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Author Topic: Dot the "i"s and Cross the "t"s  (Read 535 times)

Dot the "i"s and Cross the "t"s
« on: March 18, 2018, 06:47:57 PM »
The journey from the northernmost to the southernmost point of Wall Rose had required an overnight stop.  By lamplight, in a bare but clean and comfortable inn, Farran had tried to bring some semblance of order to the hefty bundle of paperwork he had been entrusted with.  There were requests for transfer, appeals for materials and additional manpower, approval forms signed by squad leaders, written warnings, accident reports and a whole myriad of other filing.  The entire workload - covering all of the Garrison Regiment stationed in Utopia District - was earmarked for Anka Rheinberger, Commander Dot’s aid.

Lucky girl, Farran thought wryly as he moved through the headquarters in Trost, seeking out Anka’s office.  Saddlesore from the long journey, he was quite sure his gait was awkward, more akin to those stiff strides often spotted amongst the Survey Corps.  Several times along the corridors he stopped to greet and speak with other personnel he knew, all the while the file in his arms seemed to weigh heavier and heavier.

When, at last, he stood in front of the office door, he shifted the considerable bundle to one arm, anchoring it against his hip in the way that was reminiscent of how his wife would often hold their son.  Except Fritz was nowhere near this heavy, he was sure.  Huffing dark hair out his eyes - hoping he didn’t look as dishevelled as he felt after the long ride - Farran knocked lightly, four times, with his free hand.  The monster he carried made him feel every inch the bringer of bad news.

Re: Dot the "i"s and Cross the "t"s
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2018, 12:30:24 AM »
Anka had spent most of the morning in meetings away from the office. Pixis always had somewhere to go and someone to see.  Anka was just getting back to Garrison HQ now.

Pixis had decided to go home for lunch. He had offered Anka a place at his table but she had declined. She had so much work to do and she knew that Pixis and his wife had not had much alone time as of late.  By the Walls...they had been married longer than she had been alive.  That was honestly sweet. Their love was obvious and their devotion complete.  Anka knew they had both been widowed as younger adults and in a way, that made their relationship a little...was sweeter the word? Anka was not sure - but she thought it was nice they had gotten a second chance with each other.

As she walked down the hall towards her and Gustav's shared office, she was not surprised to see someone at the door. Someone normally needed something from her or Gustav or Pixis.

Her reddish brown hair was a little bit wild from the wind and she patted dust from her uniform jacket as she walked down the hall towards her and Gustav’s shared office. Gustav had gone off to talk to a few of the cannon crews and Pixis was going to be a while at his house. It took her a moment and she had to get closer to recognize the person. Ah, Farran Falkenrath. Yes...with a massive stack of paperwork. He looked tired. But he did have to come from a distance.

"Here...let me get the door for you," Anka said as she approached. She fished a ket from her breast pocket and unlocked the door.

"Just set those there," she said, gesturing to Gustav's desk. Her own desk was stacked with reports. Anka liked Farran. She did not know him very well, he was a little bit older than she was, and he was stationed about as far as a someone could be, but his reports always arrived on time and they were always filled out correctly, concisely, and neatly. Always had the details they needed and never anything superfluous. Anka appreciated that.

"Here, you look exhausted," she gestured to an empty seat. "Can I get you some water? How was your trip? And thank you for bringing these. I know it's not a pleasant trip."

She got Farran a glass of water and then opened the pack of paper, "Hows your wife?"


"Rise up."

Re: Dot the "i"s and Cross the "t"s
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2018, 05:09:36 PM »
The moment stretched, just long enough for Farran to realise that Anka wasn’t in, to wonder how he would kill time as he waited for her arrival.  As he adjusted his grasp on the papers, preparing to take his leave, a familiar voice reached his ears.  Seeing Anka approach inspired a sense of relief in the weary traveller.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes,” Farran chuckled tiredly as the redhead unlocked and opened the door to the office.  Stepping inside, he obediently moved to set his veritable mountain of papers on the desk belonging to Gustav.  It was an organised space, with its stationery and paperwork sitting neat and tidy.  Quite honestly, it put the engineer’s workshop to shame.

Grey eyes followed Anka, before shifting to the other piles of documentation that awaited her attention.  Farran felt a prickle of guilt, knowing he was adding to her already considerable workload.  Pushing paper might - to some - seem less noble than the pursuits of Titan-slaying and wall repair, but it was no less vital and certainly no less exhausting.

Grateful for Anka’s thoughtfulness, Farran sank into a chair.  “I must look as tired as I feel,” he jested, before offering softly-spoken thanks as she pressed a glass of water into his hand.  “It’s a long journey, true enough, but it’s been rather nice to travel outside of Utopia.”  These days, he only ever seemed to leave the district when duty to either family or the military called.  “Lana is well,” Farran continued with a warm smile, the expression creasing the corners of his eyes.  “She has her hands full with the little one, but makes no complaint.  She still manages to do some sewing too.  Honestly, I don’t know how she finds the time.”  The engineer paused to enjoy a sip of water, his work-worn fingers wrapped around the glass.  “And how are things here?  It seems you and Gustav are as busy as ever.”  Farran nodded towards the bundles of paperwork. « Last Edit: May 17, 2018, 05:14:11 PM by Farran Falkenrath »


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