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Author Topic: A collection of identities.  (Read 818 times)

A collection of identities.
« on: April 14, 2018, 11:16:43 PM »


Code: [Select]
☆ [url=here]TITLE[/url] in [i]Location[/i] during month
with [color=#8DB494]Character[/color]

[ 841 ]
A wraith. in Wall Rose during may
with Beatrix Drexler

[ 843 ]
BUSINESS AS USUAL... OR IS IT? in Underground City
with Levi Ackerman

[ 844 ]
A NEW BREED OF RAT. in Quinta District
with Amanda Marauder

[ 845 ]
NO MAKER MADE ME. in Orvud District during march
with Alwin Weber + Captain Ziegler
BURNING SUSPICIONS. in Wall Rose during spring
with Annabeth Kraft
DREADFUL REVELATION. at the Initiation Celebration during may
with Elias Drexler
STRING THEORY. in Utopia District during july
with Minister Justica
CAPITAL CONNECTIONS. in Mitras during autumn
with Marjorie Hadley

[ 846 ]
CURIOSITY'S HUNGER in Wall Sina during ?
with Lennox Morrish

[ 847 ]
HARDLY THE KING'S GUARD. in Utopia District during april
with Marco Bott
ASH TO IGNITE. in Ehrmich District during july
with Jarek Valdeze
CAUTIOUS EXAMINATION. in Wall Sina during july
with Gabriel Durand
DYSTOPIA. in Assault on Utopia during august
with Lana Falkenrath + Fritz Falkenrath & Alwin Weber + Gerhild Fischer + Wendelin Rosenstein + Matthias Axmann
      × Utopia District never looked quite so dystopian.


[ 846 ]
IDENTITY. with Simon Wells
      × A rogue unicorn surveys the wall.
A HOST OF ANSWERS. with Rosto Volkov
      × An awfully popular brothel, with an awfully interesting meeting.
A TEST OF REACTION. with Roselyn Quinn
      × There are three types of people: those who flee, fight, and freeze.

[ 847 ]
DRESSED FOR A FIGHT. with Virgil Adair « Last Edit: January 20, 2020, 10:14:41 PM by Quirin Drexler »


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