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Author Topic: [EVENT] With Frosty Fingers  (Read 604 times)

With Frosty Fingers
« on: January 28, 2019, 10:18:06 PM »
[ december 845 ]

Nack | Voltaire | Kazushi | Sybil
loose posting order - try to allow everybody to have their piece, but keep things moving as well

Nack tugged on the reins of one of their horses - one of two - to encourage the steed to follow him up the thickly snow-covered hills. Bundled in a thick woollen coat, he rubbed his hands together, using friction to warm the gloves around his fingers. His breath came out as plumes of white mist.

"This is stupid," he muttered to those picked out for his squad. He gave them a glance, then rolled his eyes. "Hiking through all this snow is going to kill off half our year. What are they thinking?"

Unless that was what they were after. Weed out the weakest and get rid of them, only half a year since starting out as cadets. All of their equipment seemed hardly enough to keep them alive. Measly food rations. How were they going to make it without hunting for their own? And in winter of all times, when there was already a distinct lack of food to gather.

Looking ahead, the supposedly confident cadet glowered and waved an arm. "Who's got the map? Where's that first checkpoint?" He remembered it was north, and over a river - which he was hoping would be frozen - but he hadn't paid further attention than that.

Re: With Frosty Fingers
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2019, 01:01:38 AM »
Voltaire held himself extremely tight in the woolen coat, even being in cold weather several times he could never get used to the feel.   It felt cold yet harsh, the sting of the frost kept biting at the exposed parts of his body such as his face and fingertips where the cloth on his gloves ran off.   

He shouted over the winds replying to the other cadet "This won't kill you unless you're weak and frail.... I suggest each of us having a partner so we can keep track of each other, and not get lost in the blizzard"

He moved up to Nack pulling a piece of paper out of his back pocket shuffling through the snow.  "Earlier I found the map torn in half, we have part of it" He handed the part of the map that was still intact and not blown away.   

Re: With Frosty Fingers
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2019, 09:35:10 PM »
Nack glanced back to Voltaire, hesitating a moment at his words. It took another moment to steel himself, before he could even reply. "So half of our year's intake then?" he called back. Dry, morbid humour was best served cold. Still, he had a point, they should make sure they didn't end up lost, though he didn't think it was that bad yet.

Taking hold of the map, he looked at it briefly before pulling a face, squished as it was with the hood of his coat. "The first checkpoint is still here, we just need to pass the river and then we'll probably find one of the other teams and follow their tracks." He didn't like taking charge, but he also wanted to get out of the cold as soon as possible. This wasn't the place he wanted to die in. "Anybody want to take the lead?" he said casually, trying to pass it off as an offer rather than the crippling fear within him.


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