to lecture him on good and bad; right and wrong. No. He was gone, his body nothing but ashes now.

Kieran was all alone.

No longer able to handle the pain, he caved and swiped a loaf of bread when the stall owner was not looking, and now, he sat on the ground, his stomach growling as if commanding him to eat the stolen prize. Licking his lips, the boy's eyes widened in delight as he lifted the loaf and sunk his teeth into his prize, the crust crackling and breaking as he tore into it, ripping a chunk off in one swift, animal-like movement. Closing his lids, Kieran leaned his head back against the wall, savoring the taste of the first bite.

"Oy, what do you think you are doing?"

Snapping his eyes open, Kieran scrambled up to his feet. Once again clutching his bread close to his chest, he swallowed his bite with a gulp, his eyes wide with fear, frantically looking between the two boys who blocked his only exit.

"I..I..was h...hungry" 

"You think we care if yer hungry? This is our street. We can' be havin' the likes of you ruinin' our spot." The boys, older and much bigger than him began moving closer, causing Kieran to back further into the alley. Into the darkness where a passerby would less likely notice the beating. "Yeah, 'pose we need to teach 'u a lesson..." They grinned as they approached, a look of pleasure filling their eyes as Kieran's felt his back hit another stone wall. He reached the end.

"P...please take it back. I  won't do it..." His words were cut off as knee found his stomach causing the bread to fall from his hands as he doubled over.

Why was this happening? All he wanted was a bite to eat...Why?

Re: I'll be your savior [Rosto]
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2018, 08:43:25 AM »
Leaning against the stone wall of a building,  Rosto's lips twisted into a sinister smile. His head cocked slightly to the side, he listened for the right time to make his entrance. His boys, Aufrec and Hevlor,  were doing wonderfully. Of course, they had no idea that he planned to interrupt them as Rosto enjoyed -authentic- performances. The kid that his boys had cornered was a special boy, one that had escaped his grasp more than once.

Lady May destroyed his original plans. The stupid whore. Although despite the many headaches, she caused him, Lady May birthed him a new plan; one that would surely break the woman beyond repair. The boy, Rosto planned to bring him into the fold. Molded by his hand, Lady May's precious boy will be his little pawn.

One of his streetrats.

"Look at him cry. "A quiet thump followed his boys' laughter, and Kieran's cries became silent. Pushing off the wall, Rosto brushed off any debris that stuck to him and straightened out his clothes before turning down the alley.

Kieran, the boy that Rosto craved to get his hands on so bad, was curled up on the ground, his nose bleeding and right eye purple and swollen. His two boys hovered over him laughing, jabbing each other playfully with their elbows.

Under cover of his boy's laughter, Rosto snuck up behind them, his steps slow and methodical. Waiting for the right moment to strike,  he took in the scene,  a smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth. Aufrec, feeling as if Kieran had not learned his lesson, went to deliver another blow to the injured boy's stomach, only to be interrupted by their leader - the king of their little court of rogues.  "Enough!" Rosto grabbed Aufrec's shoulder, his snakey fingers pressing hard, his fingers digging into the skin. Caught off guard, Hevlor came at Rosto only stopping short when he realized who had snuck up on them. Pulling hard, Rosto threw Aufrec back and snapped his head towards Hevlor, his orange glare serving as enough of warning to make the boy back up a few steps. Eyes wide, his boys stared at Rosto with confusion and fear. "Is this any way to treat one of our own?"

"Uh, we're just doin'..." Aufrec started. 


"Get out of my sight" Rosto's voice was low and dangerous, as his boys were going to ruin his spectacular entrance by exposing his well laid out plan. It would not do.

"Now" He added after the boys did not move, an iciness to the word that foretold consequences if they did not as told. The boys turned on heel and bolted down the alley.

Alone, Rosto turned his attention back to Kieran, his gaze softening as he took a couple of steps closer to the injured boy.  Squatting down, the man took out a handkerchief and held it out offering it to Kieran.

"What a mess those boys made. Here.  Let's get you cleaned up."


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