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Author Topic: The harder they crush, the harder they fall. (OPEN)  (Read 526 times)

The harder they crush, the harder they fall. (OPEN)
« on: April 18, 2018, 08:58:29 AM »
[Thread takes place in Mitabi's cadet days. End of first year/start of the second year? Open to anyone who was a cadet during that time]

When Mitabi Jarnach crushed, he crushed hard. Ettie always said he was a romantic, which he used to gag at the very mention of liking girls, but now that he was in his sixteenth year,  the boy realized that he loved ladies very much.  Roanna. In his eyes was the prettiest of all the girls ever laid eyes on, not to mention a contender for the top ten.  Though, while Mitabi was interested in her, she was clearly not interested in him; instead preferring the likes of Jaco Holst.

That piece of shit.

A favorite amongst the instructors, he held one of the top spots in the class. Perfect little cadet. Jealousy. Hatred. Envy. A mixture of emotions coursed through his veins. In the eyes of Mitabi, he was an asshole.  A competitive asshole who'd do anything to ensure he got points. Roanna liked that. She liked egotistical, narcissistic assholes like Jaco. If he had not been blinded by what he considered to be love, Mitabi would have seen that she was very much like the man she called her boyfriend.

 He was determined to win her heart.

“That was so cool.” A cadet said, their voice full of admiration. As usual, Jaco was showing off his ODM skills, going from tree to tree dazzling the others with his equipment -- maneuvers.

“That is nothing, even I can do that!” He snorted as he walked up to the crowd, shouldering past the cadets who stood there with dropped jaw looking like little children seeing a magic trick for the first time.  It was just flair and tricks. Nothing more.  Several of the cadets, knowing what was coming next, rolled their eyes. “Mitabi, remember last time?” Roanna reminded, a hint of amusement in her voice as she quirked brow looking at him and then the others in the group.

“ Jaco may have been quicker than me,  but you all know I should have won.” Turning to Jaco, who wore a cockeyed smile, Mitabi’s brown eyes locking with him. “Your cut yesterday could hardly be considered a kill. Maybe on a 3 meter. Maybe.” Mitabi narrowed his eyes, his voice almost taunting the other. “Kinda pathetic for the instructors’ pet if I must say so myself.” Mitabi Jarnach, in a sense, was competitive.  He loved to compete against his friends in anything physical, which he often won. But this. All week he had been challenging Jaco to different competitions. Yesterday, Mitabi challenged him to a race of who could reach the dummy titan, deliver a blow that would eliminate the enemy, and race back. Jaco won regarding speed, but there was a lot of debate in whether his cut was actually deep enough. While, Mitabi was slower, but there was no argument of whether the cut to the dummy titan’s nape was deep enough or not. Despite this, Jaco’s cut was deemed good enough.  GOOD FUCKING ENOUGH!

Of course, it was.  The asshole was favored by everyone.

“Anything you can do, I can do it better” Mitabi’s taunted, taking a step closer to the much shorter competition.

Jaco snorted, crossing his arms over his chest.  “No, you can’t.”

“Yes. I. Can.” He accentuated every word, letting the words make a point as they rolled off his tongue. The corner of his lips pulled upwards until his smile reach ear to ear. Stepping close to the other cadet, Mitabi bent down so that he could be at the same height of the shorter boy. “You afraid you might make a fool out of yourself in front of your girl, Jaco?”

Glowering Jaco stood there still as a statue with arms crossed over his chest, clearly pissed off with Mitabi. “No!” He finally remarked defensively. “But I am not…”

“Boys” Roanna interrupted in a sing-song voice. “Why don’t you play a game of horse? Each turn you must travel from one location to the next, you may choose to engage the titan dummy if you want. If you don’t do it exactly how the other cadet does it, you get a letter. The first person to spell horse loses.” Blinking, Mitabi looked from Jaco and then to Roanna. “Oh, to up the ante, the winner will receive a kiss from yours truly.” Pointing to herself, she winked at the boys.

A kiss?  He couldn’t say no to a prize like that. Besides, it should be a piece of cake.

…… It was not

With all letters except E, Mitabi was on the verge of losing.

Jaco had one damned letter. He should have an O as well, but the other cadets, who served as judges, ruled in the other cadet’s damn favor.

It was Jaco’s turn and the smirk on his stupid face should have told Mitabi that he was about to lose, but Mitabi was so blinded by his drive to woo Roanna, that he did not see through the other cadet.  Jaco had setup Mitabi for failure in his next turn. The space was tight and full of low branches. His maneuver in the space could only be pulled off by someone that fucking small and fast. It was not ideal for 6’2” broad, awkward limbed, and still had an inch to grow, Mitabi.

It would have been less of a blow to his dignity if he had just forfeited. Though too proud to surrender, he attempted to copy Jaco from his spot on the tree branch. He just needed to copy, move for move, and land feet firmly perched on the tree branch across the way. Of course,  it was not a direct path, that would have been too easy. 

He was not quick enough. 


Laughter erupted as Mitabi hung there, upside down,  one hook embedded in the thick tree branch above, the other hook, well that was knocking his against his backside as its cable somehow managed to get tangled around his body. Piss poor timing on his part. After a few moments, the crowd began to disperse, laughter still spilling from their lips, leaving an embarrassed Mitabi by himself, the cable spinning him slowly in a circle. Jaco and Roanna did not leave right away; instead, she rewarded the victor with his prize. Pressing her sweet lips to Jaco’s, she let them linger for a moment as to rub salt in already open wounds. 

Disgusted and embarrassed, Mitabi told them to piss off. “It's been fun” Jaco laughed before turning away, his queen in tow,  and headed back towards the barracks. He remained there, hanging upside down, his heart too broken for him to release the hook above him.
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Re: The harder they crush, the harder they fall. (Anka)
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2018, 02:40:14 AM »
It had been a long day for Anka. A mishap with a branch had left a deep scratch on her left cheek and it ran onto the bridge of her nose. A black eye looked to be forming. Her hair was escaping from its bun in stringy tendrils and there were leaves and a few twigs in it. She was sweaty and sore and so very grateful that Nanaba, her friend and bunkmate, had stopped to help her. The taller girl had shown Anka a more efficient way to move her hips in a way that controlled her 3DM gear. Anka still struggled, but she was able to complete the lesson with only minimal loss of dignity.  She and Nanaba had gone off by themselves to work one on one and missed most of Mitabi and Jaco's duel.

She knew he had a crush on Roanna. At least two-thirds of the male cadets and probably more than a few of the female cadets had a crush on her. She was not Anka’s favorite person. The same could be said for Jaco. While they had never been nasty to her in the way the boy in the cart had been, Anka had endured more than a few backhanded compliments and snide remarks. So had many other cadets. They were both very good at it though and it often went unnoticed - even by those their nastiness was directed at.

Though she had not seen the entire thing - Anka had certainly seen enough. She had watched from her perch on a branch and felt a mix of pity and annoyance towards Mitabi. She felt for him. She understood trying to impress your crush. And she understood your crush paying you no mind. It was not a good feeling. But still….what Mitabi just subjected himself to was foolish.

She had actually cried out and slapped her hand over her mouth to stifle the sound when Mitabi missed his mark and fell. She sighed when the gathered crowd laughed and she bit her lip when Roanna kissed Jaco and let it linger longer than it needed to. Her pity overtook her annoyance as she watched Mitabi dangle there and as no one helped him.

Turning to Nanaba, who had sat beside her this entire time, she shrugged, “I’ll get him down. You go on. If anything happens Mitabi can help me.”

Once on the ground, Anka approached her oldest training friend - looking more than a little bit pitiful hanging there like that. She stopped in front of him and let their eyes meet. She gave him a gentle smile and a reassuring nod before reaching out and shoving him hard so he swung faster. She watched him for a moment, hands on her hips and lips pursed into a thin white line.

"What in the name of Mother Rose were you thinking? Wait...was there thinking? Mitabi...I hope it was worth it. The anger faded from her and she sighed, "Here...let's get you down."

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"Rise up."


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