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Author Topic: Scratching out reports. [Arkin]  (Read 268 times)

Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« on: March 19, 2018, 09:21:26 PM »
Staring out over the top of the Wall, Gustav folded his arms over his chest, momentarily appreciating the morning sun as the sky stretched out seemingly forever. He could almost forget the blood-soaked grass and wrecked districts curving out from the fallen Wall Maria. The villages, obliterated. So little found. If there were still survivors, they couldn't be in great shape. Plenty had been rescued even after the gates were closed.

He didn't want the same fate to befall Wall Rose.

After conferring with Anka on reports of an increase in scratchers, as well as general Titans getting too close to the Wall, he'd set out to talk to those who had reported the change. In conversing with the others, he could compile an even more thorough report, as well as see what he could suggest any ideas that came to mind.

Of course, he wanted to pass it off as just coincidence. But without the full reports from Wall Maria, he didn't want to take any risks. Everything had to be covered. Anything that remotely looked like a sign of a future attack had to be dealt with swiftly. Eyes had to be sharp. Ink needed to compile every note possible.

He set off, boots travelling the edge of the Wall as he made to find Arkin and his squad. While he had sent a messenger ahead of him, in case there were any further reports since the last, or anything had happened so far in their work today.

Re: Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2018, 08:48:07 PM »
Arkin’s team had the Night Watch this week. They were tired and hungry but it had been a mostly quiet night. One Titan that Arkin and his second in command, Rahab, had dispatched quickly and with little fuss.  While they were a cannon team, 3DM gear and blades were the only way to actually kill a Titan. He had struggled with 3DM training as a cadet and new member of the Garrison, but years on the Wall had granted Arkin a reasonable amount of skill. Not remotely as able as say - Ian or Rico, but competent and able to perform his duties.

He watched the sun slip over the horizon and noted the oranges, reds, and yellows as each color peeked through the fading mist. It was going to be a nice day - that he fully intended to sleep through. After he ate, filled out his paperwork for the watch, and mixed some of the balms he used to treat wall burn. Then sleep.

It was odd, Arkin thought to himself, as he looked over the landscape. Once it had been a home. Now it was a boneyard. How many had not made it through the gates? Arkin did not want to think about that. He had been there. He had seen it all.

There had been a messenger a little earlier to let him know Gustav was coming to see him. The young lady had not told him why. That was fine. He knew Gustav from training and they had come up the ranks together and Arkin liked him.

Casting his eyes down the Wall, he saw Gustav. Nodding to Rahab, Arkin walked to meet him.

“Good morning,” he called when they were closer, “So what brings you here so bright and early? And hows the burn?”

"But even yet I have so many miles to go."

Re: Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2018, 12:52:52 PM »
Noticing Arkin ahead, a smile touched his face as he continued onwards. He had to admit, the job was all the more easier when you got along with those you had to bother at all hours. There were a few squad leaders within the Garrison that were a little more delicate and sensitive to any kind of communication that delayed them or caused interruption, but it couldn't be helped. As long as he didn't have to talk to Weilman; the man was one of the more difficult, and while Gustav was assured of his ability to remain calm and rational, he couldn't for others.

"Good morning," he returned, with a quick glance to the sky. Was it? He couldn't tell what constituted a good morning any more. The man spoke again once he stopped by him, a tighter smile on his lips. A little forced.

"Following up on reports, chasing down any extra data there is. Seems to be an increase in the amount of scratchers as of late. You were among the reporters, so I'm here to fetch any extra reports or more details you might have." He tapped the bag slung to his side, in which he kept his trusty clipboard and writing implements. Making his own notes could be quicker, when there weren't any easily taken away.

Hesitant on the second part, he brushed it off with a shrug. "Better. Feels a lot like wall-burn, except more gritty. All those dips and bumps in the cobbles," he said. He'd be lying if he hadn't thought of how he was going to explain it away as being as bad as wall-burn - after all, cobbles were harder to slide across quite so smoothly. "It'll heal in no time," he added.

Re: Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2018, 12:24:04 AM »
Arkin smiled at Gustav, “Cobbles. Right. Just keep applying the balm.” Arkin had been surprised when Gustav and Anka had appeared at his door asking for something for...cobble burn. Apparently, they had been run down by a beet cart. That was not the oddest incident that had brought people to him - but it was close. Still, Arkin genuinely liked Gustav and who was he to judge...

He nodded at the mention of scratchers, “We’ve had titans about six of the last ten watches. Last night as well. Seven meters. We took care of it.” He nodded his head towards Rahab, who gave a salute to Gustav.  The other team members followed her lead as their captain and his companion approached. They all had the same tired look that Arkin carried. All they wanted was breakfast and their beds at this point.

Arkin moved to stand just out of earshot from his team, the tips of his toes hanging off the edge, confident in his footing after years on the Wall. "A few nights back we had two show up back to back. That was a little startling."

He inclined his head to look up at Gustav, "We used to go a week or more without seeing one. Now like I said - two together. It's...odd." He crossed his arms over his chest and looked out at the sunrise.

"Remember when that was ours?" Arkin asked almost absently as his pale eyes surveyed the land before them. "It seems like forever ago." He sighed and brushed his hair out of his face, exposing for a moment the mangled pinky and ring finger of his left hand.

"One thing Rahab actually noticed was that most of the scratchers seem to be coming from the same rough direction. I don't know if that means anything." He looked at Gustav. He knew the younger man had a better mind for figuring out things like that. "I know Vanya's team had four a few nights back. Not back to back but still. Odd. Very odd."

"But even yet I have so many miles to go."


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