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Author Topic: [Internship] Good Morning Survey Corps! [Rosebelle/Raze]  (Read 11 times)

[Internship] Good Morning Survey Corps! [Rosebelle/Raze]
« on: December 07, 2019, 04:54:21 AM »
April, 847

“Good morning!” Rosie smiled, standing straight with her hands behind her back. Perhaps she was trying to be a bit taller than she actually was, well, she just wanted to appear as… professional as she could. She was trying to make a good impression on new cadets after all.

Internships. Right, Rosebelle could remember her own internship runs just a few years ago. Of course, then, she had chosen the Survey Corps. Back then, she had wanted nothing more than to be a Scout. To be a hero… she wondered if anyone else would be as excited as she had been. Meeting real Scouts, asking them about what it really meant to be part of the Survey Corps, fighting titans, riding out in the open world…

Of course, not everyone would be as excited to join the Survey Corps. There were a lot of… not great things about it. Most usually, the fact that it did have the highest death rate among all the branches. Anyone who would have wanted to join the Survey Corps really did need to understand one thing, that death was the risk for fighting for humanity.

Rosebelle wasn’t sure how she would explain something like that to someone… who wasn’t initially interested in becoming a champion of humanity. She wondered sometimes how she really was ready to die on any mission outside the walls. But now, the Survey Corps were here for defending… Wall Rose. Two years after the breach at Shiganshina and what had the Survey Corps done? It was a hard question to answer, even for a soldier like Rosebelle.

Regardless, she was here to convince those cadets of that reason…
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