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Author Topic: 3DM Style  (Read 775 times)

3DM Style
« on: April 14, 2018, 08:31:59 PM »
How would you describe your character's 3DM style? Are they elegant, like a cannonball, slow but strong? How would you rate their ability? I am aware this may be confusing lol. I'll do my characters first so there are examples.

Anka Rheinberger -  On the rareish occasion that Anka finds herself facing off against a Titan, she relies on the fact that she is small and fast. She teams well with larger and stronger partners. Is good at launching with speed and using the momentum to add to the power behind her blades. Struggles with landings and will find herself glancing off the Walls and not stopping like she meant to. Was actually very good at running up and down the Walls when she was a regular solider. Unsure how well she could do that now. Rating: B-

Arkin Holt - Though a cannon team leader, Arkin and his team do utilize their 3DM gear a fair amount. Cannons are good for slowing down and re-directing Titans, but blades are needed to truly end them. Competent with 3DM gear, Arkin is strong and prefers to wait until the Titan is as close to him as he can manage before attacking. Teams well with someone faster. His attack style can best be described, fittingly, as a cannonball. Grade: B+

Dot Pixis - As a younger man, Dot was very skilled with 3DM gear.  Now he is slower than he used to be, but Dot could still hold his own in combat if need be. He posses a good mix of strength and speed and his decades of military life have given him a skillset and senses that could only be gained through experience. Adaptable and could team with just about anyone.

Kicks his feet a little more than necessary if he has been drinking. Grade: A

Anka Rheinberger | Dot Pixis | Arkin Holt | Miriam Gracey | Mina Carolina

Re: 3DM Style
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2018, 10:58:33 PM »
Axel Falkenrath
Considering he's fairly light and small, he focuses on being as conservative as possible with his gas and prioritises quick moves and turns; if given the choice between running atop a roof or ground or swing through a street or between trees, he'd much sooner run. While staying low isn't preferable, he believes he'd be slowed down further if he got a wire caught or had to refuel, and this saves him time. He's quick when in the air regardless, and he's since practised hard to do better with his landing. Momentum is his best friend, and his bladework could be described as 'precise'. His downfall mostly comes in his hesitance to move without a partner nearby: he only teams, he never wishes to go in on his own, or let others go alone. Grade: A.

Mara Sonnenschein
She struggles, and applies more gas than necessary, and loses focus on everything but manoeuvring herself. Better as a distraction than a fighter, she follows direction and tries her hardest, though she'd be better suited to the back of any team. Even if she lived, there's not a chance she would have ever gotten an assist. Her hesitance comes in cowardice. Grade: C.

Impulsive with her gas, she uses a lot of it and without care, as if she's using it, she clearly needs to. Best working alone, she'd rather not take on any Titan, but she has no fear in facing them. Her movements can be awkward and janky, but then most of her time is spent looking out for Krista and making sure she's fine. If she has to use her blades, she cuts with anger. She's adept with aiming straight for the nape, even from tricky angles. Grade: B-.

Gustav Volk
Given that he doesn't use it an awful lot, he's pretty rusty, though he's always been quite average in his skills. He's a comfortable middle in gas usage, using neither too much nor too little, and he approaches situations similarly: giving enough to deal with it, and not wasting excess energy or resources. He backs up others, rather than going for any kind of kill himself unless in good positioning to do so. Grade: B.

Nack Tierce
More of a show-off, he's prone to using too much gas and doing elaborate things he's not especially good at. He works best with people who are level-headed, especially given that his fears cause him to back up and stay away from proper conflict. He's not especially quick, but he takes pride in his strength and ability to get out of dodge if he even thinks there might be danger coming by. It'll make blood-splatter!death all the more traumatic. Grade: C-.

Quirin Drexler
Given that the Military Police rarely have the chance to use their gear, he's fairly rusty, and prefers not to use it. It was something he aced as a cadet, but held no true interest in, only using it when absolutely necessary, per command. He goes in for the objective, and that is all, no more. No fancy manoeuvres, just the quickest route and completion. Grade: A-.

Axel Falkenrath | Mara Sonnenschein | Ymir | Gustav Volk | Nack Tierce | Quirin Drexler | Gunther Schultz

Re: 3DM Style
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2018, 01:16:35 PM »
Great idea, Quiet! <3

Dalton Lightbody: Grade C-
Despite being physically strong, Dalton is lacking when it comes to utilising ODM gear.  He is fearful and lacks confidence, making it nigh impossible for him to listen to his instincts.  Everything about being suspended in the air feels unnatural to him.  His movements could be described as predictable, a relatively poor emulation of what textbooks tell him manoeuvres should be like.  Introspective, Dalton also focuses far too much on himself to be fully aware of his teammates.

Eld Jinn: Grade A
Countless hours of practice as well as natural ability are apparent in Eld.  He is relatively fast, despite his height and broad build, and his movements are bold, particularly in close range combat.  There is strength and purpose behind each strike of his blades, and he possesses a keen eye that gives him a knack for choosing secure spots to anchor his hooks.  Eld functions best within a team, with all the soldiers working together, and is generally happy for others to take the glory of a kill.  He is comfortable with leading assaults, dispensing commands and taking orders with equal ease.

Farran Falkenrath: Grade B-
This Falkenrath was never going to be exceptional with ODM gear.  At the time of graduation, he probably rated closer to a B (despite aiming for the Garrison from the outset, he worked fairly hard, and ODM manoeuvres were one surefire way to get female attention).  His niche was clearly in engineering, however, and these days Farran would readily admit he prefers to be at his desk or in his workshop that soaring through the air.  Then, as now, he is mindful of gas consumption, and is more confident negotiating the sheer face of the Walls than using the equipment as a means of travel, as it were.

Ian Dietrich: Grade A
His wiry frame belies his strength, whilst he is still light enough to have notable speed and agility.  He is an observant soldier and looks for cues as to when and how a Titan may decide to attack, choosing the moment to strike with deadly accuracy, albeit with less power than some other soldiers.  Ian actually works best alone.  In a team, his focus shifts to protecting his comrades, and he can become preoccupied with their safety over his own.

Laria Rockfield: Grade C+
At one time, she would have been able to take full advantage of her small size, and the speed that comes with that.  Now, crippled as she is, her body limits her, making her movements slower, less accurate and more hesitant.  Landing and take-off are the most difficult aspects.  Her flare had always been - and continues to be - the somewhat tricky manoeuvres that involve shifting between horseback and ODM.

Marco Bott: Grade B-
The boy has tried, and he has tried hard, but no amount of coaching can change the fact that he is slow-moving.  Marco is better at strategy, and even maintaining his gear, than he is actually engaging it.  A degree of accuracy and strength redeems him, as does the sheer consideration and planning that goes into his movements, but he simply isn't fast enough to be exceptional.  Honestly, he would be best serving as a distraction, or as bait.  (After Utopia, he will lose depth perception, knocking his grade from a B- to a C.)

Struna Mayberry: Grade B+
Being able to use ODM gear was one of the best things about the Training Corps, as far as Struna is concerned.  She adores the physicality of it, having always thrived on pushing her body to its limits, and in the air she is both fast and fairly accurate.  Instinct drives her, meaning there is less risk of her overthinking a manoeuvre, but this reflexive nature also feeds into her recklessness.  She doesn't always plan ahead, and doesn't always consider the needs of other members of her team, and is far too self-reliant.  If she lives long enough, Struna could become exceptional at utilising ODM.  Only time and experience will tell.

Dalton Lightbody | Eld Jinn | Farran Falkenrath | Ian Dietrich
Jarek Valdeze | Laria Rockfield | Marco Bott | Struna Mayberry

Re: 3DM Style
« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2018, 10:25:10 PM »
Mitabi Jarnach: Grade A

When he graduated, he was a B/B+, but over the years, with some maturing, and many hours of practice, he has improved his ODM skills, which has earned him a spot on the elite guard. He is slower than most other soldiers, but where he lacks in speed, he makes up in strength. His style is simple and direct and he comes in like a wrecking ball when flying through the air. While he works well in teams, Mitabi tends to worry and focus too much on his squadmates, which one day will be his downfall if he is not careful. He also has a tendency to yell insults at titans while engaging them.

Kieran Ashmiller: Grade B-

It is hard to give Kieran Ashmiller a grade with his ODM as he lacks the motivation to do well in anything related to his cadet training. A slacker, most of his time spent with the ODM has been half-hearted attempts to go along with training, which has frustrated his instructors immensely. Every now and then, Kieran gives them a glimpse of what he is capable of.  His style is reminiscent of his old life. The time spent running, swinging, jumping, and climbing in Quinta to escape authorities or pissed off men who just had their coin stolen from them, has carried over to his ODM style. He is quick and surprisingly quiet when using his gear. His strong suit is his ability to stick tricky landings

His blade work can be considered passable. While his teamwork is lousy, unless paired with the few cadets he gets along with, his approach to ODM is better suited for teamwork. His ODM strategy mirrors strategies used in Quinta as street urchin and thief. He prefers to lure and ambush rather than take an enemy head-on. He does not pay enough attention to gas consumption. 

After Utopia, he will focus more on improving his skill.

Nanaba: Grade A

Her natural ability paired with fierce determination has made Nanaba an exceptional ODM user. Graceful, her moments flow seamlessly into each other, allowing her to move quickly and smoothly while using her gear. She is well balanced in terms of speed and strength, which allows her to deliver deep cuts. Adaptable and dependable, she can assist or deliver the kill herself. She works best with a team, always trying to adapt to the needs of the current squad, but can take on a target on her own if needed, though she prefers not to.  She thinks before she attacks, but is not the one to hesitate when she needs to act. Despite her quiet nature, Nanaba can deliver commands just as well as she follows commands. She works hard to be there for her fellow Corps members in whatever capacity they need her.

She is not one for flair in her manoeuvres, although she will flip or spin as needed to move smoothly to the next position. The is always a purpose to her manoeuvres and actions.  She is in tune with her gear,  she pays attention to the dullness of her blades and the amount of gas she has left. « Last Edit: April 15, 2018, 10:31:08 PM by Lou »

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