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Author Topic: Bared teeth; snapping jaws. [ SPOILERS ]  (Read 502 times)

Bared teeth; snapping jaws. [ SPOILERS ]
« on: April 02, 2018, 11:47:31 AM »
[ contains spoilers for Ymir's backstory and secrets (anime season 2) ]
[ a solo thread: pre-enlistment ]
[ early 845 ]
[ currently outside of Wall Maria ]

Dirt plastered her feet, reaching up her shins as she trudged to the water’s edge. Her hands scooped together as she knelt at the pond, water filling cupped fingers so she could raise her hands and gulp greedily at the water. It was hardly clean, but in that moment any water would have done. Refreshing her dry mouth and parched throat, she leaned down, taking another handful of water to drench her face with. Droplets dripped from her chin.

Heavy footsteps clomped nearby.

Ymir froze, her head jerking up to look in the direction of the lumbering Titan. Its wide brown eyes were locked onto her position. Disproportionate arms swung limply, thinner than its nose and shorter than its feet.

"What are you going to do?" she scoffed, rising to her feet. Afternoon sunlight grazed her body as she stared it down. "You're not tall enough to stomp on me." Three metres. Only little over a metre taller than herself. That large mouth suggested a massive jaw though.

It had only been a few days since she had woken under the stars. Finding shelter was near impossible. At night, the Titans didn't move, but that meant they could spend all day hunting her down. As safe as traversing land during night would be, it was safer to sleep when the Titans couldn't grab her.

The reason behind her second chance at life was still a mystery. One moment she was only vaguely aware of her life, of that… Monster she had been. The next, she was alive, naked as a newborn, yet she hadn't aged a day. Something had happened, something she must have done, but memories were blurry and filled her mind with pain. So she stopped dwelling on it. The answer would present itself when it was ready to. Her only mission in life now was surviving until she could find civilisation.

Hazel eyes locked to the hungry brown as the Titan staggered forwards.

"Bite me," she dared, baring her teeth. The legs were larger and seemingly more powerful than her own. It may well be able to outrun her. But she wouldn't die here. In the distance trees loomed high, a hill shone under the sun. Running at speed and using scattered bushes along the way to trip it could work.

Ymir broke into a run.

The Titan followed. Her feet stung as they cracked twigs. Stones spiked at her soles. She kept running, her body feeling uncomfortable. Never had she needed to use it to this extent, to run so much. But that was a lie. A hazy memory of sprinting down streets as a young child surfaced. No, she couldn't remember now. The same dread from the memory pushed her on. A bush ahead of her would give the edge. Making a beeline for it, she dodged at the last second. The snapping of sticks and a thunderous thump told her the Titan had tumbled over it.

A copse of trees ahead would be her best shot at safety. Somehow she would find a way to scale the bark and keep out of reach. Only the biggest of Titans would be able to get her, and those were so rare to find.

Suddenly, a hand snatched out from behind her, catching her leg.

"What— no!" she cried, body slamming on the ground, stones slicing at her chest and stomach. Dragged back, her fingers clawing into the ground did nothing to stop the Titan’s intent to eat her.

She looked back, not finding the wide brown gaze but instead one blue and one green eye. It was bigger than the other, five metres she guessed, better proportioned. Swollen lips parted as it pulled her to its mouth.

Teeth bit into her leg.

"I will not die to you," Ymir screamed. "You will not eat me!"

Blood spurted from her leg.

"I… Will… Survive!"

Yellow lightning crackled around her.

Re: Bared teeth; snapping jaws. [ SPOILERS ]
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2018, 11:46:38 PM »
Flesh spread, skin splitting and bare red muscle glimpsed beneath as it whirled around her body. The yellow light glared, an internal storm that spread and shot to the sky, or perhaps came from it. She couldn't tell. A weird sensation, neither pleasurable or painful, attacked her body. As the light intensified, she became blinded, feeling a stretch in her muscles, yet feeling together all the same. Was she being eaten? No, it would be far more painful than this.

A hollow scream sprang from her throat - no, a throat - and howled in fury.

Beady black eyes fixed on the Titan who had gnawed at her leg, a single leg dangling from between its jagged teeth, spurting blood from the lost knee. The disproportionate Titan that had first chased her lumbered behind, feeble arms stretched out towards her. She looked back at the missing leg. Was that hers?

Realisation came with a second scream released from her throat.

Her body felt so very familiar, so right, that she hadn't even noticed the change. The feeling, yes, but not the change. She was a Titan again. In panic, her hands reached for her skull, gnarled fingers gripping hold of ragged brunette strands of hair, pulling them taut till her scalp burned.

She had been trapped in that form for decades, it must have been, and here she was again. Where was her second chance? How could it have been taken from her again? They hadn't... What had caused it before? Ymir struggled to recall, remembering only a piercing pain at her spine, all else cloudy.

This was meant to be my second chance. Yet again she crouched as the monster. The devil. For she was just that, a child of the devil. Unable to ever escape her fate.

Rage splintered her face, lips drawn back in an inhuman snarl. She flung herself forwards, drawing all the burning anger into her curled fist. It felt just the same. Which only made more fire scorch her mind, a red mist descending as she attacked the two Titans. Blood roared in her ears as she thrust out a punch, sending the eating Titan back into the other, following it with a second hurried hit.

Something about her body felt strange. Perhaps due to the time she'd spent as a human again. It was the only logical thing she could think of. Getting used to it again. Because she'd have to, if she was stuck in this form once more.

Her jaws split open, feeling heavier. The Titans were struggling in a thick of limbs to get back at her as she launched off of a mound in the grass, leaping at them with her arms outstretched. Ymir sunk her teeth into the shoulder of the taller Titan, tearing flesh and muscle in an explosion of blood that soaked her chin. She tore the chunk away, spitting it out to the ground. Her fingers pierced its body as she leaned her head around, biting into the very back of the neck. Something within her told her it was the right place. Her jaws clamped together, then ripped the back of the neck open, almost decapitating the Titan as she did.

As the body fell, smoking, Ymir fixed herself on the other Titan, the one at that moment trying to chew on her arm. One punch to the face did little more than encourage its mouth to grip tighter on her arm. She kicked out, once, then twice, then rolled on top of it. Mindlessly it kept on chewing, seemingly oblivious to her assault even as her teeth sank into the nape.

Steam billowed around her as she crouched atop it, staring at the greying husks.

Something's different. I know it is. Her eyes fixed on the Titans. They've never attacked me before. Have they? I don't remember. Not as a Titan... She glanced down to her arms, were blood cracked across her skin, dripping to the ground. The pain was numbing, her anger defending herself from it. Even her arm looked different. More muscular, almost. Was it because she'd had that short time as a human? She didn't think so.

Ymir gazed at the sky. Something had changed. She needed to work out what, and soon.

Guilt wracked her body as she began to knuckle-walk towards the forest shelter, building as she went on. Titan or not, she knew enough to know that the Titans had been like her once. They would have had lives before this. Now they were stuck inside, hardly aware of what they were doing. Had she ever felt this in control before? She thought so, maybe early on. Time would tell whether she lost her mind again. And how long until that happened.

Until then, she just hoped she wouldn't have to kill any more Titans. If they didn't notice her, it'd be peaceful enough. Maybe she'd find a hole to hide in. Had she done that before? A hazy memory tried to surface, but fog pushed it down. It hurt to remember too much. It all just reminded her of the inevitable.

She was stuck. It had all been some stupid dream, or trick of the mind. How could she have been human again? This change had to be just temporary, that was all.


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