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Author Topic: Camp Crashing  (Read 509 times)

Camp Crashing
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:59:29 PM »
The cool breeze swept by the edges of Erwin’s hood as he and the few members of the Survey Corps he was with approached the training grounds. Fall was setting in, and Erwin had business to tend to.  For some reason, there were an overwhelming number of cadets willing to join the Survey Corps. While some would see this as a boon for the green commander, he was rather skeptical. He had to be. The politics of his position demanded he be.

As Levi would put it, something was “Off” about the whole situation. To that end, Erwin thought this was some form of political ploy. It had to be. Unless…unless someone had ambition…the kind of ambition he was looking for. At least he hoped it was that, and not stupidity.

The wind picked up again and Erwin looked towards the sky. A storm was moving in. It was time to pick up the pace. Pushing his horse to go faster, he said “Let’s move, and stay close. The camps not far ahead.” « Last Edit: March 22, 2018, 08:00:01 PM by Erwin Smith »

Re: Camp Crashing
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2018, 12:51:31 AM »
Luke wasn't sure what to make of the situation. He didn't really know why it was a problem that so many were thinking of joining the corps, but if it would give him a chance to visit the cadets he wouldn't mind. Riding close to the front of the small group in his excitement, Luke was beaming. He loved the cadets, and treated several like his own children. He wasn't paying much attention to how he was riding, but years of working with the horses under Dita had resulted in riding becoming second nature to him.

The gentle man probably seemed suspicious to the rest of the escort, being so excited, but he didn't seem to care. He just wanted to meet the cadets. He wanted kids badly, but since it really wasn't fair of him to even try having kids when he could easily die on any of the expeditions, he just treated the cadets like his adoptive children. In his pockets was some candy, some for the cadets and some for Mordred.

"Right. Now I can only hope that the cadets don't try and beat me up like the last time I offered them candy when I was visiting. And that Mordred doesn't try to steal the candy again." With a small laugh, the young man also pushed his horse to go faster. He was eager to be here, and he was already enjoying this a lot.

Re: Camp Crashing
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2018, 05:38:16 PM »
It was a change in routine - at least for Nanaba, it was. Training and meetings were routine, but not riding along with commander Erwin to check out the next batch of cadets.  Apparently, there were a high number of enthusiastic cadets just biting at the bit to join up with the Scouts. Nanaba found this interesting, but not something to worry over.  Erwin was not the type to dismiss anything as interesting, the years of serving alongside the commander taught her that much.

"Yes, Commander!" Nanaba replied as she steered Bumble to tighten the formation. 

Coming up to the side of Luke's horse, Nanaba listened to the scout's comment about candy and cadets. She didn't understand why Luke insisted on bribing cadets with expensive treats, it is not like they were paid a handsome wage in the first place, but at least Luke cared about new recruits, and that was something that they will need if they choose to join their ranks. The Scouting regiment could be hard for new recruits.

 "Let's hope this bunch knows better than to take candy from a stranger as well." Nanaba smiled under her hood as she shifted her hold on the reins.  The impending storm nipped at their heels, and the wind reached out with invisible hands towards them threatening to grab and consume them, but with commander Erwin pushing them forward, Nanaba knew the storm did not stand a chance. Squeezing her calves into Bumble's side, she slackened the reins and clucked to get him to move faster - a command the gelding did not mind indulging.

Re: Camp Crashing
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2018, 05:51:26 PM »
Gunther said little on their journey, as was expected from the oft-silent soldier. He listened as the others spoke, reflecting on the situation. A supposed rise in the amount of cadets even showing interest in the Survey Corps was strange, though perhaps unexpected with recent events. After all, the fall of Wall Maria had affected all in some way, and he believed that survivors would have the most want to take revenge. Whether that was bravery or stupidity, he did not know.

Listening to the exchange between Luke and Nanaba, the brunet drew closer to the mane of his horse, Theodoric, whose pace quickened. His command over his steed were light, Theodoric understanding the twitches of reins almost instinctively. They hadn't been 'partners' of a sort for long, his last lost during an expedition, but it was true that the relationship between a Scout and their steed was important. Trust was paramount, in his belief.

"This is the first generation since the Wall fell," the quiet Gunther finally said, voice louder than usual due to the rushing of hooves thundering beneath them. "Everything about them will be different from what we've seen before, how we were when we were trained." There would always be something different about them. While he disagreed with Luke's more positive outlook in treating the cadets, he wondered if such interactions were beneficial. Titans had always plagued the Walls, but these cadets were victims more than ever. Orphans, refugees.

Dark eyes looked ahead he encouraged Theodoric on. The speed with which they travelled now, they'd be there in no time. Then they would see what the cadets were like for themselves. If his theory on why there might be more Scout-ambitious cadets was to be confirmed, they'd have to see firsthand. For that, he intended to be cautious and observant.

Re: Camp Crashing
« Reply #4 on: July 20, 2018, 02:45:48 AM »
Erwin's group rapid approached the training grounds as the sky turned as gloomy as his mood... a big storm was coming. He still was not sure what to make of the situation. How good one trainee, or a small group of them, rally so many?

Shadis, without doubt, must have put the fear of whatever higher power he followed in them. But if anything it would shake their desire to join.

They drew nearer the gate as a light rain began to fall and Erwin slowed his horse to a slow walk. The first guard walked towards him, and Erwin dismounted - and cut straight to the point.

"I've received word that a large number of cadets are interested in joining the Survey Corps," he began. "I and my cohorts would like to observe today's training. I know Commander Shadis may be unavailable, but there should be someone available to escort us and brief me on the situation?"

Re: Camp Crashing
« Reply #5 on: August 22, 2018, 01:29:05 AM »
Mordred had been passing near the gates when he saw the group approach. It was almost time to begin training, but surely he could see what they wanted? But, upon seeing the Survey Corps uniforms, the pink-haired man went up to the gates. He knew Luke would probably be there, though he didn't recognize most of these other people. He listened to what Erwin said, smirking. So they wanted to watch training today? Well, he could certainly help with that.

Finally, he spoke up. "I can take care of them, since I am one of the instructors they'll be seeing today. Let them in. I'll direct them to the training fields." Mordred said, for once acting like a proper instructor. There was no doubt he was brutal and unorthodox, but he was one of the best ODM users to ever grace these halls. But today... he'd tone it down a bit, more for Luke's sake than this commander. He didn't care what the commander thought. It wasn't like he could fire him. Only Shadis could do that, as far as he knew."If you'll follow me, I'm Mordred Hart, the instructor who teaches them to use the ODM gear. Since I'll be teaching today, I will allow my lessons to be viewed. Today will be a practice lesson on maneuverability"

Re: Camp Crashing
« Reply #6 on: August 29, 2018, 02:00:58 AM »
The training instructor was…different than most. He had quite the flamboyant dress and hair color, and Erwin had little doubt that Shadis probably gave him hell for it on a regular basis. Perhaps he was of noble upbringing? He certainly did not appear fit the ‘norm’ for what would be expected of the average member of the military. Nevertheless, he seemed willing enough to help start their visit.

Erwin replied to his statement. “Excellent. I hope you don’t plan on going easy on them; I’d like to actually see the potential they may have. Furthermore, I would like to keep our exact identities a secret from the cadets for the time being.” Erwin signaled for the others to dismount and keep their hoods up. No sense in causing too much of a stir. Erwin rather not let the cadets know who was watching them, if he could avoid it. Erwin handed off his horse to the guard at the gate and gave them a look that said that they better remind him where they took it.

As he turned away, he caught a brief glimpse of familiar red hair…then turned to the instructor once more. “I’d assume there will be other drills going on to review as well?”


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