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Author Topic: Quirin Drexler  (Read 1076 times)

Quirin Drexler
« on: April 14, 2018, 03:17:10 AM »

NAME: Quirin Drexler
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 13 October 819 (26)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Stohess District, Wall Sina
GENDER: Agender (presents Male)
MEMBER GROUP: Military Police
FACE CLAIM: Zen Wistaria of Akagami no Shirayukihime!

Born female, he would personally identifying as agender, though is known by all but his family and few confidants as simply male. His androgynous face helps him greatly in presenting male and disguising as women. He binds his chest, though his chest is flat enough as it is. When wishing to lurk the streets unseen, he often pretends to be nameless women, as he finds one carrying a basket or similar is more easily ignored. Given his disguises, clothes are costumes to him: out of uniform, he wears as he wishes to present, from class to riches to intent.

Though he looks younger than he is, Quirin considers this an advantage in exploiting those who underestimate him. His white blond hair curves his face, shadowing his forehead, kept short and presentable. Blue eyes, sharp as those of a hawk, are prone to contemplative stares, sparking with life when needed or when truly intrigued. Standing at almost six feet, he has a slim yet muscular build, exercised daily and toned by hard work.

Quirin (secretly) prides himself on his deception, presenting himself as nice, as the trustworthy sort, all the while holding a knife at their back. He pretends not to be an active threat with ambitions, instead showing himself to be a reliable soldier worthy of being promoted, when not overlooked. Though this causes delays in his 'plans', he likes to lurk amongst the shadows. Given his disguises, it's something that comes very naturally to him.

He enjoys being useful, of having favours he can call in at any point. More than anything, he likes having people to exploit. His words are careful, thought through entirely unless emotion distorts him. When it comes to plans, he combs through each step as meticulously as his hair, finding whatever he can to push things in his favour. To keep the loyalty of those who are ambitious, he finds any way to sway their path favourably, such as in delicate suggestions of soldiers being stationed in preferential areas that give them less bother to deal with. Spreading these manipulations out over time allows him less chance of suspicion, ensuring his position remains solid.

His gender is, to all bar his family and most trusted, simply androgynous male. He does not wish to stand out, and this is simplest: especially as there is no pressure to reproduce. The idea of birthing any child makes him want to cut out his own insides by hand. When disguised as a woman, he struggles not to vomit when flirting with men, though his disgust does not lie in sex, only their ideas of his body. Dysphoria burns him deep within, and blazes strong, whenever reminded of his 'true' state.

+ articulate
+ dedicated
+ helpful
+ inquisitive
+ precise
+ shrewd

- aloof
- corrupt
- deceptive
- manipulative
- narcissistic
- predatory

- to do his duty, no matter what that may be.
- to rise in the Military Police: to take his rightful place.
- to teach the pigs where they belong.

- living in squalor.
- dealing with the outer Walls.
- his own uselessness.


Stohess District bore a rotting fruit one day in 816 when Quirin came into the world; a father, Roswald, held no interest in her and her mother died in childbirth. She was named and promptly swept into the arms of a wet nurse, who turned nanny, then stepmother. As younger siblings were pushed out, Quirin felt rejected, spending most of her time outside of tutoring and 'exercise drills' playing in the street with others. She felt uncomfortable in herself, something magnified as the boys trusted her less in leading games: she was a girl, they said, so she couldn't be king.

Roswald's only interest in her came in pushing his ideals and training her up, intent on shoving her into the military. He fed her lies of greed and indecency in the outer Walls, full of pigs who stole and begged and brought sickness. Lies bred hatred, and she agreed to enlist, on one condition: she be enlisted as a boy. It was comfort, though she never admitted so, instead claiming it would give her better chance of success. He agreed, appreciating her ambition.

Quirin entered the cadet corps prepared, documents in order. A fresh life, away from a family who hardly noticed him, even his younger siblings. He worked tirelessly to be the best he could, practising fiercely against others aiming for the Military Police, until he managed to claim that third spot of the Top Ten in the 92nd Cadet Corps.

Once in the Military Police, he played the role of the good soldier: the dedicated, the loyal, and the obedient. He gained approval by running errands, stacking favours until he could call in his own. Titans interested him, from their nature to their sexless, seemingly amortal presence. Researching them was difficult to say the least. Without being able to pull rank, and not wishing to attract attention, he had to find ways around simple paths. He called in his favours, pulling more to those easy to manipulate. Over time, he found he had a goal outside of rising within the Military Police. One that would require all his cunning and dedication.

AGE: 22


Re: Quirin Drexler
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2018, 10:57:29 PM »

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